Advantages & Disadvantages of Mobile GamingAdvantages & Disadvantages of Mobile Gaming

We all like gaming since childhood. video gaming is starting evolution in the year 1978 and today in 21 st century we are playing 3D Artificial Intelligence Based Games, you can see how the gaming industry of progressed, and today Expert Gamers are considered Celebrity Influencer due to the Availability of Digital Platforms. And today it is taken place by high popular games like Pubg, free fire, pubg mobile, fortnite mobile etc.

Gaming is started from Popular Snake Ball Game, evolved into Mario and Arcade Game and today we have advance Arcade & Strategy & Xbox Gaming with AI & Enhanced 3D Graphic such as PUBG, NFS, Call of Duty, etc.

Gaming itself is a very time consuming and addictive nature of pleasure, which has both sides Advantages and disadvantages.

Continuously playing the game have many good & bad impacts on Human Mind & Body.

Firstly, we discuss about the good side of Gaming

Advantages & Disadvantages of Mobile Gaming - pubg console
Gaming Console

What are the Advantages of Gaming?

Improve Concentration

Yes, as per the study it is found that the person who is habitual of playing video games and mobile games like PUBG can concentrate more than a normal person while doing his work. Which proves Gaming can help to improve concentration?

Depression / Anxiety Removing

Yes, Gaming makes a person more concentrated on it, which helps him to decrease depression or anxiety for the time when he plays the game.

Brain Power Boosting

Playing a game is a skillful task, The person playing games found an enhancement in brain and decision-making skills.

Vision Enhancement

It is found that a Game player becomes stronger in identifying movements and directions due to the skill required in Gaming, it is also found that the vision concentration also increases in Continuous Gamers.

Pain / Mental Pressure Release

Game addiction makes a person engage in Game playing, which helps to remove any mental pressure or pain during the time of Game Playing.

Influencer / Celebrity Status / Unique Career Opportunity

Today we found Game streamers have gain popularity like celebrities and are also earning money through live game streaming with advertisements on various digital platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Also, Game development companies are paying a good amount to those Gamers to play games and find Bugs and are considered a Good Career Option with Good Monetary benefits.

Now we talk about the disadvantages of Gaming. There is also a dark side of addictive is adversely affecting our Health, Mental & Social conditions.

What are the Disadvantages of Gaming?

gaming pubg
a Person doing Mobile Gaming

Lack of Social Life

Gaming is an addictive habit that cuts a person from his social life due to more engagement in Gaming cut off the person from other people surrounded him. And the Negligence of Gamer towards other people leads to social relation breaking. Family & Social hangout time reduction by addictive games can create loneliness in Gamers’ life.

Weight Gain & Cardiovascular Disease Threat

Gaming includes extensively sitting at one place for more time. Which lowers the Body’s physical movement and exercise. That increases the Fat level in the Body and Increase the Body Weight. Also sitting in one place may block the body veins and create Body Pain and cardiovascular Issues.

Loosing Eyesight

During Gaming staring at bright & colored Screens for a long time may harm our eyes and lowers the Vision. And may create other eye-related problems such as Itching, Watery, and Red Eyes.

Violence & Emotional Instability

Few Action & Horror games can increase the Gamer’s violent nature and may convert into mental illness and losing self-emotional control. Due to a lack of social acknowledgment, one can lose self-confidence to live in a social environment which can be later converted into mental illness.

Loosing Productive Work Concentration

Addiction can push away a person away from his real-life Goals by breaking his concentration. Where he can’t concentrate on studies or jobs. This addiction can create a disaster in life by creating financial and social instability.


In the end, Gaming is not Bad until and unless it is not converted into an unhealthy addiction. Any type of addiction is bad but unless it has self-passion and creativity, so it can be converted into a professional resource which can be converted into attractive career opportunities.

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