Mind Health ImportanceMind Health Importance

Dear Readers, Our Brain is our Central organ which controls our nervous system. Brain works with our spinal cord connected with Nervous system. And due to its such important mind health is necessary to be taken care.

Our brain is controlling all our body activity and its functionality which makes it a central controlling part of our Body.

Brain Health
Brain Health is Important

Human Brain have following main Parts.

  1. Cranium – Cranium is an outer part of the Human skull which protects our skull.
  2. Cortex – Cortex is a thin layer that protects internal parts of our Brain, it sizes two-third of the entire brain.
  3. Basal Ganglia – It’s an important connecting part of our brain which controls Brain Functioning, Emotional Intelligence.
  4. Cerebellum – Cerebellum another important part of our brain which is acts as a controller of body movement, Speech, Balancing, and posture, etc.
  5. Brain Stem -Brain stem is a flow medium of the brain nervous system
  6. Spinal Cord – The main function of Spinal cord is to transfer brain signals to nerve systems in the form of signals.

The brain is an integral part of our body, and we must take care of our brain health to avoid mental disorders.

How to keep Mind Happy?

  1. Mind can be happy with a healthy and peaceful lifestyle.
  2. A well-nourished diet is always beneficial for keeping our minds happy.
  3. Maintaining hobbies is beneficial in keeping our Mind Engage with happy vibes.
  4. Physical exercise helps in relaxing our brain muscles and stopping thoughts helps in keeping mental health.
  5. Good family life is good for removing stress thoughts and can be good for mind health
  6. Speaking up during stressful situations helps in removing stress and depression.
  7. Avoiding Smoking and Drinking Alcohol helps in removing harmful chemical creation in the brain.
  8. Maintaining family and social relations help in keeping good mental support.
  9. Listening to good music and positive media helps in controlling negative thoughts and maintain mental health.
  10. A balanced lifestyle and good sleep help in maintaining our mental and physical health.
  11. Continuously engaging self in Learning and sports activities to help in improving mental ability and relief from stress.

Essential Nutrition for Mental Health

As per the study, our diet performs the main role in our mental health. Healthy food promotes good memory and mental health whereas Fatty, unhealthy food promotes mental disorders.

Good memory needs few Vitamins and Minerals as below.

  1. Amino Acid is beneficial for health it creates chemicals that help in preventing mental disorders such as Schizophrenia, Depression, and Other mentally addictive disorders. Amino Acid gets from Sea Food Meat, Eggs, Nuts, etc.
  2. Vitamin D is beneficial for depression prevention. Fish, Mushroom, and Milk is a source of vitamin D, But Freely available sunlight is very good for Getting natural Vitamin D.
  3. Antioxidants like A, C, and E are very beneficial for repairing damaged mental cells and relieving stress. Eating Fruits regularly can be helpful for getting those antioxidants.
  4. Omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial for the neuron structure of the brain. It helps in mental trauma and depression symptoms.
  5. Vitamin B & B9 (Folic Acid) helps in producing essential brain chemicals through cellular processes. Also, it is beneficial for Depression. Green Leafy Vegetables, Dairy products, Nuts, Egg, Nuts, and Food Grains are the main source of Vitamin B, Foliate.

We can strongly support that you will get answers regarding Mental Health of below questions from above given information. And you can benefit it for self or your loving ones in terms of Mental Health issues if any.

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How to take care of mental Health?

This article will be strongly help you to take care of your Mental & Physical Health, with better dieting, Regular Exercise, “Dhyana” Yoga & Spending your time for productive work, which will help you to maintain your mind health as well as Body Fitness.

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