paralysis attack
paralysis attack

This lifestyle reasons can make you a victim of body paralysis attack!

Paralysis attack is a very crucial health condition, due to change in lifestyle, excessive workload & depression and habits like smoking, alcohol drinking, lack of good diet and routine exrrcise may drive you towards many critical diseases including paralysis.

Know more following about this lifestyle reasons can make you a victim of body paralysis attack:

1] Junk Food & deep-fried foods: Junk food and deep-fried foods eating is not good for our health; junk food has cholesterol increasing elements and many harmful preservatives can create clots and blockages in body which results in critical diseases like heart attack and paralysis

2] seating lifestyle: due to today’s harsh office culture and excessive seating lifestyle, many people have to go through lower body movement, which results in clotting and blockages in our body resulting to paralysis attack.

3] smoking and drinking habits: excessive cigarette smoking and drinking alcohol may disturb body’s fluid flow may create threat of paralysis attack.

4] high blood pressure and unbalanced lipid profile: excessive blood pressure and unbalanced lipid profile due to increase in blood fat contains may create paralysis threat

5] High blood sugar and uncontrolled body fat: by following unhealthy routine may land a person into sugar level unbalancing and excessive body fat issue. This body fat may cause paralysis like critical issues.

6] Not treating viral infections on time: Viral infections threats are increasing day by dan, and at the end of each season we can see increase in various viral infections come out and many people fall ill. By not taking proper care and medication during such viral infections may lead to paralysis and blood clotting like issues.

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