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Dear Readers, Greetings of the day, Hope you are all safe at your home & doing well. Today we are sharing you about how you can take care of yourself to get immunity from covid 19 to safeguard you and your loving ones during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

We are already following Lockdown & taking our care and making us safe against the Coronavirus Spread. Also, as per Ministry of Ayush Govt of India shared their views on ideal daily routine to maintain our Immunity from Covid 19.

Immunity is the best weapon available today against the Covid-19, which makes us follow a healthy routine to protect our immunity, and eventually, the virus spread.

Ministry of Ayush shared a few important measures by which we can take our care & protect ourselves from the Virus.

General Daily Practices

  • Covid preventive vaccination as per Local Health Authority norms is the first weapon to fight and gain covid immunity to our body
  • Drinking Plenty of Warm water helps in clearing the Breathing organs and enhanced respiratory covid immunity.
  • Daily Taking Sunbath helps in increasing Vitamin D which helps in absorbing calcium & phosphorous & helps in maintaining immunity.
  • Routine Pranayam, Yoga & Exercise at least 30 minutes daily is recommended by AYUSH Ministry to maintain the active body.
  • Taking 2 Times Bath in a day with Warm Water helps to rejuvenate the body and decrease the threat of viral infection through sanitization.
  • Washing Hands with Soap of Sanitizer is needed regularly before eating, this will minimize the Virus infection Threat.
  • We have to Avoid going to Crowded Place & Use Mask / Cotton Cloth for covering Face.
  • Using Spices Like Turmeric (Haldi), Cumin Seed (Jeera), Coriander (Dhaniya), Garlic (Lahsun), Ginger (Adrak) helps in maintaining the antioxidant & antibiotic supply to the body.
  • Eating 1 Tablespoon of “Chawanprash” helps in increasing immunity due to its antioxidant & other beneficial herbs.
  • Drinking Lemon Tea, Herbal Tea Containing Tulsi (Basil), Dalchini (Cinnamon), Kali Miri (Black Paper), Sounth (Dry Ginger), etc., And it’s better to drink tea made with Jaggery or Honey instead of Sugar.
  • Golden Milk – Turmeric added warm milk helps in increasing immunity due to its antibacterial quality.
  • Applying Sesame Seed oil or Coconut oil helps to remove
  • Applying Sesame / Coconut Oil inside the nose is beneficial. Also rinsing the mouth with coconut of Sesame oil and then water will help to protect the infection of bacteria.
  • Getting relief from symptoms of Dry Cough / Sore Throat Inhaling Fresh Pudina (Mint Leaves) or Ajwain (Caraway Seed) once in a day will provide relief.
  • For relief from Cough & Throat Irritation taking Lavang (Clove) Powder mixed with natural sugar / Honey 2-3 times in a day is beneficial.

How to make respiratory system strong to Fight with Covid-19 & Increase Immunity.

following tips will help you to keep your respiratory system strong as a preventive measure against Covid-19 and to will help to boost your body immunity by respiratory system functioning improvement.

Drink warm water all day.
Daily Practice Exercise, Meditation, Yoga, and Pranayama and any physical activity base workout.
Increase the intake of Lemon, Vitamin C Fruits, Turmeric, Cumin, Coriander and garlic.
Drink herbal tea or Kadha made with Basil, Cinnamon, Black pepper, Dry Ginger, Jaggery and Raisin.
Avoid sugar and replace it with Other Healthy Sweatners like Honey & Jaggery.
Regularly Apply Ghee / clarified butter, Sesame oil, or Coconut oil in nostrils & always keep the nostrils clean.
Regularly Inhale steam with Mint leaves and Caraway seeds to clear the Respiratory System & enhance its capacity.

Recommendation by AYUSH Ministry?

Ministry of AYUSH recommends all residents of India to download the “Aarogya Setu” app and take self-Tests so the government will get the correct information with a government record.

This will help a governmental lot, it helps the Government to know the future threat of Covid-19 spread, taking corrective action, and prepare plans for future situations.

It is beneficial for an individual for self-assessing self from Covid-19 threat, by going through specific question & answering. Providing self-correct contact details for any future consultation & treatment.

During any Covid-19 symptoms like High Fever, Sore Throat, Cold, Breathing Issue individuals recommended to quick consult with Government Hospital or nearest Dedicated Covid-19 Health Treatment center.

“Precaution is better than cure” But in Covid-19 along with Precaution need consultation and on-time treatment on symptoms help to make safe from its Sevier impact.

#StayHomeStaySafe #CareYouselfCareFamily



Have a Good & Healthy Life Ahead

Below things can protect you from Covid-19 Pandemic

1] Social Distancing – #StayHomeStaySafe

2] Regular Hand wash and avoid Unnecessary Touching

3] Using Mask while going out or speaking with someone

4] Eating Healthy

5] Regular Workout and Yoga

But, after all, it’s a pandemic, and if unfortunately, you found yourself infected with covid-19 then please follow below tips along with immediate advice of doctor.

What to do after Covid-19 Infection? and increase Immunity for COVID 19

1] If you found any symptoms even after taking so much care then please make your family aware about your infections and secure yourself in quarantine separated from them.

2] Ask all family members to do the Covid-19 Test and advise them to follow above steps to increase their immunity and ask them to take doctor advise to secure them from covid-19.

3] First secure your status, inform your employer, Co-workers and all the possible contacted people to stay protected from infection.

4] Seek immediate medical attention and start medication, vaccine, drips as required.

5] Start Taking Steam and regular drinking Hot water.

6] Eat More vegetable, Fruits & Healthy Food to make your body immune to fight with infection.

7] Start Doing Yoga and good amount of breathing exercise to provide more oxygen to your lungs.

8] Completely follow Proper Body Hygiene, take bath twice a day with hot water, Use Sanitizer while touching and using face Mask compulsory all the time. After all it’s for the safety of your loved Ones.

9] As per the doctor’s advice eat Well cooked Meat, Eggs & Fish if you are non-Vegetarian, this will help your body to create more Healthy Cells to fight with infection.

10] Avoid Drinking Carbonated and Refrigerated Drinks, Ice-Cream, Cold Food items, Alcoholic Drinks, and Cigarettes.

11] Vaccination is Only available to those who are healthy and not under condition of diabetes, Allergy, Fever, or any Blood related disorder. So, the people with these unhealthy conditions must take proper medical care and expert advice to make yourself immune during Covid-19 Infection.

12] Take Proper rest and avoid more physical work or exercise.

13] Eat more Immunity Boosting Food Items such as Papaya & Kiwi – Vitamin C & Dietary Fiber, Drumsticks – Vitamin C & Antioxidants, Coconut water – Minerals & Vitamins like Riboflavin, Fresh Seasonal Fruit Juices-Vitamin & Minerals, Lemonade – Vitamin C, Garlic & Onion – Antibacterial, Sesame Seeds – B6, Zinc & iron, Pumpkin Seeds – Zinc, Red Capsicum – Vitamin C etc.

14] Focus on Balances Lifestyle with Doing Yoga and Exercise, Proper Sleep, Spend Distance time with family with gratitude, Maintain Body Hygiene.

15] Follow Correct Eating Pattern for covid-19 immunity. Such as Drink Minimum 2 Liters of Water Every day, Avoid Smoking & Drinking Alcohol, Avoid Junk, Uncooked & Cold Food, Follow Eating Patters either eat small after frequent interval or eat twice a day, Avoid Excessive Fasting, Eat Only Cooked Food, Eat Fresh Fruit Instead of Other Heavy Breakfast.

16] Avoid Meeting People, Public Transport and going out without Emergency & take Precautions like Mask, Social Distancing & Sanitizer.

17] And don’t panic or take excessive stress, just make assure you follow the Social Distancing, Proper Healthcare Routine and Medical Advice of Doctors, and you will win over this Covid-19 Pandemic.

Ayurveda can also be an alternative medicine for naturally increasing human immunity.

Giloy Kadha – immunity for covid 19

Giloy is a very useful medicinal plant which can be used regularly in form of tea of kadha to improve body immunity against viral diseases such as Dangue, Chicken Gunea, this is also useful to increase immunity against Viral Spread, Covid 19 & Omicron Virus spread.

Method of Making Giloy Tea / Glloy Kadha


1] 1 Giloy Stem near about 12 cm

2] 3-4 Neem Leaves

3] Basil / Tulsi Leave 10-15

4] Jaggery / Black Jaggery

5] Black / Rock salt for taste increasing

6] Drinking Water

Method of Preparation of Giloy Tea / Kadha to get Immunity for COVID 19

1] Take a small Giloy stem break it in parts and put it in pan

2] Add 3-4 Cup of Water in the PAN

3] Boil it for 20 Minutes

4] add neem leaves in it (If you don’t like bitter taste, you can remove it)

5] add Tulsi /Basil leaves & Black Jaggery / Normal Jaggery in it

6] Let the mixture boil till it remains 2 cups

7] Close the gas and strain the tea with strainer or cloth in a Tea pot, Your Kadha is ready to consume.

Giloy tea & Kadha is very useful to increase immunity against viral disease spread, and as per study during pandemic Kadha or Ayurvedic Tea is useful in Omicron & Covid 19 Diseases and can added in daily routine.

Hope you like above article. answer your below questions related covid immunity enhancing.

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Boost your immunity against the Coronavirus – COVID-19

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