Junk Food VS Healthy FoodJunk Food VS Healthy Food

Hello Friends, Junk food is the most addictive food, today due to fast life & search for taste tends people habit towards Fast Food Items such as Pizza, Burger, Chips, Pastries, Carbonated Drinks, Fries, Refrigerated Deserts like Ice-Cream, etc.

Nowadays people are very much attracted to those easily available and artificially tasted foods are becoming very harmful in case eaten regularly. And also, Eating Unhealthy food may cause weight gain like issues.

Junk Food VS Healthy Food
junk or unhealthy food vs healthy food

Junk or Unhealthy food and its Disadvantages as below:

  1. Unhealthy Snack food is made with excessive use of fatty ingredients such as Cheese, Oil, All-Purpose Flour Bread, etc. Those fatty ingredients result in increasing Cholesterol & Body Fat.
  2. Most of the Unhealthy Snack Foods contain artificial color & sweatiness which increase fat, Tooth & Digestive Problems.
  3. Digestive issues may happen after consuming Junk or unhealthy food.
  4. Eating Unhealthy food increases insoluble fat percentage in our body which increases Body Weight.
  5. It produces more insulin which cause for major health hazards like Diabetes.
  6. Unhealthy food produces high-level sugar in our body which affects our Brain, Working.
  7. Unhealthy food contains more oil contains more Fat & Sugar which increases the risk of Obesity, Heart Diseases & Diabetes.
  8. Junk / Unhealthy food is hard to digest which creates health problems and creates diseases like Depression,
  9. unhealthy food contains Fatty acids which affect the development of Brain & Body of kids in case of excessive consumption.
  10. Excessive consumption of Soft Drinks & Carbonated water increases to Tooth Decay problems, Diabetes Risk & Appetite Problems.
  11. Most of the Junk / unhealthy food is either prepared with Deep Fridge Chilled or Artificial Ingredients which may create hygiene & Food Infection issues.

So, above are the disadvantages of Junk / unhealthy food, now let’s know about more healthy alternatives of those unhealthy food.

Alternative of Junk / unhealthy Food:

  1. Whole Grain Flour used more instead of all-purpose flour, which gives nutrition like Protean & Fiber to our Body.
  2. Fresh Salads are a great natural food option against unhealthy food.
  3. Fruit juices, Citrus Fruit Juices is healthy option for Artificial Juices.
  4. Dairy Products like Curd, Buttermilk & Lassie are the healthy alternative for Sugary and chemical based Soft Drinks and Artificially Flavored Ice Creams.
  5. Baked Fries & Chips are healthy alternatives for Deep Fried Chips.
  6. Natural Homemade food & Snacks are always better nutritious value to our health than outside junk / unhealthy food.
  7. Yogurt is a healthy option for Artificial Pulp & Smoothies.
  8. Organic Jaggery Sweat items are healthier than regular White Sugary Candy & Sweats.

Unhealthy food Excessive consumption may Gifts Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, High Sugar, Diabetes, Blood Pressure Issue. Now it’s you who choose for yourself The Best with Taste or the Tasty Trash.

I hope you understand the disadvantages of Junk snack food & their alternative which not only fulfills your snack time hunger but also benefits your health in many ways through its nutritious values.

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Please check a very excellent Peace of Information through below link of MayoClinic.org Article for impact of Unhealthy food on our wellbeing.

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