Coffee vs Tea which is Better Health wise - caffeineCoffee vs Tea which is Better Health wise

Dear Readers, it is always a long-time debate among people that, which is best Tea vs Coffee. But it is also true that when we get up in the morning & whenever we exhausted in a day after work a Hot Cup of Tea / Coffee is essential to relieve the stress and gain freshness.

Tea vs Coffee both drinks are popular in the world, but do you know which is better in terms of health benefits.

Coffee vs Tea which is Better Health wise
tea vs coffee which is best

Benefits of Coffee

  1. Coffee contains multiple vitamin B ranges which is beneficial for increasing body energy.
  2. Coffee contains caffeine which leads to brain stimulation and increases exercise/sports performance.
  3. Coffee helps in releasing mental harmonies which helps in controlling depression.
  4. Coffee increases blood flow in our body with its caffeine and helps in lowering stroke risk.
  5. Coffee is a powerful antioxidant that helps in lowering the effect of Diabetes & Cancer like a disease.
  6. Coffee is a popular Breakfast drink in Western countries. Coffee helps to Increase Blood Flow & body temperature which is required in the cold environment of those countries.

Benefit of Tea

  1. Tea is one of the best Antioxidant which helps in detoxing Body.
  2. Tea helps in Protecting the brain, Lowering Heart Attack.
  3. Tea without Sugar helps in lowering weight.
  4. Black Tea lowers Blood Sugar level which helps in Diabetes Type 2 Disease.
  5. Green Tea helps more than regular tea, it detoxes our Body, Lower Body Fat & Improves Arteries Functioning to regularize Blood Flow.
  6. Tea is also popular in Western countries, Tea is acidic drink if drink with adding Milk & Sugar.

How many cups of a Tea / coffee per day should be consumed?

At least two to three cups of Hot Prepared Tea or Freshly Brewed Coffee is good for the healthy routine

But a Tea / coffee lover can consume Max 6 cups of a Hot Tea / Freshly brewed Coffee per day during frequent intervals, more than the limit may create health issues such as acidity or in-digestion etc.

Caffeine is harmful to our health in case of excess consumption Increases Blood pressure & may cause Stroke, Coffee Contains more Caffeine than Tea which makes Tea as a beneficial drink over Coffee.

Green Tea is more beneficial to our health, and that’s why it is recommended to drink regularly by Experts for healthy Body.

Both Tea / Coffee have their own benefits to the drinker, but excessive drinking of both is harmful to health.

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