Why Health Insurance is Today's Necessity?Why Health Insurance is Today's Necessity?

After looking uncertain health threats like Covid 19 Pandemic and increasing life threatening diseases like Cancer & Heart attack. And this makes people realize necessity of hospitalization care health insurance as a necessary to everyone. And that’s why today we want to tell you more about Why health insurance is todays necessity?

It is well said by old people “Health is Wealth” and yes, it’s so true we all know today due to a Tiny Covid-19 Various all the people in the world are in the danger zone of deadliest infection.

Many people lose their lives due to this deadliest virus in today’s modern and medically improved world. But still, scientists are not sure about the vaccination and its effectiveness.

So, today medical science is at its high of usability, but it is also true that the virus is becoming more deadly and attacking more people in the world. And this is the biggest threat for Humankind.

Hence, how can you save our self and our money from being washed up in medical expenses to treat Covid 19 and such other deadliest disease? with the help of Buying Health Insurance.

Friends, every day we are working hard, and doing our best to earn money for our family needs and Retirement, but you can find it by experience and sharing. Health tragedies of family members are the biggest devastating for many families. Along with Money, they lose the life of a family member if not being treated well. And there are success stories as well who shows the Usability of Health Insurance.

What is the Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is a Standard Agreement made by Insurance company with Insurer that upon regular paying some amount of premium they will provide future medical treatment claim facility for a certain sum assured amount on pre-agreed terms.


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While any Financial Advisor or Insurance agent shows us his Health Insurance product. We should ask them first and most important question be why health insurance is necessary for me?

Yes, my friend’s Health insurance is the most necessary thing in everyone’s life.

Today Health comes under an expensive category, and if we look carefully, we can see many facilities due to not being medically treated well. Whereas HEALTH INSURANCE helps a lot both in proper treatment as well as financial assistance.


1] Cashless / On-time Emergency Financial Assistance: Yes, many companies are offering cashless insurance, and emergency cashless claims are very necessary because if money is not arranged on time can delay the timely medication. Cashless insurance is hassle-free insurance where all applicable treatment is done cashless, and a minimum amount is to be pay by the insurer to the hospital. This can save a family from a big financial burden and save family member life.

2] Hassle-free process: Many health insurance companies have very simple rules, and easy plan information where you can know the terms and the types of covered illness/injuries, and its sum assured policy limits. so, you can become tension free from worries of an emergency medical situation for yourself or any of insured family member. It is necessary to tell the insurance companies before or immediately after hospitalization to start the further insurance claim procedure.

3] Cost-effective treatment: Friends do you know today medical situations can occur anytime and hospital treatment costs are sky-high. And if you really want to save yourself from such huge and un-necessary treatment prices. you must get yourself insured because hospitals cannot charge a high amount to insurance companies because they have health cost experts who assess your treatment cost and ask hospitals to charge the Fair Treatment value.

4] Right Treatment: Do you know the insurance company has a team of Health experts who studies and personally look after your treatment procedure from day one. They also inform the treatment doctors about the treatment correctness. which helps the hospital doctors to give you correct medical treatment and care.

5] Financial Stability Cover: Yes, your health insurance can help you to save yourself from unnecessary emergency healthcare expenses and keep you worry-free and provide financial protection by covering cashless / post-treatment settlement insurance policies.

6] Cost-effective and less procedural: Buying Health insurance is always cost-effective than paying huge emergency hospital bills from your saving. If you insure yourself before 30 years of your age, then many harmful diseases are covered at an early age. Which are not covered for more aged people. So, it is advised to buy Health insurance before your 30’s. Also, after 60 years, Health insurance companies ask the insured to produce the medical investigation report and then they issue a policy after removing the existing disease & health issues.

Health Insurance policy
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How Health Insurance make ease your Life? and Why Health Insurance is Today’s Necessity?

1] Medical insurance helps you to pay the heavy medical treatment cost and save yourself from financial loss.

2] It is advised to check insurance terms, Sum Assured Value, Disease coverages, Local attached insurance company hospital in your area for emergency situations.

3] Make sure your all family members have access to each other’s insurance policy health cards & emergency contact information of the insurance company for emergency situation and cashless claims hospital documentation.

How to select the Right Health Insurance Policy?

Friends as like other insurances Health Insurance is also dependent upon requirement of individual, Such as Sum Assured, Minimum Age of Buying Insurance, Members Covered in Single Insurance, Lock in Period, Various Treatment and Diseases available with Insurer, Applicable Inclusion and Exclusion of Diseases in policy Agreement, No Claim Bonuses, Refund of Premium, Cashless Health Insurance Claim Facility etc.

Types of health Insurance Policies!

There are many policies offered by various insurance companies related to Health Insurance.

1] Individual Health Insurance Plan: – This Plan covered an individual Health of Insurance of an Insured of Certain Age and upon paying certain Health Insurance Premium.

2] Family Plan: – This plan covers an Individual + Spouse + 2 Kids as per Health Insurance Company Terms, this is most useful insurance policy where an entire family can enjoy insurance of certain sum assured value of Health Insurance with Single Premium Payment.

3] Parental Health Insurance: Many individuals buy Family Plan with Add on of Parental Health Insurance where they can additionally secure their Parents Health Insurance Claims under Single policy.

4] Surgery & Notified Critical Illness: This plan is also a popular one where a people specific requirements Insurer can secure his Health with More critical diseases which are not covered in his Individual Traditional Health Insurance Policy Such as Kidney, Cancer, Heart Failure etc.

5] Accidental health Insurance: This Add-on Health Insurance Provides Accidental Health Care Insurance Claim Facility if in-case it is not covered by Traditional Health Insurance Plan.

6] ULHP – Unit Linked Health Plans are Investments with Health Insurance, this are unique one Health Insurance Plans where a person can enjoy saving and Money Growth as well as Securing His Future Health Insurance Claims under a Single or Add-on Health Insurance Policy.

7] Additional Health Cover: This is also an Add-on Health Insurance Where on paying additional premium a Person can enjoy enhanced Sum Assured Value of Health Insurance Claims.

8] Group Health Insurance Policy: This Health Insurance policy is very popular among Corporate’s, where they buy a health Insurance for their Entire Existing and Upcoming Staff and secure their Health Claims, It’s an Additional Facility to Staff Members Under Staff Welfare, Health & Safety.

What is the Process of Health Insurance Claim:

Health Insurance Claims can be done with 2 Types

1] Cashless Claims: This type of Claims is mostly done with Network Hospital registered with Insurance Company, where after Hospital Admission, an Insurer Should intimate Insurance Company and Submit his Insurance policy details to Hospital Health Insurance Claim Department. So, the Hospital Can directly claim the Hospitalization Cost of Insurer from the Insurance Company.

2] Reimbursement Health Insurance Claims: This type of claims is being done at non-Network hospitals where insurance company don’t have any Tie-ups which makes it Unable to Process Cashless Insurance Claim. So Here the Insurer Informs Insurance Company for Emergency Admission in Under Non-Network Hospital immediately, then Insurer Pays all the medical expenses from his Pocket upon discharge of patient. And they Submit the Health Insurance related Bills and Medical Treatment Paper’s to Insurance Company later to Claim the reimbursement of his Health-related Expenses. Insurance Company studies the Bills and Treatment and upon successfully verification of the Hospital Documents, Insurance company transfers the Settled Claim amount directly into Insurer Bank Account.

What are the facilities Insurer may Get upon Buying Health Insurance Policy?

1] Cashless Hospitalization in Network Hospital, where in case of Health Emergency a Person can be treated without Paying any Cost by Insurer Except Minimum Pay In-eligible Claim Amount as per Insurance Company policy.

2] Pre & Post Hospitalization Expenses Claims are being accepted by caring health insurance company subject to Insurance Agreement Clause Availability and on time Informing to Insurance Company regarding Medical Treatment. Where before hospitalization expenses can also be additionally claimed as per Insurance Company Terms.

3] Medical Check: Some Insurance Companies provide free or Discounter Health Checkup Facility to eliminate the risk of Insurer Health.

4] No Claim Bonus / Premium Discount: Many medical care Health Insurance Companies providing this type of facility. In this an Insurer who have not clammed any health Insurance Claim in his previous policy year, then he can get discount on Current Year Premium or refund of his Last Premium Paid depend upon Insurance Company Agreements.

5] Add Ons: Add On’s are the additional Benefits Offered to Insurer on His Hospitalization care Health Insurance Policy by Health Insurance Company, where he can add/ remove any Family Member from his Policy, He can also claim Patient Transfer Cost Reimbursement, Premium Room Expenses, Insurer Daily income Loss Reimbursement where certain amount as per policy is given to Insurer for loss of his Daily Income due to Hospitalization. Can Add / Remove Critical Illness Insurance, can add Additional Sum Assured Insurance Claim.

Hope you now understand the importance of hospitalization care health insurance, now you can check on your own that why Health Insurance is Important to your family.

If you are also looking for such insurance, please write us an email at Gymbag4you@gmail.com to know more about cost-effective and Good Medical insurance plans.

Keep yourself healthy with healthy eating and exercise and rest leave on your health insurance to take care of your entire family health.

We hope now you understand that taking a Health insurance is also a health care and money saving for self and family.

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