Beginners guide to Start Gym Drill - motivation to gymBeginners guide to Start Gym Drill

Exercise is an essential routine to make your health better along with ageing process and exhaustive work environment. Doing daily gym is a good habit and today we are giving you “A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO START GYM DRILL” by following article.                                                                      

When you have the foggiest idea about the gym and exercises, starting your workout sessions as a beginner can be challenging. Knowing about vital posture and basic exercise patterns can be hard to implement.  Therefore, here we are discussing the ultimate guide to starting a gym workout as a beginner and helping you smash all your dream fitness regimes and reach your fitness goals. Some of the basic and starter tips are listed in this article.

  • Choosing the suitable outfit for Gym.

         As a beginner, one should understand that while doing gym workouts, being in comfortable clothes is an important factor. Choosing a suitable outfit may help to provide better body movement and better and makes it easier to work out with machinery. 

     Some key factors one should keep in mind while selecting gym outfits:

  • Avoid denim material for training in the gym as it reduces movement.
  • Find sturdy gym shoes and avoid canvas shoes.
  • A sweat towel should be in handy.
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Choosing comfortable outfit for gym drill - Beginners guide to Start Gym Drill
Choosing comfortable outfit for gym: Source Internet
  • Warm up before the intense drill.

            As a beginner, there are many things that one should keep in mind while starting a gym workout. Accurate warm-up and cardio exercises should be done before starting an intense workout. Warm-ups help in loosening muscle cells and help to promote better movement while doing vigorous exercises. It reduces muscle cell tears and injuries and promotes better oxygen flow in our blood leading to better metabolism. A 5–10-minute cardio session can simultaneously improve your mood and muscle structure.

Warm up before exercise: Expert Video: Source YouTube / Internet
  • Do workouts under a gym trainer.

      Knowing every exercise and workout is not an easy task for a newbie. So, to get a better grasp of various physical workouts, one should always train under a Professional Gym trainer. This may help you to know about your body better and also provide better routine plans and nutritional guidelines to improve your body and mind. Professional trainers help you to monitor your habitats and to perform accordingly to improve immunity and metabolism. Having a Professional Gym trainer implements consistency in workout patterns and provides customized training sessions for you.

Gym workout under gym trainer - Beginners guide to Start Gym Drill
Workout under Gym Trainer: Source Internet
  • Exercises and workout patterns

      There are various exercises that one could implement as a newbie to improve body and mind. Start with warmups or cardio sessions as mentioned above. Then start with movement-friendly exercises which are not vigorous for your body. Starting vigorous workouts may harm your internal body structure very drastically. First one has to start with a basic workout as prescribed by the trainer and then on gradually improve the density of workouts.

A sample gym exercise routine is given below for reference:

Day 1:

  • Planks – Increase the time as per your capacity.
  • Lunge – for a full minute.
  • Bench squat – 3*10
  • Lunge jumps – 2*5
  • Crunches – for a full minute.

Day 2:

  • Do the Day 1 set and increase the amount of time as per your capacity.
  • Include Bench presses and back squats into this routine.

         Continue this routine for a week and gradually increase the intensity of workouts and add more workout sets into this in the coming days according to your body strength. One should never drastically change, add or stop doing workouts. Doing so, may lead to muscle tears and reduce the body’s immunity. Only with the help of a gym trainer, change your routine accordingly and include step-by-step additivity of exercises.

Gym Workout Pattern Training by Experts: Source YouTube / Internet
  • Nutrition and emotional stability.

     Doing intense workouts needs high stability and metabolism. So, nutrient-rich foods should be included in your diet while taking intense workouts. The quality of the food plays a key role in building up our body and showing good results from gym exercises. Ask your trainer to help you to create a diet plan and a chart to check the calorie intake simultaneously. As a beginner, high-calorie food is not a necessity, but you could feel lethargic if you have a good intake of food along with the workout plan. Also keeping yourself hydrated well by drinking enough water & natural juices, coconut water will help to enhance your body energy during and after gym.

nutrition through stable emotions for better gym drill
Nutrition and Emotional Stability: Source Internet


     No matter how physically fit you are, whether you weigh 400 pounds or 100, it can be terrifying to visit a conventional commercial gym for the first time. And only if you can summon the courage to enter the room with 20 seconds in your hand. Start with small exercises and cardio sessions and improve yourself. Get to know the machinery and get guidelines from your trainer. Doing these steps could help you to start gym smoothly rather than getting anxious every time you think about it.

We hope this article will guide you to start your gym if you are beginners and new starters.

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Article contributor: Anila Susan Philip

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