Heart Disease Prevention Tips - prevent heart disease - how to reduce your risk of heart disease - cardiac dietHeart Disease Prevention Tips - prevent heart disease

Around 0.65 million people in single United Stated Dye every year due to heart disease and sudden Heart Attack. Our heart is an important organ of the Human Body. And hence there is a need of mass awareness in heart diseases prevention.

Out Heart works for Pumping our Blood, Purifies, and oxygenates it to all our body parts. So, if our heart stops for a Second, we will be out of the living world. That show Heart is Important for our Life.

Out Heart have mainly 2 components Left Side & Right Side, the Right side of our Heart received oxygen-less blood from our veins and pump it to our Lungs, where lungs oxygenate the blood & remove carbon dioxide, Now Left Side of Heart receives Oxygenated Blood from our Lungs & pump it through our Arteries to our Body.

Pure blood is an important part of controlling our body structure. Blood is a body fluid that carries the Oxygen & essential minerals to our body cells and transports the metabolic waste to waste removing organs.

Heart is very much important organ in human body, and so on its health is.

heart disease prevention
Heart Disease prevention

What can Cause Heart Malfunction / Cardiovascular Diseases?

Heart malfunction can cause due to any Malfunction of part or viral attack, any blockage or clotting in heart vain, as well in Lung’s arteries can cause Heart Failure.

  1. Heart Failure caused due to Hardening or Blocking of Arteries due to buildup of Cholesterol & Fat.
  2. Sudden High Blood pressure due to any Mental Stress or Any Excessive Physical Pain can cause Heart Failure due to excessive Blood pressure.
  3. Faulty or damaged Heart Valves and Muscles can cause a heart attack.
  4. underdeveloped Heart & its organs can also cause Heart Malfunction.
  5. Chronic Diseases such as Diabetes, HIV, Allergic Reaction, Lung Failure can cause Heart Attack. Any Viral Infection can also cause Heart Failure.
  6. Drinking Alcohol, Tobacco Intake can also cause in Heart Diseases.

Symptoms of Heart Disease

  1. Excessive Chest pain and Sweeting can be a Symptom of Heart Disease.
  2. Extreme Weakness and Fainting can be a Symptom of Heart Problem.
  3. Rapid & Irregular Heartbeat & Breath Shortness can be a Symptom of Heart Disease.
  4. Sudden Sevier Breath Shortness, Pink Cough, and foamy Mucus can be a Symptom of Heart Disease.
  5. Sudden Tiredness and short breath can be a starting symptom of heart diseases.

How to prevent from heart disease?

Heart diseases can prevent before it touches to Sevier level,

  1. Heart Diseases are diseases due to lifestyle change, if we add a healthy lifestyle in our life, we can prevent us from heart diseases.
  2. Regular Exercise & Meditation helps us to prevent heart diseases.
  3. Eating Less Fatty & Healthy Food helps to decrease the cholesterol level in our body and eventually decrease the risk of heart disease.
  4. Oilier & FAT Based Junk Food can create Cholesterol in our body, So, removing Junk & Oily Foods from our diet can lead to prevention from heart diseases.
  5. “Dhyan” and Yoga has the power to relax our body, mind thoughts. It relieves us from stress and regulates our blood pressure to normal to prevent future Heart Problems.
  6. Quitting Bad Habits like Smoking, Alcohol, and Tobacco can help in relief from heart diseases. Alcohol Creates Fatty Components in our body, Tobacco and Smoking Injure Breathing system & Lungs which can also cause Heart Failure.
  7. Regular Annual checkup can detect heart disease on early stage. Consulting WITH medical practitioner in case suffer from any Disease like High Blood Pressure and Diabetes to prevent future heart diseases.
  8. Controlling excessive Body Fat & Weight gain is very necessary to prevent ourselves from heart diseases.
  9. Regular Drinking Green Tea, Using Garlic, Lemon & Ginger in our daily food can help in increasing vitamin B & C in our body which can prevent heart disease.
  10. Berries like Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry & Blackberry are the sources of Phytonutrients & soluble fats which helps in preventing heart diseases.

Heart Diseases can be prevented with regular preventive Health checkups through Medical Practitioner.

“Out Precaution is Better than Cure”, and hence to prevent Heart-related diseases, change in lifestyle is necessary. Out regular Healthy Routine helps us to keep our heart healthy.

Hope above information will help you to keep your heart healthy.

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