Essentials tips for Good Eyesight

Dear Readers, Hope you are enjoying your life with GOOD LIFESTYLE & BETTER HEALTH CARE. Our eyes are an essential organ of our body and hence there it is need of good eyesight. Eyes helps to visualize the surroundings and is very much important for an individual to do his day-to-day jobs.

Most of the time people don’t pay attention to eye problems, but it is always not good for our future vision health.

Common eye problems like Blurry Vision, Blind Spots, Eye Spotting Vision Blockage, Vision Loss, Red Eyes with pain, and Eye Watering are found mostly but always neglected, which may affect badly on our Eye Health.

So, on-time eye care is always important for a Good Vision & Good Eyesight.

essential tips for good eyesight
eye health can be cared with regular vision inspection

18 Ways to take care of Eyes!

  1. Six Monthly Regular visits of Eye Doctor is always recommended to keep watch on our eye Health.
  2. Keeping Proper Distance and proper Brightness while using Laptop, Computer & Mobiles like equipment helps in keeping our eyes safe from Harmful Rays & Bright Light. It’s recommended to use Ray protection Glass and limitation on the use of that equipment is always helpful in Eye Care.
  3. Daily Washing Eye’s with Cold / Normal water is always beneficial for better Eye Health.
  4. Using Aloe Vera Gel / Keeping Aloe Vera Juicy Leaves on eyes helps them to keep cool & stay away from Eye Problems.
  5. Eating Lots of Green Vegetable and Fresh Fruits helps in increasing vitamin A, E, C, and range of Vitamin B, Lutein & Zeaxanthin which helps in keeping our Eyes Healthy. This can be obtained only by following Good Diet.
  6. Daily Exercise & Yoga is important because it helps in increasing oxygen levels in our body which is important for a good vision. Eye Periodic movement & Vision Concentration Exercise is beneficial for our Eye’s.
  7. Wearing Sunglasses while going out, Riding Bike, or Driving a car is always necessary for good Vision. This helps in stopping accidental damage of Eyes through sudden Riding wind blows & AIR Contamination.
  8. Always save our eyes from Direct Bright Light exposure, necessary safety gears are recommended while doing such any activity which may affect our Eye Health.
  9. Six Monthly Inspection and Changing Vision Glasses Number by Ophthalmologists is necessary to keep Vision Healthy.
  10. Regular use of Eye Drops as prescribed by Ophthalmologists is always necessary for a Good Eye Health.
  11. Bad Habits Like Smoking is not good for Eye Health, and so it is recommended to Avoid smoking of one having eye problems and wants to keep his eyes healthy forever.
  12. Touching eyes with bare hands must be avoided, because our contaminated hands affect our eyes.
  13. Good sleep plays an important role in keeping our eyes healthy.
  14. Taking good care of eyes is Important for Patients of Diabetes, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure Patients.
  15. Eye vision lowering is a common aging issue, and so, it is always recommended to take more care of eyes along with aging.
  16. Eating Fish Like Salmon, Tuna, Mackerel is good for eyesight improvement.
  17. It is always beneficial to follow 20 Minute 20Mtr Rule, means while doing any activity on Computer or Mobile, or Reading or Writing it is beneficial to look away for 20 Minutes may help for eye health.
  18. Watching our Daily habits which may harm our eyes. It is always important, where we can find those habits which are harmful to vision and stopping it for Good Eye Health.

It is very simple to take our eye care, we must watch our daily habits and change necessary to take necessary care of our vision to keep Vision Better during Old Age.

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Prashant V

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