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Dear readers, Hindu Vedas are the collection of oldest and best of the life knowledge. Vedic Chant’s / Mantras like “Om” Jap is popular in the entire world and considered as a voice of cosmos. “Om” is commonly chanted during a “Dhyan Sadhna” while exhaling our breath. But do you know there are other several Vedic mantras for morning chanting – a soulful meditation.

You can use this mantra for chanting regularly during meditation, for its amazing health benefits, which includes improving body blood circulation, stimulate brain and body nerves, improve body oxygen level and create positive vibrations in our entire body.

Following are few Amazing Vedic mantras to chant during our daily meditation:

Gayatri Mantra:

The Gayatri mantra is a Stotram for Praising Aadi Shakti Goddess “Devi Gayatri”, but this chanting amazingly creates a very positive and powerful vibes in our body.

“Gayatri MANTRA”

Ganpati Stotram:

The Ganpati is a god of Knowledge and leadership, Ganpati Stotram is a powerful chanting to praise Lord Ganpati, and create positive vibes.

Ganpati stotram - Vedic mantras to chant for a soulful meditation
“Ganpati Stotram”

Shiv Nam Smaran / Chanting “Om Namah Shivay” and ” Shree Shivay Namostubhyam”

Lord Shiv is a very powerful lord of destruction of the cosmos as per vedic scripts, and chanting shiv mantras helps to eliminate negative vibes from our body and mind.

"Shree Shivay Namastubhyam" - Vedic mantras to chant for a soulful meditation
“Shree Shivay Namastubhyam”
"Om Namah Shivay" Mantra - Vedic mantras to chant for a soulful meditation
“Om Namah Shivay” Mantra

Suprabhatam Mantra / Lord Rama Praising

Suprabhaatam mantra is a praising of Lord Vishnu’s Seventh avtar “Lord Rama”, This mantra is a morning wakeup call sung addressing to Lord Rama to get up and do all the good deeds for mankind.

Suprabhatam Mantra - Kausalya Supraja - Lord Rama

Kar Stotram:

Kar Stotram or praising our hands is a unique mantra which elaborate the importance of seeing our hand in the morning with chanting the mantra by seeing our hands in the morning. this mantra describes our hand / palm and praising the god’s which stays in different parts of our palm.

Kara Stotram
Kara Stotram

“Om” / “Omkar” Jap Mantra

Chanting Om while meditation is a very beneficial in terms of benefiting to our health and creating positivity in our body.

Om creates positive vibes around us, it also helps to purify the environment around the person while chanting mantra.

Om / Omkar vedic mantra for meditation
“Om” / “Omkar” Mantra


There are many Stotra’s and mantras in Vedas, which are good while doing your meditation with their amazing benefits. Those can be learned and chanted daily to get best of benefits our of it.

We hope you like our above article on Vedic mantras for morning chanting – a soulful meditation. This will benefit you while chanting them during your routine meditation practice.

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