The Vedas - An unexplored treasure of HealthThe Vedas - An unexplored treasure of Health

The Vedas are ancient knowledge, Today we are here with most important information on health secrets mentioned in thousand’s of year old Veda’s, The Vedas are a treasure created by ancient human civilization, contains unexplored knowledge on lifestyle sustainability and health.

The Vedas - An unexplored treasure of Health
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Very Interesting Health Tips from Ancient Hindu Vedas

Vedas of Indian Hindu Culture are bunch of 1000 Years old manuscripts, contains premium level knowledge of ancient Vedic culture and lifestyle, that literature is based on ancient people lifestyle, and considered a very precious also the treasure of lifestyle hacks of Vedic Period people to live a Healthy & Happy Life.

Indian Vedic Sculptures are very in number contains 4 Vedas Rugved, Yajurved, Samved & Atharvved, Upnishads, Vedang & Smirities containing thousands of scripts. Vedas have mentioned the ideal methods for humans to follow on a daily basis from wake up till sleep So he can have a Great health & lifestyle. Vedas have a discription of Ancient Indian Habits which makes a Premium Effect on Health Enhancement.

Atharva ved is one of the best sources of gathering ancient knowledge on Health and disease control, alongside there are other books such as “Charak Samhita”, “Ashtang Hridayam”, “Sharangdha Samhita”, “Sushrut Samhita” etc. are the best source of Vedic Health and Lifestyle knowledge,

Vedic Period was the Peak of Social evolution. And the Vedic Scholars have written the Veda’s and similar manuscripts based upon their knowledge and that period popular and useful practices in the sake of preserving and transferring it to future generation. in Vedas and Manuscripts contains the best of Ancient Vedic practices which we can found very similar with our 21st century modern lifestyle. Many researchers in India and outside are doing their research on Indian Ancient Vedas, because there are very Interesting Health Information hidden inside Ancient Vedas which can be very helpful to medical world in future.

Human life is gone through many self-experimental enhancements. and the Vedas are the mirror of human lifestyle from Jungle life to civilized life. Vedas are the source best life practices, which are very useful to our today’s generation for the sake of Good and Healthy Life.

Waking Up

Vedas tells us to Sleep minimum 6 to 7 hours but wake up on Very Early in Morning “Brahma Muhurta” ie 96 minutes before Sun Rises such as 4 o clock of Before 4.3. in the morning is the best time for waking up from sleep and start a day as per Vedas. It Practically give us plenty of time to look after routine as well as practicing routine Health & Sanitation tasks & making Body Pure & full of energy.


Vedas mentioned enormous Benefits of Daily Exercise Such as Suryanamaskara & Pranayam, Dhyan Dharna (Meditation and Exercise). Those are mentioned as an essential part of a Human, so he can look after his health and allot his routine Time to enhance Body Physical & Mental Strength.

Drinking-Water / Warm Water

Vedas have mentioned the benefits of drinking Warm water Just after waking up. It gives us a Good Digestion, Active Body Cells & Energy flow in our Body. It also keeps away mouth borne diseases & controls three dosha’s of human which are named as “Vata” “Pitta” & “Kafa”.

Body Massage & Bathing

Vedas have mentioned various Hair to Nails massage methods and the Importance of regular (Abhyanga Snan) Massage & Bathing at the start of our day. By Massage with Oils, Turmeric, Chickpeas Flour, Milk or Fruit pulp makes our skin healthy & shiny & by daily bathing, we become “Nirmal” (Clean) and free from Diseases, Bad Odor & Virus.

Eating Habits

Vedas have mentioned eating procedure. We must eat only when our stomach is feeling empty otherwise it creates digestion & gastric problems in our body, also the eating method is like “Yagnya” (Spiritual Ritual) so it must be done with concentration and without any interruption.

Food Ingredients

Vedas mentioned eating Food & Process, such as hygienic food, Healthy Fruits and Vegetable, Avoiding Alcohol etc. Also, Vedic Manuals mention that our body needs to perform various Jobs in a day related to Dharma, Artha, Kama & Moksha. And for that a Human needs a disciplined eating habits which helps to keep his body strong and free from diseases. It also mentioned that started eating process with Spice & Ending it with Sweat for better Digestion. Vedas also found mentioned to start eating with ingredients such as Ginger, Rock Salt to Boost the Digestion & Taste of food while eating.


Vedas also mentioned: “Upvas” (Fasting) Skipping Meal for a day in a week to give rest to our digestive system to make us control our Hunger and make us free from digestive & other diseases. And which is proved through recent research on Fasting an Intermittent Fasting can Kill Cancer Cell, that shows the Best of Fasting to make it routine part of our lifestyle.

Early Sleeping

As per Ancient Vedic Scripts, Health of a human is totally depending on his proper sleeping & avoiding improper sleep, A good time of sleep is as early as possible before the day end.

Tilak & Dhyanan (Meditation)

Vedas contains very impressive effects of Applying Tilak & Meditation. Applying Head Mark or Tilak of Bhasma (Ash of Wood) “Chandan”, or “Bookah” on our forehead in between two eyes help to Improve Memory and Brain Capacity, Also Daily “Dhnyam” or Meditation is one of the best exercises to make Human strong IN-Out so he can fight with any disease or can work very hard without any Energy loss.

We hope you like above information of Vedas on Health. Hope this will help you to do Vedic Study and find out more and more ways to make your lifestyle better.

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