Steps to Quit Smoking / Quit Drinking Habits - How to quit smokingSteps to Quit Smoking / Quit Drinking Habits

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Today we have brought a very crucial topic, which is How to Quit Habits like Smoking or Drinking.

Yes, few people might thing, it’s impossible, but few knows we are correct because they also done the same thing in their life and today, they are free from those deadly bad habits of Smoking and Drinking.

Friends, this is true that our Human Mind is made of such a way that it always searching for comforts, and if it finds comfort in Bad and most unhealthy habits like Smoking and Excessive Drinking then it may feel difficult after some time to quit those habits.

And, if you are a Chain Smoker or a Hardcore Drinker, and if you want to quit your unhealthy habits than the following is very much important for you.

Friends there are 2 things to control Human mind either you have to engage it in some another thing which also called Mind Diverting and another is Fear, if you succeed in making your mind such fearful that it will automatically help you to change your habits with the Fear.

and the Same Applies in Quitting Bad Habits such as Chain Smoking and Extensive Drinking

Which are the Best Proven Methods of Controlling Smoking & Drinking Habits?

Steps to Quit Smoking / Quit Drinking Habits

1] Mind Diverting

Yes, friends, Mind diverting can be a solution which helps you to get rid of from Bad Habits, it can be any habit like Smoking or Drinking.

As per Science Law for Every Action have equal and opposite reaction.

Our mind is expert in releasing feel-good chemicals in our body which takes us in comfort and joy feeling zone, and that is the week point where you have to work on yourself towards sudden habit change for diverting your mind.

You start engaging yourself extensively in other activities that you will start forgetting habits of Smoking or Drinking.

You can start yourself engaging in your day-to-day work without giving a minute to your mind thing about those habits, you can find and deeply engage yourself in another good habit of your choice, it may be Meditation and Exercise, Singing, Dancing, Learning, Social Work, etc. one or more such habits together will definitely make you Leave those habit.

And once you start forgetting you those habits you can easily fool your mind which resulting you to be free from them.


Yes, friends, fear is such a powerful thing that helps to push your mind towards permanent changing habits.

Smoking and Drinking have very bad effects on health, and there are many people in our society who are suffering from them.

If you are Chain Smoker and Drinker and willing to quit those habits, then you should start visiting Hospitals.

Yes, when you will see and talk with the people who suffered from Disease like Cancer & Liver failure due to such Bad Habits then, your mind will automatically start accepting the fear signals receiving from your visuals & thinking.

and that is the week point, where, with the help of Fear your mind start releasing fear chemicals which will create disinterest in yourself to go away from your bad habits.

Biggest Threat of Cancer / Cardiac Arrest:

Smoking can create a biggest threat of throat / Mouth / lungs cancer, Asthma & Heart Attack diseases. Cancer on Sevier stage is not at all curable, hence smoking must be prohibited and limited.

So, friends above both are the proven ways to keep you away from the bad habits which will anyway take your health & lowering your lifespan.

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