How to lose weight when you don't have time to ExerciseHow to lose weight when you don't have time to Exercise

Hear in this article we are going to answer the question among you all, can you lose weight without exercise? is it really possible. And the answer is yes, you can lose weight without exercise with the help of following method.

Can you lose weight without exercise? - Yes, you can!
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Rule 1: Diet Control and being physically active all day

You must consult a dietitian about your weight and body type and ask them to provide you a healthy diet, if you are willing to lose weight you can reduce excess protein intake and more fiber food should help you, also following things also balances diet towards your health goal. Also staying physically active all day also works as like a regular gym exercise.

  • Drink Plenty of water in a day at least 8 to 10 glass of water is enough for an adult and six to eight for kids. Warm water drinking is good for adults who are aiming for weight loss.
  • Always have a breakfast and make your tummy full in the start of a day. This habit not only helps to retain your day energy, but this also helps to keep your tummy full all day and reduce excessive eating comes during daytime with hunger.
  • Don’t skip mealtime, try to have a good meal in a day. Skipping meal may create digestive and acidity related issues turn into excessive weight gain and gastric problems.
  • always try to eat in small portion, and choose small size eating plates for your kitchen, it helps automatically by avoid excessive eating. because in our culture we respect food and always try to empty it. Hence, it’s better to choose small Food plate always to control on body weight and gastric issues.
  • Choosing Fruits and vegetables-based diet is beneficial to control on body weight and making our body healthy. Most of fruits and vegetables are with high fiber and low protein contents reduce your daily calorie intake automatically.
  • Meat and dairy produce limitation can also help towards your health goals by limiting protein intake. Fish with low protein are good for health.
  • Being active all day can help to burn more calories, such as short walk after an hour of seating work, using stairs instead of lift whenever possible, try to walk and talk on mobile (Caution: don’t do walk and talk on mobile on the streets otherwise it can attract accidents). Taking a walk break after a while during seating work can help to burn extra calories in your body and help you to lose weight.
  • Cut off the Mobile of Television time, instead do help in kitchen or do any such work at home, or play with kids at home, or dance this thing keep you physically active and burn excessive calories in your body.
  • Dancing, swimming, yoga, Cycling, Body Stretching and short walking during a day, automatically works like a Gym Exercise. And helps to control weight by burning excessive calories to make you healthier.
  • Dancing, Playing Games like tennis, cricket, football is the best physical exercise games you can choose any convenient one and add in your daily routine. This will give you enough physical exercise and burn good number of calories to reduce weight and become healthy.
  • keto diet is one of the best diets to lose weight, check following link to know more about world famous weight loss keto diet A Beginners Guide to Keto Dieting for body building GymBag4U.

Rule 2 : Read the Label

It may feel strange but reading label of food products you buy helps you to know nutrients in the particular product. And the wise one will choose the best according to his health goal’s. Also reading labels will help you to know the nutrients and their benefits.

Also reading labels helps you to save you from expired and more calorie content unhealthy products.

Rule 3: Involve in Kids

If you have kids at home and neighborhood, you can see they are very active during their play time. So, you can play with them, you can make them learn new things. You can run, walk, cycle and dance with them. This will keep you physically active and kids also get engaged in some productive work, instead of passing time on mobile of television. This will nurture the kids as well as your physical health. Being more active will always balance your body calorie and sugar, and that is the main requirement of a healthy body.

Rule 4: Habit yourself to always choose the healthy way

Health should be a priority for us, because there is nothing important than our health, if we starve our health, then even after being successful and wealthy there are many people who starved to a good life just due to their non attention to their health. That’s why always choose a healthy path, it can be a taking stairs, choose walking and cycling, lowering TV and mobile time, eating healthy food, you always see the health in everything.

Important One

How to lose weight when you don’t have time to Exercise?

Along with following above things if you follow few more things, you can be healthy even after not doing regular gym exercise.

  • Drink plenty of water and have a balanced diet after consulting with your doctor or nutritionist.
  • You can consult with a physician to choose how to choose small exercise instead of gym ones to become more physically active and burn more calories
  • Walking, dancing, cycling, swimming, outdoor playing is the best physical exercise to do instead if don’t have time to go to gym and do rigorous exercise.
  • Our body don’t need a gym exercise to become healthy, Gym is needed to make your body in a shape. And if you just want to be healthy then you can choose being physically active all day and control your diet to healthy if you are not able to go to Gym every day.
  • control of calorie intake is essential, because if you want to skip gym exercise you must balance your protein intake. This helps to create less calorie and so your body will not need gym exercise to burn extra calories as you are already limiting it.
  • Instead of Gym you can choose morning walk, or a few km jogging every day or during a short break in a day to become healthier.
  • Yoga and body stretching and jumping rope are the best option to do every day, it also effects like a regular gym exercise. by clicking on following link, you may know more about simple activities for body fat reduction Best Exercise for Fat Reduction – GymBag4U
  • There are few gyms equipment best for fat reduction. Hence, after consulting with any gym experts you can use them at your home to lower your weight and become healthier.
  • Daily Morning Jogging and walking is also a good option instead of gym exercise.
  • Due to critical diseases and health condition if anyone is not able to do gym exercise, he can stay active and balance his diet this helps to meet his heath goals instead of doing gym exercise.

We hope you like above information will help you to know about how to lose weight if you don’t have a time to exercise.

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