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Kegel Exercises for Health Enthusiasts:

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An exercise that strengthens your pelvic floor muscle is Kegel or pelvic floor exercise. The pelvic floor is an area between your hip that support the pelvic organ (bladder, uterus, and bowl). Control excretion of urine, flatus, and feces is the function of the pelvic floor. Sometimes you do not have time to pass out your poop, Pelvic floor can hold it until convenient.

Kegel extends the strength of your pelvis and stops the leakage of poop or gas accidentally and improves orgasms (Sexual feeling). Furthermore, the Kegel exercise fixes the bladder, uterus, and bowl in their place and stops the from falling into the vagina if these organs fall into the Vagina this condition is called pelvic organ prolapse.

The benefit of Kegel for Women

Pelvic floor muscle work in the right way till you are strong. When you become weak with illness or age, your pelvis becomes feeble and starts leakage or showing the symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse (POP). Some other reasons for POP are Genetics, Pregnancy, Delivery through the Vagina, Hysterectomy (Surgery of the pelvic area), and Laughter or Frequent coughing that leads to POP and leakage of pee. Benfintis of Kegel for woman:

  • Kegal Exercise stops the leakage of poop and gas accidentally
  • Hold pelvic organ to falling into or outside from vagina
  • Give strength to the pelvis to hold urine in an emergency
  • Improve sexual feeling

Benefits of kegel For Men

Unlike other exercises, Kegel benefits to its practitioner equally. Men with health or sexual health disorders can get the advantages of doing Kegel. Kegel benefits for men

  • Improve Orgasm
  • Extent sexual feeling by providing a firm grip on ejaculation
  • Strength urinary system
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis can cause swelling and prostate pain. Kegel manages this swelling and pain.
  • Stop the leakage of pee and gas accidentally also in men
  • Better for men who get the prostate cancer surgery

How to find Pelvic floor muscle

For Women: Doing Kegel exercise may be difficult for the first time, but after finding the pelvic floor muscle, you can do it anywhere or anytime. You can locate pelvic muscle by entering your clean finger into the vagina and tightening vaginal muscle around the finger.

Another way to locate the pelvis is when your urine starts to flow, try to squeeze the muscle to hold it, you can do it to stop the passing out of gas.

For men: To locate pelvic muscle, you can enter your finger into the rectum and squeeze the muscles around the finger.

Try to find it by tensing muscles after the urine flow like women.

How does Kegel exercises

Kegel Exercise Process
  • Squeeze the pelvis floor muscle and hold your breath for 3 to 5 seconds during the passing of urine or gas.
  • After this, Relex  breath and pelvis for 3 to 5 second
  • Repeat the same process and do it around 10 times per session
  • You can do two or three sessions per day
  • Kegel exercises do not create pain in your pelvic floor muscle, if you feel, stop it and consult with the doctor.

Impairments of Kegel exercises for Health Enthusist

Kegel exercises does not damage your body, and you can do it while you are watching TV, standing for any work, or talking on your mobile. But, when you do it many times in a day or incorrectly, you may gain urinary tract infections.

Kegel is for weak people, not for everyone. You need not Kegel If you have a tight pelvis floor. When you try to squeeze your tense muscles, they may not be able to respond. Consequently, you may face complications.

Final thought

Kegel is the best exercise for those who suffer from urinary system and reproductive organ disorders. Some complications you may face while doing Kegel, so consult a physician. A doctor can give you the best suggestion about Kegel and tell you how to do them properly.

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