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Hi all, welcome to gymbag4u, its Neel, back again after a long time and today we are going to learn, how to increase our eye health? The eyes are one of the most important parts of our body. And it should be our priority for eye care.

Most of the people ask questions such as :

1.How To Protect Eyes From Blue Light?
2.How To Protect Eyes from Computer Screen and Mobile?

you can protect your eyes by doing some changes in your daily habits

Without eye’s our world will be horrible, am I right??

eye health
Eye Care

Our young generation is not understanding the importance of eye’s, they waste a lot of energy on mobile phones and in gaming, television. They don’t take the topic “How to Increase Eye Health? ” Seriously.

Please read the whole article seriously and don’t ignore it, please, because health is the real wealth, nothing is important than health…ok…

If you are spending too much time on mobile or laptop, then please follow these things for your health and happy life and eye care:

Following are the Ways to Enhance Eye Health

1.Eat Healthy Food :

But Which Food is Better for Eye’s Health?

Eat Food which is rich in vitamins A, E, and C and mostly focus to eat Leafy vegetables, a lot of fruits and fish because it can help you to get awesome vitamins, especially for the eye’s carrot is recommended by most of the health specialist. Eat food with a lot of Spinach, Carrot, Fish, Strawberries, etc.

2. Always Wear A Good Eye wear for protection:

If you are a bike rider or Software Engineer or a welder, or if you are doing an activity which can harm your eye’s then please wear a Strong branded goggle. When we ride a bike in speed there is a chance to get a lot of dust in the eyes, so please wear a proper helmet and goggles. Software Engineers spend a lot of time in front of the laptop screen, if you are one of them then please use an eye protector screen for your laptop which can filter harmful rays and wear proper spectacles, especially Blue-ray filter spectacles, many awesome spectacle brands are available in the market. please spend some money on your health.

3.Take proper sleep:

Take proper and on time sleep, at least from 6 hours to 8 hours as per your work stress and comfort, I am a Software Engineer and sometimes I work for 10-14 hours on a laptop, which results in a lot of tiredness for eyes and body. So, in such a situation sometimes I sleep up to 8 hours, it is requirement of our body. So, please don’t take it lightly and always take proper and on time sleep.

4.Eye Exercise:

Daily 5-10 minutes do some eye exercises, like focusing on one particular thing for at least one minute, and moving eyes left-right and rotating slightly.

5.Protect your eyes from Direct Sun Rays:

The UV rays from the sun are harmful to the eyes. So, please wear good Sunglasses while you are going outside. Avoid ordinary plastic glasses and try to use high quality branded glasses.

6.Regular Eye Check Up:

please do regular eye check-up from a good eye consultant because of this you will be able to find eye issues and solution for issues which can create problem in future, at the end what I want to say is “HEALTH is WEALTH” and you can do miracles if you have good health.

7.Smoking can cause blindness:

Smoking is harmful to your health and for your eyes too, smoking can cause blindness. smoking can reduce a lot of antioxidants that are beneficial for your eyes. So, please stop smoking as soon as possible.

8.Regular Washing Eyes with Cold Water / Using Eye Drops

Washing your eyes frequently during long hours working on a laptop or any other Electronic graphical Device reduces Eye stress. that helps you in keeping your eyes healthy, Relief from pain and helps to maintain liquid flow in eyes that prevent Dryness. Aloe Vera gel application on the outer side of Eyes also relief from Eye pain due to stressful long hour PC / LAPTOP work. Regular Using Eye Drops prescribed by Eye Doctor is recommended for Good Health of Eyes.

Thanks For Reading our above eye care related article, love from team gymbag4u,

God Bless You All.

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