smoking and its effect on health

Smoking and it’s Effect on Health

Dear Readers, do you know is Smoking causes self-Kill? Is it such that bad for our health. therefore, we are today discussing with you on smoking causes and its various effects on our health.

smoking causes

The answer is yes, and I think you should choose happy life, rather than death. Please read this article and share if you like it.

Many Youngsters are addicted to smoking without knowing the adverse consequences of smoking and only they can stop this worst habit by following some best strategies to quit smoking.

Please, Say No to Smoking if you Love your Family

Smoker’s heart is a Stressed Heart. Do you know, smoking raises your blood pressure and puts a lot of stress on your heart.
Over time, stress on the heart can weaken it, and make it less able to pump blood to other parts of your body.

There are chances of a Heart attack at a young age and other Heart diseases. Not only chances, but there is also a guarantee to decrease in Life span.

Smoking affects to Kill body cells and have no doubt about that as per the expert study. And that why smoking is injurious to health.

Smoking makes our blood sticky and thick, our heart struggles a lot to send it to other parts of your body, it can form blood clots that block the flow of blood to your brain, heart, and legs.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking is the biggest cause of illness and killing with an average of 5,00,000 Americans per year.

It doesn’t take much smoking to kill you!

Even extremely light smoking-as little as one cigarette a day – can greatly increase the chances of dying earlier. In-short smoking make your body ill permanently till your end

How Smoking Cause Death?

Smoking causes 84% of deaths from lung cancer. Smoking causes are many diseases such as pneumonia, emphysema, and lung cancer.

Nicotine addiction is hard to stop because it changes your brain, Nicotine from cigarettes is addictive as heroin, one cigarette per day is enough to send you to hell away from your mom, dad, wife, kids. So, if you love your family, stop smoking at this moment.

Every single puff of a cigarette causes damages to your DNA.
The Sooner you quit the lower the risks.

Disadvantages of Smoking!

  • death at an earlier age.
  • Bad Breath and Stained teeth
  • Decreased immune system function(result in weakness – the body can’t fight against diseases)
  • Smoking causes high blood pressure, lowers your ability to exercise
  • Smoking can be a reason of acute lung cancer & heart attack
  • Respiratory illness such as asthma
  • reduced physical fitness.

Which are the Best Products To Quit Smoking?

Many youngsters smoke cigarettes, and most of them feel guilty about it but they are not able to quit smoking because of heavy addiction. But there are some products that can help you to quit smoking:

1.Nicotine Gum

It reduces your cravings, it is a type of chewing gum that delivers nicotine to the body, it is used for Nicotine Replacement Therapy – a process help to quit smoking.

2.Nicotine Patches

it gives a small dose of nicotine to reduce craving, and nicotine patches are easily available at local drug stores.


many people use them to quit the smoking habit, E-Cigarettes are less addictive than cigarettes.

you decide you want to die earlier, or you want to live a happy life with your family.

Some Strategies to quit smoking!

1.Write Down Your Reasons for Quitting

Write down reasons to quit smoking and every time you feel to smoke, read your list.

2.Take Help of Doctor or health consultant

Take help from doctor or consultant and make proper plan to quit smoking.

3.Change Bad Habits

change your old bad habits and leave addicted people, leave everything which attracts you to smoking. Smoking is considered one of the Bad and hazardous habit to our Body

4.Make A Plan

Make a proper plan and execute it, seek the help of your family and friends it’s initially finding it a little bit difficult to quit smoking. But it is not impossible with Strong determination and efforts for the sake of lifelong good health.

It is advised to consult with Doctors and Health Experts about quitting smoking and the care to be taken during smoking quit at initial stage. There are few NGO’s who can help people to quit smoking through meditation and medicines.

You can refer our following article on how to quit smoking Steps to Quit Smoking / Quit Drinking Habits – GymBag4U

Benefits Smoking Reduces Health Hazards.

Quitting Smoking helps a person to reduce threat of Cardiovascular disease Instantly.

Smoking Quitting helps reducing Risk of Sudden Stroke and Heart Attack

Smoking Quitting helps to reduce risk of Mouth & Throat Cancer

Quitting Smoking will help to reduce Lung cancer threat to our body.

Best Of Luck..

Thanks for Reading Team

Prashant V

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