simple health care tipssimple health care tips

Today Great health and Happiness are everybody’s milestone. and for the same one need to follow important lifestyle and stick with few rules mentioned below to make self and our loved ones Happy and Healthy Forever. And So., today we are sharing some simple health care tips for everyday living for longer body immunity & happiness.

Jogging / Running
Exercise / Start Running daily for energy full Day

Below are few rules to be attached with our daily lifestyle for healthy living.

  1. Daily 30 Minutes of Walk is always benefitting our Body for long term by making it Healthy (Remember “The one who continue walking every day, have never to stop by a nominal health issue”)
  2. in Every week one day to keep for only Fruits Eating for proper nutrition and rejuvenating our Body Cells. (Especially apples, orange, banana, papaya etc.)
  3. Drinking Warm water with a Spoon of Lemon Juice and a Spoon full of Honey work like a divine drink, which makes our digestion system function properly and keep us healthy forever.
  4. Home cooked food is always better instead of processed and Packaged Food with Preservatives or Deep Frozen.
  5. For Great Health, avoid eating solid / liquid substances using artificial color and sweet sugar
  6. Afternoon and dinner must start with eating fresh and seasonal vegetable or fruit Salad.
  7. Breathing Exercise or Just doing a long breathing for just 3 to 5 minutes magically improves our respiratory system and heart functioning.
  8. Making mind without thoughts before sleeping in the night every day. smelling aroma or perfume for two minutes every day makes you happy and always health comes after Happy Mind.
  9. Eat less in the night for dinner helps your digestion system rewind.
  10. Drinking lot of water at least 3 liters of water is recommended for an adult for every day.
  11. 10-15 minutes and take morning syn rays along with pure open air helps to increase our lifespan.
  12. Jogging 10-15 minutes per day can be a best healthy exercise for a person every day.
  13. Diet must be diverse in terms of Taste and Nourishment so a body should get complete nutrition.
  14. Eating Slowly help to get more nutrition from the Food we eat (Eating Fast may promote digestion issues)
  15. There should be an enough gap in between every eating.
  16. Keep your life with full of humor and smile on the face to make your life healthy.
  17. Breakfast is an important energy booster, and it is better to not skip the morning breakfast every day.
  18. Seven hours of sleep is enough and essential for every adult every day.
  19. It is advised to go to bed every day before 10 PM
  20. Fiber rich food is essential for our body contains hemoglobin which is essential part of our digestion system.
  21. Natural Food without any preservatives and artificial color help to make Body healthier.
  22. Daily Yoga and meditation are important to keep our body healthy and our mind Calm.
  23. Take care that the person who gives love and happiness and make sure they will be always around us.
  24. And always looking for health is sometimes not healthy so leave our live by our way.
  25. Drinking Green tea twice a day will help to detox the body and improve digestion system.
  26. Daily Enough Sweating exercise is essential to keep our body more flexible and healthier.
  27. Financial stress is more harmful to our Health and Life, Hence Saving and Less expending habits all the year can give you a stress-free life.
  28. Natural lifestyle is essential for healthy and happy life.
  29. Thirty minutes of Pull-up exercise twice a week helps to stretch our body muscles and help to remove blood clotting.
  30. Eating hand full of peanuts before half an hour of meal helps for better digestion.
  31. It is essential to inspect our Gym Equipment’s like treadmill etc. once a year for better Equipment performance.
  32. Chewing food thirty-two times helps for its better digestion and body nourishment.
  33. Vitamin D is very important for our body, taking vitamin D supplements can benefit in Gout and our skin healthy.
  34. Cow Butter is very healthy for our body. Daily using two tablespoons of cow’s ghee in the meal benefits more to health.
  35. Low fat milk is considered more healthy than high fat buffalo milk. Desi Cow milk is healthier, body immunize and less fat.
  36. Breakfast should consist of nutritious foods such as Fruits, Oatmeal, Whole Grain Breads, Vegetable Salad & Parantha (Indian Bread) etc.
  37. Artificial cold drinks harm our body, bones and digestion system hence avoid taking such cold drinks with meals.
  38. Hand hygiene is important, washing hands and feet with soap and water is essential before meals.
  39. Fresh and Hot meal provide more body nourishment, than stale and preserved food.
  40. Ginger has a great antioxidant quality, eating a small piece of ginger every day have great health benefits.
  41. Eating 1 or 2 Garlic cloves everyday provide great healthy effects including regularize functioning of our cardiovascular system.
  42. Sugar consumption must be lowered and controlled for reducing threat of diabetes and other health issues.
  43. Cooking oil should be always watch for our Healthy Heart, reusing of cooking and frying oil must be stopped.
  44. Healthy cooking oils are unfiltered and cold pressed oils such as Olive oil, peanut, Sunflower, Soybean, Palm, rice bran, mustard oil etc. Also changing oil usage frequently also have bad effects on our health.
  45. Hand broken and unpolished rice and pulses are the healthier one’s.
  46. Adding Soybean 100 gram per kg Wheat while grinding wheat makes the flour multi beneficial for Health
  47. Daily eating Dates, Dry fruits and Aawla (Gooseberry) have more health benefits.
  48. Diet should be constant, bouncing diet food every time have bad effects on our health.
  49. Reduce Salt in our daily food helps in controlling Blood Pressure and Diabetes issues.
  50. Overeating is curse to health which promotes sever digestive and weight gain issues, Hence Avoid overeating.
  51. Don’t eat anything at least 3 hours before going to bed.
  52. Take a hundred steps after a meal helps to better settle food into digestion system with good nutrition benefit to health.
  53. Do not go to bed immediately after a meal.
  54. Fast once is a week have great health aspects, even as per study intermittent fasting can even kill cancer cells.
  55. Observing silence for 10 minutes a day help your mind calm and free from stress.
  56. Outdoor gaming helps more body exercise and good health benefits.
  57. Reading is a Great pass time to reduce anxiety, hence Reading good books for half an hour once a day is beneficial.
  58. Pray calms our mind and more focus on our life goals, hence ten minutes of prayer and meditation to be done after bathing in the morning.
  59. Stop comparing yourself with others and do what you love.
  60. If you don’t like what you are doing, then keep looking for change because happy mind is way to healthy life.
  61. Always stay close with your family and friends, they can be your emotional powerhouse and stress busters.
  62. Always do good for at least one person every day, and always think good for others to keep your mind positive.
  63. Forgive is a key to happiness, hence learn to forgive at least one person every day.
  64. Take a small break between physical and mentally tired works is effective towards health.
  65. Laugh is the best remedy for health, hence lough out loud every day.
  66. Avoid smoking, alcohol & stay away from addictions like Gutkha / Tobacco which silently kill’s your health and happiness.
  67. Health Goals can be achieved with simple change in lifestyle of Diet, Regular Meditation, Exercise and preventive healthcare checkups.
  68. Eating Citrus fruits every day will help to increase immunity, Eating Fruits Like Kiwi, Papaya, Peach, Pair, Green Apple help to improve your White blood count impressively.
  69. Stay away from addictive card gambling, pot, race, prostitution. Monogamy and Online Gaming, which have worse impact for long terms on your Health, social and financial life
  70. Spend some time in nature during the week, which rewind our body process.
  71. Walk barefoot through the greenery when it is dew or freezing in the morning for better body muscle functioning.
  72. Don’t ever hesitate in asking help when you are in trouble which make you emotionally strong.
  73. Always Think positive in tricky situations and keep negative thoughts away. This will help to calm your mind and find right solution.
  74. Taking power nap for 10-15 minutes in the afternoon have great health rejuvenating benefits.
  75. Making Habit of Using the stairs instead an elevator or escalator is healthy and natural exercise.
  76. Include calcium rich foods like milk, eggs, fish, cheese, green leafy vegetables in our daily diet for Great Bone and Strong body Structure Health.
  77. Eating plenty of green leafy vegetables, salads with meal completed the daily required nutrition.
  78. Cereals and pulses have more nutritional values essential for our body hence it is advised to eat them.
  79. Rinse eyes and face with cold water many times in a day helps for great face skin hygiene and eye health.
  80. Go on a trip once a year give us better family and self-time zone, and this creates happy mind feeling inside us which removes psychological stress and provides energetic vibes.
  81. Using comfortable footwear helps in neurological health and better leg’s muscle functioning.
  82. Dance freely and happily, because dancing is one of the best full body exercises.
  83. Sing freely and happily Singing and listening to music creates positive thoughts in our minds and remove Depression.
  84. Eating only 80% of our hunger is healthy and better for digestive functioning of our body. Full stomach invites Gas & Acidic Issues to our body which may later convert into digestive and other critical heart diseases.
  85. Speaking with close friends for 5-10 minutes will not only strengthen your relations with them but it also provides you positive vibes.
  86. Our Teeth and mouth are the Gateway of our body hence it is advised to take proper care of teeth and follow Oral hygiene. Brushing teeth twice a day, morning and night helps for better oral health.
  87. Gardening is not just an activity to be stay with nature, but it is best activity to keep your mind engage in positive work which provides positive vibes and make you anxiety free.
  88. Our clothing also plays an important role in our health, using cotton and loose clothing improved better contact of sun rays and air to our body whereas tight cloths block it.
  89. Swimming is one of the best exercises for our body and specially spine.
  90. Self-confidence is the key to success and happy life, so always keep it high.
  91. Living life with the purpose is enjoying the life with happy thoughts, purposeless life is a boat without navigation.
  92. Take regular walks in the open air / garden to get positive vibes with health attention
  93. Be sure to attend regular entertainment programs such as drama / cinema / music concerts / lectures to keep your mind engaged and thought full.
  94. Even if you are tired, take some time to relax / rest without doing entire work in one go to improve work quality.
  95. Learn to refuse work, because it can help you to strengthen your mind and relax your mental and body stress.
  96. Use honey / Jaggery in your daily diet to boost your immunity.
  97. Stay loyal to your life partner to keep you away from terrible diseases like AIDS and SITD’s
  98. Sometimes prefer using a bicycle or going on foot instead of a vehicle for keeping your body moving and healthy.
  99. Do not share your emotional problems with others, try to solve it by yourself first and then approach your loved ones.
  100. Stay away from negative thoughts and people.
  101. Volunteer in a community service such as donate blood regularly or any senior care services or fundraising to charitable organizations to make you operational by physical as well as heart and mind.
  102. Living a simple life and think high complete our life with satisfaction.
  103. Start writing diary and make a note of your good work and challenging situations which will toughen your thought process.
  104. Listening Music helps your mind calmness with removing anxiety and depression.
  105. Don’t waste money and food, try to save both things because those are essentials of a happy life.
  106. Bakery Items, Preserved Food and Pickles, Fast food and oily food are not good if eaten regularly for both our Mind and Body. It contains mono-saturated fats and preservatives which are harmful to health.
  107. Eat only Fresh sweets like Shrikhand, Basundi, Gulabjam, Laddu and keep patience in mind and happy feelings.
  108. Mealtimes should be strictly observed otherwise it may create Gas and acidity trouble in our body. If one is facing any digestion issues, he should check his meal regularity and follow the mealtime’s
  109. Avoid foods that you are allergic to, always consult doctor and stop consuming those food items.
  110. Perform regular and timely physical examinations with the advice of a doctor.
  111. Take medicines / pills prescribed by your doctor on your ailments without fail and follow the diet.
  112. OTC Medicines should be avoided except emergency conditions and only after doctor consultation and situation criticality. Do not take any medication on your own at home or without consulting a doctor. And always check medicines expiry date before buying and consuming.
  113. Don’t eat meal while watching entertainment program on TV, because it can lead to over eating or low eating and may reason to Over weight and anxiety issues.
  114. Those working on computers should use wooden Straight back support chairs, with Computer / PC stand upright at a distance of at least 18 TO 24 inches from face and the computer screen. Also, it is advised during long screen hours to wash Eyes and face with cold water after every 1 hour for better eye health and refreshing feeling.
  115. Excessive use of mobile phones and specially while driving should be avoided, this may create eyes issues as well as fetal during driving.
  116. Fans, A.C. Unnecessary use of these should be avoided, Overuse of air conditioning can create lower immunity issue along with More producing Greenhouse Gases damaging our Natural habitat on earth.
  117. It is best to take a cold bath during summer & During rain and winter Hot water bath is good for better body hygiene and health.
  118. Get up early and get up early is the best practice of healthy and happy life.
  119. If you control your daily food with Oily, spicy, spicy then no one can stop you from being healthy.
  120. Be more Careful about diet, water and medicines accordingly.
  121. Do as much as you can and stay healthy for self and our loving ones.

After-all health the real Wealth which helps you to enjoy each and every happy moment in your life and keep yourself strong mentally and physically in critical situations, and so it is our duty to find best for our health and implement it for A Forever healthy and happy life of our family.

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