Skin Health Secrets!Skin Health Secrets!

Hi, Our Skin health is important part of our sense organ as well and our physical appearance. Hence, we want to suggest you below few best ways to take care of your skin.

Skin Health Secrets!
Skin Health

1.Wash Your Face At Least Twice A Day:

Use any natural, non-toxic soap or face wash to clean your face daily, wash your face at least 2 times, in morning and night. It will make your face glow, clean and it will protect your skin from being oilier. Use lukewarm water and cleanser products suitable to your skin.

2.Eat Balanced Diet:

Eating lots of fruits and green vegetables have good health benefits, it is best for healthy skin, fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and are good for the skin.
Eat Carrots, Spinach, Pumpkin, Tomatoes, and green vegetables which are rich in vitamin.

3.Sleep Properly and on time:

Getting good sleep is necessary for active skin cells, tissue rejuvenation. At least sleep for 6 to 8 hrs. per day, it is better for active personality, and it will keep you active the whole day. Good sleep will reduce eyes wrinkles and it will remove dullness. Proper sleep is good for a healthy lifestyle.

4.Protect Yourself from Pollution:

dust and heavy pollution can make your skin, always use Face Mask while traveling outside and cover your skin properly in hot summer. If you can’t, then at least use some natural skincare products as per doctors’ suggestions.

5.Drink Plenty of Water:

Do you have dry inactive skin, maybe you are not drinking plenty of water every day, follow my one advice, please start drinking 6-8 glass water per day (at least 230-milliliter), and observe the change in one week. Drinking water will make your skin active, remember one thing the main reason for dry and cracked skin is dehydration. So, please drink plenty of water and eat healthy food.

6.Protect Your Skin from Hot Sun Rays

please don’t expose yourself too much in the hot summer. sun rays can impact your skin and can damage your skin very badly, it can make your skin dry and black, so please cover yourself properly in hot summer. If possible, use Umbrella OR wear Cap and Mask.

7.Using Herbal & Natural Skin Product

It is advised to use Natural herbal & homemade products to nourish & glow your skin, such as Coconut Oil, Turmeric Chickpea Flour & Yogurt Face Pack, Aloe Vera Gel for Skin Cleaning, Fullers Earth (Multani Mati) Face pack, Honey Lemon Scrub, etc. And bathing with warm water added Neem Leaves (Indica Leaves) always beneficial for our Skin.

Using natural products for face cleaning such as Chickpeas Flour, Milk,

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