Happy Life What it really needs - become healthy in lifeHappy Life What it really needs

What is happy life?

Happy Life, what exactly Happy Life means to you? This may the most important question today in all our life that what happiness is all about.

Is it in wealth?
Is it in expensive life living?
Is it Name and fame?
Is it a good hold on public we can say a great leadership?

What can be a real happy life?
Happy Life What it really needs
Happily Jumping Girl

Why Fitness is Important for a Happy Life?

Hellow Readers,

Happy life we all want it for our self and our loved ones, but today whatever we see around us where there is a measurement of success defined of below questions and their answers.

I want all the money and wealth in the world?

I want to be the most powerful and good-looking person in the world?

I want all beautiful, fastest and expensive in the world for me?

you or any of us say “YES” to above all questions.

And you can also imagine the feelings, if you see yourself on top of the above in next five years.

I am sure you will be the happiest man or a woman in the earth?

But do you know how they achieved those all means of success because you are not asking for happiness in it you are just asking materialistic things which can give you a moment of happiness.

Now, I am going to tell you something more a real life example.

“Steve Jobs” a one of the best and outstanding inventors and businessmen on our planet, with a vision of changed the world with his dream Gadgets iPhone and he achieved a tremendous success in his life.

You know when he was on top of his wealth and Fame, he took a happy retirement.

Why? Now we all were expected to see him enjoying all of his enormous wealth and happy life which comes with his hard-earned money.

But, after few happy retirement years of Stave Jobs life. suddenly one day the whole world shocked, by seeing him with a very week skinny body supported to stand and walk by one of his caretakers.

And his last message to the world was

“In other eyes, my life is the essence of success, but aside from work, I have a little joy, and in the end, wealth is just a fact of life to which I am accustomed. At this moment, lying on the bed, sick and remembering all my life, I realize that all my recognition and wealth that I have is meaningless in the face of imminent death.”

What a great learning by a great and wealthy leader, a very hardworking man who decided one day that he will change the world by making handy gadgets and people really died to buy that Gadgets.

But at the end one day he took exit in such a way.

What do you mean he want to advise us?

Yes, very well guessed. definitely we find him Pointing out to the most neglected life asset by many of us is “Health”

Yes, now you catch it maybe you find something to deny his above statement, but it’s true.

His tremendous wealth couldn’t help him to survive and enjoy further life at the end.

A rare Pancreatic Cancer and his earlier ignorance to healthy life make him away from rest of the world to rest in peace.

Now, I know you understand what the happy life at the end is.

And is definitely “A Good Health”

And at the ending chapter of life friends, only Good Health helps us to enjoy the rest of days of our Life. No matter how we successful are! and no matter how famous by influencing the world! No matter how we are living a celebrity status!

At the very end what matters? is our Good Health.

A well said old saying “Health is true Wealth” you find true if you Google’s Stories of people the iPhone inventor “Steve Jobs”

you will find those at the end was trying to find a normal life after lifelong struggle to wealth and their dreams.

And at the end they can’t sustain Happiness just due to lack of Health.

So, Happiness and Health are the most lifelong success combination. whoever achieved it? Those only can enjoy Heavenlier feelings of happiness for the rest of living life.

I hope you understand what we want to say through this article.

That you start following a healthy routine for the rest of your life. If you really want to find lifelong true happiness you should start a good amount of daily exercise with the help of Gym Experts, you look around for a good diet with the help of an expert dietitian. You consult with a good doctor by measuring your body problems and solutions.

And start living a healthy routine lifestyle, make yourself healthy and enjoy the Happy and successful moment in life.


What are the Essentials of Fitness?

Fitness has very simple ingredients first one is Your controlled Weight and a well-organized routine. A Great routine consists of Daily Exercise, Good Balanced Diet, Plenty of Liquid intake, Frequently Medical Checkups & Medication and a spending Happy & quality with family & Self those are the essentials of Fitness & Eventually a Happy life for every person in this world.

And last but not least, “life is not fair” but can be made enjoyable by acting loyal with us, with our health, with our loved ones, with our money sources, and once we do it. we found ourselves actually living a Happy Life of our Dreams. We will be able to enjoy the small happy moments. which we’re supposed to expect for ourselves.

And now we know what the secret for a happy life can be, yes, definitely it’s you Fitness and Peace of Mind.

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