Food that helps to lower the risk of cancerFood that helps to lower the risk of cancer

The Cancer is a very critical disease, and the fatality rate of cancer is 1/6, as per a health report 10 million Worldwide deaths are happened due to cancer in the year 2020 by cancer. Our diet plays an important role in creation of most of the disease. Hence today we are going to guide you about Foods that Prevent Cancer upon adding them in your regular diet.

Such critically un-detectable disease shows a very few and negligible symptoms on its initial stage, patient found symptoms till the time cancer disease become critical.

The Cancer can be said as a lifestyle and genetically spread disease, with todays polluted environment, use of pesticide on food grains, work culture, hazardous chemical exposure results in cancer at the end.

cancer cells damage our healthy body cells with a rapid force. So, the body loses immunity and can’t heal the cell damage leads to fetal health loss. There are very few medical technologies available to cure cancer at 1st and 2nd stage. As soon cancer infection reaches on 2nd stage it become uncontrollable. Also, the current available cure for cancer is mainly Surgery and Chemo / Radiation therapy which is a very painful and energy draining. Even after surgery there is a chance of redeveloping of cancer cells in our body.

So, what we can do on daily basis to prevent cancer?:

Thigs we can do on daily basis to prevent cancer like chronic diseases:

  • Adopt healthy lifestyle, including good resting time, Daily Exercise, drinking plenty of water, good diet, & body hygiene.
  • Prevent from polluted environment by using mask.
  • Avoid exposure of excessive heat & radioactive elements, hazardous chemicals to our body.
  • Do regular health checkups of entire family & take consultation from doctors to prevent Cancer & Heart Attack disease.
  • If any family having a cancer history, then consultation with doctor and doing necessary tests is essential for cancer prevention.

Which Foods help to lower the risk of cancer?

Yes, if we add below foods that prevent cancer in our daily diet, then it will help to reduce the risk of such chronic diseases.

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Carrot: Carrot is a non-starchy vegie with full of dietary fibers which helps to repair cell damages. Also, carrot contains carotenoids & phytochemicals which reduce cancer like disease threat.

Turmeric: Turmeric spice have anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory medicinal quality which helps in auto repair of damaged body cells. Drinking one spoon of turmeric added in Milk or water daily gives good results to our health. As per a medical study on cancer patient, curcuminoid present in turmeric, resulted in lowering the cancer spread.

Beans: Beans especially black beans are rich of fibers which helps to prevent from colon cancer. Adding beans in diet helps to improve body fiber & helps to fight with cancer like diseases.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon spice helps in reducing cancer spread and cancer cells creation. it attacks on cancer as a therapeutic agent and affects apoptosis related pathways in cancer cell and lower its spread. it is a good anti-inflammatory product for cleaning our blood and reduce cancer risk.

Olive Oil: Olive oil is an important ingredient in Mediterranean diet. The countries where olive oil is majorly used in domestic cooking, found very less cancer issues. Extra virgin olive oil contains Oleocanthal is called as a killer of cancer cell. Olive oil helps to remove cancer cells from body without harming other body cells in a natural way. to know more about Mediterranean diet, check following article Mediterranean Diet Plan for beginners – GymBag4U.

Berries: Berries are good source of vitamin c improves our immunity. Berries contains antioxidants helps to repair the damaged cells and prevent from cancer.

Fatty Fish: Most of the fatty fish like salmon, mackerel are full of Omega 3 Fatty Acid & Vitamin D helps to heal the digestive tract cancer.

Garlic: Garlic is another spice contin anti-cancer property allicin. Allium Vegetables like garlic, onion, ginger etc. Those are very helpful in prevention from cancer upon adding them in daily diet. a study on garlic shows that it helps to alter the DNA damaged by cancer cells and reduce the cancer effect with decreasing inflammation.

Flaxseed: Flaxseed is a high fiber food that prevent cancer by reducing body cholesterol, improve body cell immunity and reduce the cancer cell growth. Daily eating flax seed helps to lower the risk of cancer. Lignan compound is found in flax seed helps to reduce the threat of Brest cancer.

Broccoli: Broccoli cabbage & lettuce are high fiber cruciferous vegetable. it contains phytochemical named sulforaphane works as an anti-cancer agent.

Nuts: Nuts like Brazil Nuts contains Selenium an anti-cancer compound. a person eating 2 servings per week. Also, other nuts like almond, Brazil nut, cashew, Peanuts addition in diet reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits contains vitamin C is best for immunity and disease protection. Flavonoids present in most of the citrus fruits helps to reduce cancer risk by reducing cancer cells.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes are also rich of flavonoids and vitamin C helps to reduce cancer risk by eliminating growth of cancer cell.

Dark Leafy Vegetable: Leafy vegetable contains isothiocyanates (such as sulforaphane) and indoles. Those elements help to repair damaged cells and reason for degrowth of the cancer cell by strengthening immunity.

Wheat Grass: wheat grass juice is a best anti-inflammatory product helps to reduce fever & infection in cancer patient immunity.

Red Grape Wine: Red wine contains red grape skin contains polyphenol It contains antioxidant which reduces cancer. Periodic a light portion drinking of red wine helps to reduce cancer threat. (Drinking alcohol above limit is injurious to health Hence requires doctor consultation)

Quinoa: A medical study on extract of quinoa found it useful for chemo preventive & anticarcinogenic effects and helps in reducing cancer. Quinoa contains carotenoids helps to reduce Brest, Lung & ovary cancer threat.


Out diet is a base of most of the diseases, hence it is important to plan our diet with the help of nutritionist or doctor. To prevent from such diseases like cancer by changing your diet and eating habit. if you see above most of the ingredients are plant-based diet. Hence it is important for everyone to add more vegetables & fruits in our diet to prevent cancer growth in our body.

We hope you like above information on Foods that prevent cancer. Apart from above foods to eat to prevent cancer, please check our following cancer related articles Prevent cancer with this lifestyle changes – ( & Caregiver of Cancer Patient – Caregiver of Cancer Patient ( for more information on cancer prevention and cancer patient care.

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