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Hello Readers, with today’s challenging lifestyle, Rapid Weight Gain is an arising issue among the peoples all over the world. And this article will guide you about how to lose weight fast and a journey from fat to fit, with unique Weight Loss techniques which is needed to reduce threat of Excessive weight gain, which is one of the major challenges before us due to unbalanced lifestyle.

And Excessive weight Gain not only brings social anxiety but also risks health for a lower body energy, Blood Pressure Low / High, Diabetes, Arthritis, Sleeping Disorder, Blood Sugar Problems, low Immunity, Cardiovascular Diseases, and many more countless diseases.

Causes of Weight Gain!

1] Changed Habits:

Today along with changed rigid lifestyle leads to the loose attention of people on their health. Today there is lots of competition in the world due to hectic work life. This unbalanced lifestyle leads in loosing towards importance of health. Lack of Exercise, Changed Sitting, and stressful working culture, Don’t Follow Routine Timing of Sleeping / waking up and most important is having an unhealthy diet is the main cause of Excessive weight gains.

2] Stressful condition:

Today people are working under very much stressful condition, most of the time desk Job of Sitting for a long hour at one place with less movement Especially IT Peoples who do Coding, Debugging & Support / troubleshooting leads to a hectic and mentally stressful jobs. Stress unbalances daily routine and creates problems like excessive weight gain.

3] Genetically Issues:

as per a proven scientific study, our Genes sometimes play a role in Excessive Weight Gain. With parental Health issues like Excess Wight, Sugar / Diabetes may, later on, create genetic Problems for kids. sometimes, excessive smoking and alcohol drinking habits may create hormonal imbalance leads to Weight Gain.

4]Food / Diet:

our Food plays an important role for balancing our Bodyweight. If we intake calories more than required to our body. It remains from digestive burning inside our digestion system and creates FAT. Our body FAT plays a major role for increasing Excessive Weight Gain.


cycling - How to lose weight fast
Cycling + Daily Routine = Weight Loss
  • Body Mass Index for adults shows BMI of ranging 25 – 30 kg/m2 and whatever above this range comes under more threatful over-weight Class. Health Experts / Doctors consultation and periodic check of BMI with routine health checkup is essential.
  • Regular exercise and yoga help for controlling the Weight Gain, hence, daily exercise helps to prevent from Excessive weight gains.
  • Processed food / High-calorie Junk foods such as Fast Food, Oily, and Deep-fried food are reasons for increasing cholesterol and FAT inside our body. hence, lower the intake of such food helps to control Excessive Weight Gain.
  • Excessive Smoking and Drinking habits also lead unbalancing human Body Harmonies followed by Weight Gain.
  • Following the preferred and Well-Planned Diet could help in preventing Excessive Weight Gain. Including High Carb & Fiber diet and lowering Calorie & protein ingredient diet helps during Weight Loss. Being Choosy and planed Diet required for maintaining Proper Weight. daily Diet meal may include 2 or 3 Meals a day 4 or five but small meals a day. anything followed with proper planning and food choice are the best remedy for controlling Excessive Weight Gain.
  • Stressful life leads for Depression & Weight Gain problem may prevented by engaging a few hours in a day for nurturing own Mind wellbeing and healthy routine.
  • Simple Lifestyle Planning helps for gaining a Healthy Body. And hence daily planning with Healthy Habits helps by defeating the Problem of Excessive Weight Gain.
  • An unstable mind and depression are also a reason for imbalanced Weight Gain. It’s recommended for devoting a few hours in our day for spiritual mind control activities. Such as Dhyana & Yoga are beneficial for controlling Excessive Weight Gain Problems.
  • Keeping your body active ad engaged during physical work all day helps in controlling excessive weight Gain.
  • Eating Good Food always gives Great Health. More use of Green Vegetables, Fish, and Fresh fruit benefits for our health by controlling on Excessive Weight.
  • Our Gut and Digestion system plays an important part of our Body weight control. If we eat Good, then our Digestion system works smoothly with burning the exact required calories as per our body energy and it’s TRUE that “Less Calorie= Controlled Body Weight”
  • Only losing weight by extensive Fasting or Torturing the body or taking harmful untested supplements are not worthy and hence always prefer scientific weight Loss consultation from Dietitian / weight Loss Experts.

From two worlds FAT and FIT, have only Difference of an alphabet “I” stands for Self-determination your own contribution towards Healthy Body for transferring it into FIT from the Fat that “I” means yourself is very important.

Weight Loss – Important Tips

1] Eat more carbs & protein for your daily diet and specially for your daily breakfast.

2] Keep watch on your calorie fluctuations, this will help you in identifying your calorie increase reasons.

3] Limit Carbonated and Sugar based or artificial drinks, this is the best way for reducing sugar and calorie increase inside the body.

4] Stay Hydrated and drink more water per day, avoid fruit juices more intake as it contains natural sugars.

5] Drink coffee or tea for awakening your body metabolism process.

6] Properly plan your diet, it will be best if you take help of any expert dietitian or nutritionist for preparing your daily diet plan for your weight loss or weight gain goals.

7] watch diet should be rich with Carb & nutrient and balanced with protein and Less sugar.

8] Eating slowly and well chewing of food helps in getting more nutrition through our daily meal.

9] A good body rest helps in better rejuvenating our muscles and proper metabolism and also improves our body cells life.

10] Habit yourself to do a daily walk, exercise, yoga, Gym and other physical activities as your routine, your activeness helps to burn the excessive calories and helps to keep your weight maintained.

How to lose weight Fast?

friends today are the fast age, and we all expect everything faster. Today everybody thinks of controlling his weight fast. and hence by following below tips dedicatedly may help for achieving desired weight loss goal.

Below mentioned Three things are very important for losing weight faster.

That You should be choosy with the food you eat. You must dedicate yourself with your Weight loss Goal Plans. And you should stick with your routine body movement. This will help you for reach towards your weight loss goals faster.

A] More Liquid & Good Diet

Our balanced diet plays an important role during our faster weight loss mission. Our Diet must be well balanced and a mixture of carefully chosen food, what to eat and what to not. Few things like Sugar and Oil should be avoided or consume as per the advice of Dietitian. Diet should include Less Carbohydrate because more carbs turn our body into FAT. This should be carefully taken care of.

Food should be carefully chosen; it should be balanced course meal of portion all day eating as per consultation of expert dietitian.

More Veggies, Less Carb & More Protean Food are the best diet to be chosen for losing weight fast. Drinking more water and Juices are more beneficial on weight loss journey because liquid keeps stomach hunger free.

More Liquid items for our diet helps to keep your tummy full, this eventually reduces your hunger and help you for faster Weight Loss

B] Avoid Sugar & Oil Intake

Things like Sugar & Oil are considered one of the resources for the more weight gain and responsible for creating more fat inside our body. And more fat means more calorie followed by more weight gain. Hence controlled Sugar and Oil consumption benefits towards weight loss. You may know more about another healthy alternatives of white sugar in our following article 8 Cane Sugar Substitute – 8 Cane Sugar Substitute (

C] Exercise and continuous body movement

Body movement required for excessive weight loss because continuous body movement helps to burn calorie and excessive FAT very rapidly.

Morning Jogging, Running, Aerobics, Weightlifting, Yoga, Body Stretching Swimming like exercises with continuous body movement helps for a faster weight loss. By following continuous body movement help you closer to your body weight loss.

Above three things will help you to lose weight fast.

Health and Gym Trainers may introduce you to a workout plan and help you to burn more calorie for faster weight loss.

Body Weight Control is an art to be followed with Dedication and determination then only it results in gaining a healthy body.

What are the best protein sources for weight loss diet?

1] Meat like Chicken, Lamb Meat, Pork & Beef

2] Fish like Salmon, Shrimp, Trouts, Sardines

3] Eggs

4] Plant based proteins like Beans, Legumes, Quinoa, Beans Sprouts, Moong Sprouts, Tofu etc.

Following are few plant-based food are good for weight loss diet:

1] Spinach

2] Kale

3] Broccoli

4] Tomatoes

5] Brussels Sprouts

6] Cabbage / Culiflower

7] Lettuce

8] Cucumber

9] Carrot / Beat Root

10] Bell Paper

11] Olive

Fats based food which can be added in weight loss diet:

1] Healthy Oils like Olive Oil, Avocado Oil or Nut Seed Oils

2] Dry Fruits, Nut Seeds, Olives, Healthy fruits including avocado

3] Moderate use of Butter, Coconut Oil may be good for weight loss diet.

Keto diet is considered a one of the best and celebrated diet for weight loss, you may know more about it by check following link A Beginners Guide to Keto Dieting for body building GymBag4U

You may also check for Mediterranean diet considered as an ideal diet for lose weight fast, for the same check our following article Mediterranean Diet Plan for beginners – GymBag4U.

We hope this article will help you to understand the important tips on How to lose weight fast, and this will definitely help you for making yourself healthier.

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