Mind set to study with concentrationMind set to study with concentration
Mind set to study with concentration
How to study with full concentration

Most of the student’s ask a question such as: How to study with concentration

How to study with full concentration for long hours?

How to do better in school?

How to study effectively?

How to get high grades in exam?

Actually, first thing which is required is a seriousness toward our goal and dreams, that WHY should be clear, am I right??

Ask yourself, do I really have made my mindset to study with concentration? yes Mind set is must.

Why study is important for me?

you will get answers like, for good career, for good job and for financial freedom, for self-dependent life. First thing which you must do right now is, make your WHY clear:

firstly, understand the importance of why to study?
once you become serious then, next step is how to study effectively and how to study with full concentration.

“study” the word itself is boring for some people or students in college life,
am I right???

we always run away from study, actually 99% of us run away from it, that’s why there is only one topper in every class, or two. But, why only one or two toppers are there from the class of 100 students. Reason is simple, only those students’ understood importance of study and worked hard to get success.

Remember one thing in your college life you should not run away from study until and unless you don’t have any other goal. Actually, study is very important for good career, if you don’t study then you will not get good knowledge and marks too, at least for knowledge, you must study hard.

I will give you a simple example of my class, in my class those students who studied hard and in proper direction got good career platform within 1 year after college life and those who never studied seriously got nothing most of them were jobless even after two years of college life, yes this is horrible truth. Even I never studied seriously, so it took lot of time and efforts to get good career and platform for me as well.

Be Active in classroom and take stand for your life

In College life, some people target and laugh at topper, by saying that he or she study 24/7, But my dear she / he study a lot because they understood the importance of it and still you haven’t understood importance of study.

Just imagine, if you don’t study in college life what will happen:

1.You will get backlogs and year gap.

2.Less percentage.

3.Less Knowledge.

4.After college life you have to do Extra efforts to get a job.

if you don’t have knowledge then no company will hire you and without knowledge you will not be able to do anything until and unless you don’t have any great skill.

Life is useless without knowledge or skills, and college life is the life where you have lot of opportunities to get knowledge, so please don’t waste your college life in stupid things. You must tell yourself, you must show your brain fear of failure, and once your brain understands importance of study then automatically you will focus on study.

You just need to understand, why study is important for your future

Lot of people search on internet, how to study, how to focus on study and blah blah blah…please ask yourself why there is a need to search it, how to focus. If you understand importance of study, then you will start studying automatically.

You must understand importance of study and tell yourself why study is important for me, why job is important for me and then make yourself understand one thing that, to do a job or even to do a business, you should have knowledge or particular skill.

once you become serious for study then follow some techniques to study:


don’t study multiple things within one day, please make a proper plan like today I will finish two chapters or at least one perfectly. if you plan multiple things at same time then it will become hard to remember and understand. Convert big study plan to smaller goals.


don’t study continuously for 15 hrs. or 20 hrs., our body has limitations, and your brain will become so tired, and you will not remember a single thing if brain becomes tired, so please take a break of at least 5-10 minutes after study for 1 hr. and go for a small walk-in fresh environment.


don’t keep mobile or any other distraction nearer to you while studying, avoid social media and avoid reading messages of friends while studying, if possible, switch of mobile and TV while studying.

study only when you study

play only when you play.


Read slowly understand concept properly draw diagrams and practice diagrams and remember headings and understand the concept and logic of each heading: READ, REMEMBER, PRACTICE, WRITE.

5.TRY TO STUDY 100%:

Most of the people run for important questions and all but, what I want to say is, if you want 100% in exam then you must study 100%, please read each and every chapter word to word and from start to end and try to understand each and every concept properly.

6.Good & Light Diet

A light and healthy diet always play role in enhancing our concentration and mental fitness. A light diet helps you avoid in dietary issues which arise during continuous seating and mental stress. You can refer following article to know more about good diet You searched for diet – GymBag4U

7.Exercise and Meditation

Routine Exercise and Meditation helps in increasing our mental and physical strength and helps in study with concentration.

8.Visualization of Future Benefits after good results

Our continuous visualizing always helps us to focus our mind on studying with concentration. Our motive helps to create willpower to study with concentration.

9.Take Short Brakes during long hour study

Short brakes are very essential to relax our body so you can do a study for a longer hour, hence short brakes are essential during your study to achieve full concentration during study.

10.Study Material

Preparing a proper study planning and with an easy-to-understand study material can help you to study with more concentration and effectively.

Knowledge is required in every situation

So, please don’t waste your time, start studying right now, at least for knowledge……

No Trick is required to start study, what you need is some seriousness toward your life and goals…

We hope above tips will help you to study with concentration


Gymbag4u.com Team

Prashant V @Gymbag4you@gmail.com

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