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Dear Readers, we have many seasonal diseases that affect our day-to-day routine with change in every season’s environment. Instead of Heavily medicating with Antibiotics, we should try natural home remedies which help in curing the disease. It also improves permanent immunity against the diseases.

Antibiotics and Drugs are not a healthy option because those are temporary solutions on diseases and also may cause harmful side effects. Our immunity is a permanent solution to illness which we can achieve only with natural remedies.

Home Remedies for Illness
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22 Natural Home Remedies on Illness

  1. Ginger Tea and a spoon full of Honey helps in reliving Cough / Cold Symptoms.
  2. A Bowl Full of Hot Chicken Soup helps to provide Cold Symptoms.
  3. Peppermint Oil can relieve Nasal Congestion occurs due to Cold, Consuming Paper mint oil with Water helps in digestive gastric problems.
  4. Consuming Half Tablespoon of Asafetida with Water helps in Stomach pain and Digestion issues.
  5. Taking Half Tablespoon of Errand Oil direct or with water helps in kills Intestine Warms causing pains and Digestive Problems. This is also good for Kids Stomach Pain (For Kids Must Consult with Doctor Before Use).
  6. Turmeric is the best Antibiotic and Anti-Inflammatory properties; Consuming Hals Spoon Turmeric with Warm Water helps in removing Cough Congestion. Turmeric added tea relief in Cough/Cold Symptoms, Turmeric can also be used as an Antiseptic on Small Cuts and Wounds. It helps to Stop Blood Flow from Wound and help heal them early. Turmeric is Good for Skin.
  7. Stomach pain can be relieved by eating Yogurt.
  8. Aloe Vera Leave is Good for Hair Wash, Best for Skin Cleansing. Applying Aloe Vera Leaves gel on Eyes makes them Cool and remove Eye Burning Sensation.
  9. Aloe Vera gel is also good for Digestive Diseases.
  10. Ginger helps in Stomach Pain, Problems like Diarrhea. Ginger is the best antioxidant that helps in relieving blood pressure and regularize body blood flow.
  11. Green Tea is the best antioxidant which detoxes harmful chemical from our body. It helps in lowering the threat of Major Diseases like Heart Disease, Cancer, etc.
  12. Garlic is the best anti-inflammatory properties that help in lowering body fats, cholesterol, and lowers the threat of Diabetes and Heart Disease.
  13. Eating Banana in Digestive disease provides relief.
  14. Cinnamon Tea or Diet food added Cinnamon helps in lowering the Blood Sugar level. It helps in lowering the risk of Diabetes.
  15. Yogurt, Chickpea Flour and Turmeric is the best to face pack for glowing skin.
  16. Clarified Butter is Best Antiseptic, one can use it in an emergency.
  17. One Table Spoon Ginger Juice mixed in Honey relief in cough problems.
  18. Warming Chest and Nose with a pack of Kids by Hot Carom Seeds tied in a piece of small cloth or handkerchief provides relief from Congestion that occurred by Cough / Cold.
  19. Drinking Dried Ginger tea or applying Ginger Paste on Forehead can relief from extreme headache.
  20. Insect Bitten can be treated by putting Onion Slice, Applying Coconut Oil, Toothpaste or Putting Ice Pack, etc.
  21. Applying Baking Soda and Water Mixture or Apple Cider vinegar relief in itching.
  22. Jaggery Tea or Eating Jaggery helps in relief from Cough & Cold.
  23. Clove or Camphor Cube (Kapoor) can be used as a pain reliever for dental pain, just put a clove in your mouth near the teeth to relieve the pain.

It is always best to have an expert doctors advise before using above remedies. More serious illness or health problems must be treated by doctors and certified health experts.

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