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“Oxygen is a Life for Human & most of living organisms on the earth. Without proper blood Oxygen level many living organisms will extinct. And Hence, Oxygen is most important Natural resource on our Earth.

Out of breath situation is a very uncomfortable and life-threatening situation for a Human. As per study a healthy normal breathing person required 22 ML of oxygen per minute and, on an average 7.2 kg of oxygen is consumed by a healthy person every day.

And that’s why oxygen is very important for we humans as well as to an Animals on earth.

Below Article will give you answer of following general inquiries towards Body Oxygen and its improvement.

how to increase oxygen level in body at home?
how to increase oxygen level in body at home instantly?
how to increase oxygen level in body for covid patient?
how to increase oxygen level in body during covid?
how to increase oxygen level immediately?
how to increase oxygen level naturally?
how to increase oxygen level at home immediately?
how to increase oxygen level in covid patients naturally?

Natural resources of Oxygen/Resources which help to increase oxygen level in our body are as follows:

  • Trees

Every Plant During Photosynthesis process using Sunlight, water and Carbon Dioxide produces Oxygen, and so a main resource for Generating and sustaining oxygen Gas on our earth is Plants & Trees. And that’s why Trees are very much important for sustainability of living organisms and specially for humans on the earth which is helpful to increase Earth oxygen level. So, please plant more and more tress to increase oxygen on Earth.

  • Sunlight and Water Resources

When sunlight vaporizes any water resource water that process also produces large amount of oxygen. And so, all our Rivers, Ponds & Even Sea along with Sun rays helps to produce oxygen on our earth and help to increase blood oxygen for all living beings.

  • Marine Microbes and Micro Algae

Marine microbes also called as plankton that are marine microorganisms are very helpful in increase of oxygen level. They produce nearly 50% of oxygen on our earth, and that’s why keeping our rivers, Ponds and sea surface clean is very much important, which helps such microbes to produce and maintain oxygen level of our earth. Micro Algae also helps to produce oxygen for our earth.

All the above are very much important natural oxygen producers on our earth and they are most important to increase oxygen level. That’s why there is a need that these elements must be taken care by Government authorities and people also to sustain our life on earth and to increase oxygen.

It is very important for all humans to maintain the adequate body blood oxygen to keep it well functioned.

95% of oxygen level is required to a normal health person and 90% in asthmatic or lung disorder person. Oxygen is very much important. Oxygen primarily helps our body Cells and blood cells to carry nutrients and sustain energy inside for well-functioning of our every body part.

How to Improve oxygen level in Blood & Body?

  • Exercise and Pranayama(Yoga)

Breathing exercise like Yoga aerobics, Morning walk and Jogging helps to increase breathing and increase Blood oxygen level in our body. Hence, it is important to do daily exercise for maintaining good Blood oxygen level in our body. Physical exercise of 1 to 2 hour daily will helps to maintain proper body Blood oxygen level. And it also provides good mental and physical body effects.

  • Diet with Antioxidants

Antioxidants Diet helps to increase body ability absorb more oxygen in our body. Fruits Juices, Wall Nuts, Flex Seeds, Beans, beat root, Spinach, Essential Omega 3 Fatty Acid Rich Food like Vegetable Oil, Animal Fats, Fish Oil, Avocado, and Seed Nuts help to increase Blood oxygen level and efficient cellular function of our body.

  • Well Hydration

Drinking plenty of water helps to maintain proper body liquid flow and eventually helps to carry good amount of oxygen through our Blood & body parts. Dehydration may lose body oxygen and that’s why drinking adequate amount of water daily is very important. according to health experts our human body needs daily 3 to 4 liters of water to function well, well circulate minerals to all our body parts and efficiently clear body waste.

  • Breathing Air Quality

It is very important to keep watch on surrounding Air quality, a bad air quality affect worse on our body and a good air quality improves our health. Every Living space must be with good air ventilation and free from pollution, which helps to maintain good health of residents. Hence caring for good air quality helps to increase Blood Oxygen Naturally.

Sleeping position for Normal Covid-19 Patient for better air flow and to increase oxygen level in our body.

Due to lungs infection Covid-19 patients facing problems like short breath and decreased oxygen in body. created a most important question how to increase oxygen level in body at home naturally. a study of health experts observed that in case of sleeping on stomach and chest will help for a better body ventilation and increase Blood oxygen level naturally in our body.

oxygen level
Baby Sleeping on Stomach

Increase Oxygen In Blood

Sometimes our blood oxygen level decreases because of following reason:

1.Asthma, 2. heart disease, 3. Anemia, 4. Pneumothorax 5. Lung Failure 6. OCDS or acute respiratory distress syndrome and COPD.

What Happen when Blood Oxygen Level Drops?

Sometimes our blood oxygen level decreases which shows common symptoms like Shortness in Breath, Headache, Chest Pain, Nausea, Sudden increase in Heartbeat and excessive sudden sweating.

How to Measure Blood Oxygen Level Drops?

Normal Body Oxygen level is measured by oxy meter and in between 80 to 100 Percent of Oxygen is shown a Healthy Body and less than 80 is considered attainable and below can be considered a critical level if not recovered early.

How To Increase Blood Oxygen Level?

To increase Blood oxygen level in Body, you must boost your oxygen saturation with help of Supplemental oxygen, please speak with doctor and take proper treatment to increase Blood oxygen level. Supplemental Oxygen should be prescribed, administered and monitored by trained staff.

How To keep your Lungs Healthy?

Lungs are an important part of our body respiratory System. Out Lungs are a group or organs and cells that works connected in our body to intakes outside air, filter it as body required levels and release waste gases from our body.

  • Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercise and Yoga plays an important role in increasing the health of our Respiratory system. Daily half an hour of Breathing Exercise and Yoga helps to increase our Lung capacity. Jogging and other daily exercise where extensively breathing is occurs are also very useful to increase the Health of our Lungs and eventually our Respiratory System. There are few Ayurveda nostril cleaning methods such as Oil Pulling can also tried with the help of Experts.

  • Avoid Pollution Contact

Today is a pollution age and air pollution and very worst We can find many or our metro cities have crossed the pollution worsen index. And if we want to keep our lung healthy then we must avoid this pollution by taking proper care such as using regular masks and going out only when it is necessary. Also using green fuel vehicles such as Electric Powered Vehicles & CNG Energy Powered vehicles are very much beneficial to decrease pollution for not only us but also to rest of the world.

  • Hygiene of Nostrils

Hygiene and daily cleaning of our nostrils is very much important, Along with Daily bathing twice it is very beneficial to properly cleaning our both nostrils and mouth with warm or cold-water benefits in better hygiene of our respiratory system and maintains health of our Lungs. Cleaning of Nostrils also helps to save us from various nose & respiratory infections.

  • Food for Lungs Health

Vitamins rich food such as Food contains Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium Omega 3 Fatty Acid are very useful in curing COPD Disease (Chronic Obstruct Pulmonary Disorder). Turmeric spice helps in cleansing our Lungs. So, it is good to use them in our daily meal. Food items like Coffee, Green Tea, Green Vegetables, Olive Oil, Tomatoes, Fish & Sea Food, Citrus food like Lemon & Orange, Onion, Ginger and many more healthy food items are recommended by nutritionists and health experts for keeping lungs Healthy. Excess dehydration creates mucus and blockage in respiratory system and drinking plenty of water and especially warm water helps to clean airway and make our Respiratory system and Lungs Healthy.

  • Medical Care

It is very much necessary to seek medical attention on all respiratory problems and COPD. Which can help us to safeguard from lethal health complications. Asthmatic persons must carry Inhalers and necessary medicines which can be lifesaving in case of emergency.

Which equipment is used to Check Pulse OX?

Oxy-meter Machine is the equipment which is used generally to check oxygen in Blood.

During today’s Covid-19 pandemic increasing in Blood oxygen level of body and better working of lungs is very much important. We have a great question against us today that how to increase oxygen in Covid patient naturally. And exactly above information is going to help them.

Thanks for reading, we hope you like the above useful tips to increase Blood oxygen in body by Natural Ways.

Thanks for being with us Team

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