Best Exercise for Fat Reduction - What is Body Fat PerceBest Exercise for Fat Reduction

Dear Readers, Hope you are Healthy & doing good. Along with today’s changing culture and Food habits, many people came under threat of an increase in Fat. And hence we want to suggest few very effective fat reduction exercises to follow daily for good results.

Along with an increase in Fat, our Body invites diseases like Heart Disease, Cholesterol, Blood pressure, Sugar Problems.

Excessive fat in the body is of no use and may be harmful to our life in case not controlled on time.

Fat burning is a systematic & determined process, where a person must follow the plan any how to meet his weight Loss & Fat Burning Goal.

Fat Burning process Included Diet & Regular Exercise.

Less Calorie, High Carbohydrates & Fiber Rich diet is Recommended by many Health Experts.

Along with Diet Exercise schedule is important in Fat Burning & Weight loss process.

Keto diet is one of the best diets for weight loss, you can know more about it in following article link A Beginners Guide to Keto Dieting for body building GymBag4U

Best Exercise for Fat Reduction
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Following are Few Proven Exercises helps in Weight Loss.


Daily Running for 20 to 30 Minutes is sufficient to burn 200 to 500 calorie is Best for a fat reduction / Weight Loss Goal


30 Minutes of Pushups Burns 200 to 400 calories and also strengthens the Hand, Legs & chest muscles of our Body.


30 Minutes of Exhausting Squats help to burn 200 to 350 Calorie, Squats help to lose the Thai Fat, Increase Body oxygen level and strengthen Legs & Abdominal Muscles.


30 Minutes of stretching burns 70 to 100 calories, Stretching helps to stretch & relax body muscles which increase Body Oxygen levels and help to shape the body.

Rope Skipping / Rope Jumping

30 Minutes of Rope Skipping Burns 300 to 450 Calorie, it is one of the best exercises which increases body oxygen Respiration, strengthens our Legs & Hands Muscles, improves Body balance & Mind Co-ordination capacity.


30 Crunches Burns around 100 calories, Crunches is a popular ABS Workout, it helps to turn Tummy fat into Abdominal Packs, this helps to strengthen abdominal muscles and stretch the Spine area.


The plank burns one of the very effective exercises to burn calorie which burns 2 to 5 calories per Minute, Plank is a full-body exercise which stretches the muscles of Chest, Legs, Thai, Abdomens & Hands and gives full body balancing exercise for well fat reduction.


Doing Yoga Daily will help to burn more and more calories, improve body oxygen level & strengthens body muscles.

Along with the above exercises, you should consult Health Expert, who will help you to choose the right daily calorie burning & nutrition routine to Get Fat loss asper your desire.

Hope you like the above Weight & Fat loss Exercise which helps you to lose your Fat & be healthy.

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