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Dear Readers, Greetings of the day, do you know “Depression” is the main reason specifically for the increased numbers of Suicide all over the world? And this issue made a need of study on methods of reducing depression from our daily routine.

A person who cannot control excessive thoughts & self-blaming chooses the way of suicide.

A psychologist case study shows that every age group can suffer from Depression which adversely impacts their health and social life.

Depression / Anxiety removal
Yoga for reducing Depression

What is Depression?

Depression is a state of mind where we get self-involved in continuously thinking about any sorrow moments and Negative feelings can be called a Depression or “Chinta”.

How to reduce Depression?

  • Don’t escape from reality, accept whatever happened with a positive mind.
  • Learn to not react instantly. Try being calmer inside-out, after shaking continuously soda can erupts but Water bottles don’t and that’s the secret of controlling our emotions & actions to help us to come out from Depression.
  • Excess thinking always sticks us with the problem. So, stop thinking about the incident, instead, start thinking positive ways to come out of the situation.
  • Nobody can avoid Bad things Happen but pushing us towards positive thoughts & actions can help us to come out from the situation.
  • We must express our thoughts to our close ones, who can understand us, as our Family Member or Friend, to release our thoughts. Eventually, that person may help us emotionally to came out from Negative Thinking.
  • If we stop finding happiness from small things, we can’t make ourselves more focused on good things.
  • Lack of Concentration & Any serious Health problems may create Depression, so taking care of our health can stop depression.
  • Fooling our Mind, we must learn to fool our minds to only think on positive aspects instead of negative impacts.
  • According to Health Experts sometimes our body lacks Serotonin, Norepinephrine, dopamine chemicals which lose our energy, which results in Anxiety or Depression.
  • Negative thoughts are the Root cause of Depression if, we remove negative thinking we found relief from depression.
  • We must make ourselves Emotionally strong, so the Depression can’t touch us ever.
  • Anger and quick response controlling are essential to stop negative thinking because if we control it, we can avoid depression.

4 Proven Ways of reducing Depression?

  1. We should engage ourselves in good habits such as Exercise, Yoga & Meditation which can help us to engage ourselves in productive thing helps in filtering negative thoughts from our mind.
  2. Eating food of us like helps to engage our mind towards happy thoughts and resulted to remove depression.
  3. Talk with our family, parents, loved ones, express your feelings with the people, try to speak about your problems, and ask for genuine solutions to them who understand you. and magically you will see the lower in anxiety and Depression effect on you.
  4. In the case of Major depression feelings, we must consult with a Psychiatrist, After Detecting chemical imbalances such as Serotonin, Norepinephrine, dopamine in our body a medicinal treatment & Balanced Diet can only solve the depression issue.

Depression is the result of Negative thoughts, if we kill them, we can easily win over depression.

Our Calm & easy to deal in a difficult situation will help us to prevent depression, So, we must train ourselves to maintain peace in our thinking & actions, and the depression cannot touch us.

And Inner peace is the permanent cure of Depression or Anxiety.

We can say confidently that “Kill Overthinking before it Kills us”

What is anxiety disorder?

Anxiety Disorder is a natural response of our body due to any fear, Nervous or creating self-stressed situation due to any instance.

Anxiety is a mental disorder, where due to any difficult situation of feels uneasy and feared and reduced productivity of a person. Which includes Panic Attack, stress disorder or post traumatic situation which creates restlessness in a person.

What are the physical symptoms of anxiety disorder?

Initial Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder is that a Person found engaged in thoughts and found looking at blank, disengage from his regular routine, rapid and uneven heartbeats, Dry Mouth, Difficulty in breathing, Sweating and laziness.

Anxiety Attack / Depression can invite Heart Attack and sudden collapse due to energy loss.

what are the causes of anxiety disorder?

There is no specific reason except mental stress due to any uneasy and unexpected situation due to any internal and external thing can also be called as an anxiety disorder or depression.

How to deal with anxiety disorder?

How to Reduce Anxiety?

How to Reduce Depression?

All above three questions can be answered by following information which helps you to reduce your anxiety and depression in very less time and give you a Happy Feeling.

Anxiety is a restlessness occurred due to mental pressure generated by continuous thinking about any product.

  • Dealing with anxiety disorder effectively is today’s need. Anxiety is just a reversible mental state which can be treated by self-control and self-mind diversion.
  • Making self instantly calm in stressful situation during any disturbing condition can be the best solution to stop anxiety disorder and & reducing Depression.
  • Making yourself fit and engaging self in regular Exercise will help to minimize anxiety disorder and manage Depression
  • Engage yourself in such a work of your like so you can fool your mind to come out from stressful situation.
  • Breathing Exercise and closing eyes for some time and self-stoppage in thinking inside your head instantly will help to minimize the effect of anxiety disorder.
  • Engaging self in interesting Hobbies, Playing, reading, listening songs or talking with friends & family will help to come out from Anxiety Attack Situation.
  • Having a Good diet will help a person by physically and mentally to minimize the risk of anxiety disorder or Depression.
  • Doing things which you like by heart will help to eliminate anxiety disorder.
  • Situations are not always happy forever, and when we make our mind to accept this fact and also make self-act accordingly will help to dilute the harmful effects of anxiety disorder or Depression.
  • Breathing gently with mouth and Nose, Counting Numbers and Closing eye to focus our mind on positive thoughts can be the solution to control anxiety disorder or Depression.
  • Taking good amount of Sleep / Rest will help to control anxiety disorder or Depression.
  • Avoiding Bad Habits such as Drinking Liquor, Smoking, Drugging, caffeine can also help to cure anxiety disorder or Depression
  • Doing Regular Yoga and Meditation will help you to have a better control on our emotion and stops anxiety disorder and Depression very effectively.
  • Depression and Anxiety Disorder can be prevented by having mindfulness and instant positive thinking which eventually lands in reducing Anxiety.
  • Knowing that everything can’t be fare every time by own will help to minimize the Anxiety and Depression Disorder.
  • Spending Time with Friends, Family and loved ones helps to reduce Anxiety in very less time.
  • Engaging yourself in any productive work or Hobbies will help you to come out from Anxiety.
  • Instant Drinking water at the time of High Anxiety time helps to lower the Anxiety in very less time.
  • Having Alone time with self-evaluation helps you to reduce negative thoughts and eventually reduce Anxiety.
  • A good aromatic environment also helps to divert mind with good feelings and helps to reduce Anxiety.
  • Eating your favorite place and favorite food helps to reduce anxiety.
  • Watching Comic and Funny Entertainment Movies, Video and Shows also helps to reduce Anxiety.
  • Reading Books of your choice also helps to engage your mind in productive work and Reduce Anxiety
  • Having regular quality family time and couple time also helps to reduce Anxiety.
  • Playing and talking with kids can also help you to spend your time with engaging kids helps to divert your mind from negative thoughts and helps you to reduce Anxiety
  • Taking a Nap also helps to relax your body and helps you to reduce Anxiety.

Anxiety reduction can also be deal with medicines and taking Vitamin Supplements as suggested by Health Experts and Doctors, Anxiety is an unidentified enemy of our health, and it must be treated on to prevent its further severity. Because just you and only you can work out and find things which helps you to find positive energy to Fight and Reduce Anxiety

Daily Yoga, and physical activities also helps to remove depression and negative thought, as well it helps you to gain better health conditions and bring our more energy and positive mind to fight out with Depression and Anxiety Issues.

We hope this article, which will help you in reducing Depression and Anxiety Attack and help you to make your life happy.

Thanks for reading,

Gymbag4u Team

Prashant V

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