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Gout is a Painful arthritis / bone Disease, Uric Acid / Gout is formed due to collection formation in our Bone Joints. Excessive production of Uric Acid caused due to Over weight, Diabetes.

Uric acid / Gout is formed in our Toe and continues a series of pain in Knee, Ankle, Feet, Joints, Wrist, etc.

Uric Acid / Gout Disease
Foot Pain

Tips to Treat Uric Acid Problem Naturally.

  1. Taking Sunbath everyday helps in curing Uric Acid, Sun Rays while in contact with our Skin creates an ample amount of vitamin D in our body and this helps in curing the Gout / Uric Acid Problems in our Body.
  2. Lemon, Hot Paper (Chile), Pineapple contains a good amount of Vitamin C and other essential nutrients which help in decreasing the Uric Acid Problem.
  3. Turmeric and Garlic are very effective Antioxidant which helps in curing Gout Problem.
  4. Green tea drinking is an effective way to Detox our body which also beneficial to Uric Acid removing from our Body.
  5. Daily exercising followed by good diet controls in the excess formation of Uric acid in or body.
  6. Drinking enough water helps in removing excess Uric acid formation in our Body.
  7. Drinking Regular Lemon Water added with honey after exercise helps in removing Uric Acid in our body.

Uric Acid Swelling / Gout problem can cure naturally if done on-time care and consult with health Experts.

What to Avoid?

During the uric acid problem, it is best to avoid Drinking Alcohol, Carbonated Drinks, Eating Chicken Meat & Sea Products.

What to Eat?

During Uric acid problems one should eat Banana, Pineapple, Red & Green Paper, Lemon, Turmeric, Apple, Ginger, Gooseberry, Almonds, Clove, Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, and drinking lots of water and Morning Sun Rays are best ways to early curing the Gout disease.

Uric Acid can be cured and prevented with good lifestyle; a routine Morning sun ray bath help us to get the enough Vitamin D to prevent Uric Acid disease.

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