how to stay healthy in summerhow to stay healthy in summer

Summer season brings hot and dryness to the environment. The more the heat in surrounding drains more water and energy from Human Body. Ant that’s why there is need for us to know How to stay healthy in summer season?

Great health is always important in every season & So in Hot Summer most of us have a great question in front of us that How to stay healthy in summer season? and here we have given below few popular tips on it.

A Proper Routine and well-balanced Diet are the essentials of the summer season to maintain Good Health.

Taking Healthcare care during summer consists of 3 Parts one is Lifestyle Change another is Balanced Diet and third one is Precautions to be taken during Summer to save yourself from adverse Heat Impact on Body.

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Essential Lifestyle Change During Summer

Below are few of Beat the heat ways to help you stay healthy and active during summer season.

1] Summer Brings lots of Heat and Sweating so it is important to wear Heat avoiding cloth such as Cotton Cloth and White Colored Cloth, Using Summer Caps, Using Umbrella are very important to save our body from Summer Heat Impact.

2] Less Exercise and More Meditation, Body Stretching Exercise & Yoga is the way to keep your Mind & body fit and save your body energy during summer. Summer Drains Body Energy fast due to outside sun heat, and so it is recommended to more do activities of meditation than workout to save body energy.

3] Morning or evening walk, Swimming and Yoga are considered the best physical exercise during summer season to keep your body fit with less efforts.

4] Body hygiene become very important in outside sweating summers and, taking bath twice a day with Cold or lukewarm water helps to maintain hygiene during summer.

5] it is better Using regular Sun cream after consultation with experts is very important to safeguard from sunburns during the summer.

Summer Special Diet

Diet plays an important role to maintain your health in every season. So, on Balanced diet can help to take proper healthcare in summer.

1] Summer diet should be More Liquid, because outside heat drains more water and minerals from our body. And the more liquid food help to maintain the liquid ratio of our body. Drinking Plenty of Water, Coconut Water, Lemonade, Juices & Eating Juicy Fruits like Watermelon, Orange, Mango, Pineapple helps to maintain body liquid ration during Summer.

2] Food should be eaten light during summer and specially need to avoid food during Summer’s Like Stale Food, Meat, Over Spicy & Oily Food, Fish, Chicken & Eggs, more eating of Ice Creams & Frozen Food, Excessive Drinking Alcohol & carbonated drinks unknowingly harms your body during summer. And so those should be avoided.

3] Always eat fresh food during summer, Avoid Pre-cooked & Long time cooked & kept food which may cause digestive issues. A Juicy fruit along with meal is recommended during summer to maintain good appetite.

4] Drinking Fresh Fruit Juices and Herbal Cold drinks like Basil, Mint, Lemonade, etc. are very beneficial to keep you safe from heat effect on body. Eating Onion helps you to lower sun heat effect from the body.

5] Eating Milk Products like Curd, Buttermilk are beneficial for health during summer season.

6] Green Leafy Vegetables, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Sweat Corn, Musk Melon, Watermelon and other Juicy Fruits.

7] Eating Fruits like Coconut Water, Banana, Kiwis & Grapes helps to maintain body energy during Summer Season.

A Person Carrying Summer Fresh Fruit Diet

Precautions to be taken during summer

1] Avoiding direct sun rays / heat contact may bring skin burn, heat attack and skin issues to you during summer.

2] It is essential to avoid exertion or physical activity work during summer and save you from instant energy drain.

3] Using Umbrella & Sun cap is very beneficial to keep you safe from heat attack during summer.

4] Eating heavy may occurs digestion problem during summer season so eating full should be avoided and multiple small intakes of food is best during summer.

5] Heavy exercise should be avoided during summer season to prevent body from sudden energy lack.

6] saving yourself from mosquito who brings disease like malaria is essential during summer. Mosquito repellent should be used during summer to prevent from mosquito bite.

7] Dehydration must be avoided during summer and so required drinking plenty of water & liquid food is essential during summer.

8] Junk and heavy calories Food should be avoided during summer season to prevent from digestion problems.

9] Synthetic and short cloth should be avoided during summer to prevent your body from Sun Heat Attack.

10] Eyes protection is important during summer due to dry season create dustier environment and Sun UV Rays are more powerful during Summer. So, it is advised to use Sunglasses during Summer.

11] A sun heated car may generate toxic chemical inside the car from Car Fiber Part. So, it is good to always park your car in shade during Summer. Also opening window and let the fresh air pass through the car to remove the toxic fiber fumes. It is advised not to stay long in heated car to avoid heat stroke.

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Best Exercise During Summer

Exercise is needed in every season, just in summer it is advised to avoid excessive and more energy consuming exercise during summer due to outside heated harsh environment and low appetite and low body calorie consumption.

1] Walk

Morning and Evening walks are considered as a best and less exhausting exercise during the summer season to maintain good health by spending less body energy. You can also read more about morning walk benefit on our following article Advantages of Morning Walk with Great Health Benefits – (

2] Yoga

Yoga practice is one of the calms and less energy consuming but eventually very beneficial exercise to perform during summer season. when there is a need of best less energy consuming but highly beneficial exercise.

3] Swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises during Summer which helps better body exercise and provide cooling effect to body and saves from heat strokes.

Summer Diseases and how to Avoid Them

Summer season brings various health problems, below we have given few summer health problems and the essential care to avoid those health problems. Summer Health care is an important aspect always.

  • Sunburn & Heat Stroke

Sunburn is a common Summer Problem, During Summer season due to direct ultraviolet rays and high heat environment may cause to burn the skin during more open skin exposure. So, the best remedy is to avoid direct skin exposure to sun heat. It is best to wearing full body cloth, using Scarf and umbrella to avoid Sun Burn. Using Sunscreen lotion according to skin specialist is advisable. Heat stroke is another threat to health during summer which can be avoided by well hydrating body by drinking plenty of Juice & Water and avoiding heat exposure.

  • Food Poisoning

Food become stale during summer season due to outside excessive heat. So, it is advised to only eat fresh and well-cooked food and fruits. It is advised to avoid stale and refrigerated food to avoid food poisoning during Summer Season. Which will help to keep yourself healthy during summer season. Consuming Stale Food and contaminated Water also cause for disease like diarrhea. And that why following fresh food diet is very Important during Summer Season.

  • Skin Rashes, Acne & Chickenpox

Skin rashes is common health problem during summer season which can be avoided by avoiding wearing Tight Cloth & bathing twice a day help to lower the sweating of body. Which not only help to avoid skin rashes but also help to maintain body hygiene. Acne is the most common Skin problem during Summer, a Sweating skin increase the acne issue and Bathing twice a day and washing face regularly during summer with cold water can help to reduce Acne issue during Summer Season. Chickenpox is a most occurred skin disease during summer season which can be dangerous to low immunity kids & adults. Chickenpox cannot be avoided but Proper Body Hygiene and on time medical consultation can only save yourself from adverse impact of chickenpox.

  • Dehydration

Dehydration can harm very badly due to summer heat impact. Lower level of liquid in body cause Nausea & Instant Energy Loss. Dehydration during summer can be avoided by frequently drinking Water, Juices, Eating Fresh Juicy Fruits, Curd, Buttermilk is very beneficial to be safe from Dehydration during Summer Season.

Your simple lifestyle changes and precaution can help you to avoid summer diseases & common summer health problems and now you know how to stay healthy in summer season.


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