grounding techniques method - The Top 10 Benefits of Meditation for Mental and Physical Healthgrounding techniques method - The Top 10 Benefits of Meditation for Mental and Physical Health

Dear Readers, through below article we emphasized on various Grounding Techniques can be followed for health enhancement along with its many other benefits for our wellness.

Grounding Technique - Open Air Exrcise
Grounding Technique – Open Air Exrcise

Grounding Technique is a coping practice that helps you to fight against unwanted memory, panic, and distressing emotion and reconnect you with present situations. The Grounding strategies are valuable in several severe circumstances when someone loses control of emotion and experiences anxiety, intrusive thoughts, panic attacks, or urges to self-harm. You can pull away your distress with two types of grounding practices.

  • Physical Grounding Technique
  • Mental Grounding Technique

Physical Grounding Technique

You should start to ground your anxiety from your physical body. According to Filidor :

“When selecting a technique, it is helpful to start in the body and work upward to the brain, meaning you want to use tools that call the body first.”

Here are some Physical Grounding strategies:

Breathing Exercise

Breathing Exercise - Grounding Technique
Breathing Exercise – Grounding Technique

Deep breathing is an excellent exercise that connects and consoles your mind and body. Diaphragmatic breathing (an effective exercise to strengthen your diaphragm and fill your lungs with fresh air) is best in this regard. You should inhale and exhale for five seconds continuously until and unless you get comfortable.

‘5-4-3-2-1’ Practice or Five Sense Technique

It is a valuable technique because you work on your five senses to cope with anxiety and reconnect to the present moment. The ‘5-4-3-2-1’ process is about:

  • Five objects you identify in your surroundings_ It may be the movement of someone around you.
  • Four different sounds or things you can feel and touch & feel the weight of the watch on your hand.
  • Three things you can hear the sound of a wall clock.
  • Focus on Two things you can smell you can smell the fragrance on your body.
  • Find one thing you can taste, the taste of sweat on your upper lips may give soulful thoughts.

Feel your body

Focus on your every body part when you are in desperation and try to enhance your routine behave.

  • Focus on your heartbeat rate.
  • See the hair on your arms.
  • Notice the movement of the leg, whether those are shivering or not
  • Focus on whether you are dizzy or not.

Do Some Special

Do something special to feel your present moments, take a shower or bath to refresh your body and mind, put your hand in cold or warm water, and try to feel its temperature. Act upon the acronym ACE (stands for Acknowledging your thoughts and feelings, coming back into your body, and Engaging with the world around you). You should work on self-guidance practice (focus on your body from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head). 

Mental Grounding Technique

Mental Strength Grounding Techniques
Mental Strength Grounding Techniques

The mental grounding techniques are essential to pull away your mental distress, redirect your unwanted thoughts and bring you to your present condition. These strategies are:

Play Game with the Mind

To concentrate on your present situation, you should play some games in your mind like:

  • Start to count backward counting.
  • Start to read backward A, B, C.
  • Counting down from 100 in increments of 7.
  • Solve some puzzle questions (4+ 2_8=).

Do something favorite

  • Play favorite game
  • Watch your favorite TV program or funny clips
  • Spent some time with friends and family members
  • Play any games with friends
  • Sing song

Think about Past Difficult Situations

Thinking of past challenging situations, you ever face, and their solutions is good practice to get rid of present concerns. Remember how you coped with past circumstances and try to courage your mind to fight the current problem.

Yoga and Stretching

Yoga and Stretching - Grounding Technique
Yoga and Stretching – Grounding Technique

Daily Practicing of Yoga and stretching are applicable techniques to help with anxiety, specially in generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).  Stretching, breathing, relaxation, and meditation are the types of yoga. According to Mental Health America, yoga is the best physical and mental health. Furthermore, the Advocacy group also said that Yoga provides a positive effect on people with mental health conditions, especially for anxiety, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and schizophrenia.

Final Verdict on Grounding

Everyone faces anxiety in life and copes with them in his own way. A feeling of dread is a normal human behavior in sudden distress. Grounding techniques can be a powerful tool to pull away your fear, anxiety, and distress and reconnect you with current concerns. But, if you cannot handle your problems by applying grounding strategies, then it might be an anxiety disorder, Hence, you must consult with a doctor.

We hope the above grounding technique information will help you to become more healthy.

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Article written by: Abida Majeed

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