Hello Readers, Dandruff is a common but serious hair problem and, it is better to treat it before it creates another major issue like hair fall. Dandruff shampooing is a popular way to remove dandruff from our hairs but are there few best anti dandruff natural shampoo products which can be nest alternative for chemical based popular shampoos available in market. But today we would like to introduce few of natural dandruff remedies through this article.

Dandruff is a generation of dead skins in our scalps & hair under-skin, Dandruff is not good because it creates Itching in head & one can clearly view it in your hairs which is not a healthy sign.

One can get rid of Dandruff by changing the way of caring towards hairs.

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Healthy Hairs

Dandruff Remedies:

Washing Hairs Regularly

Yes, washing regular hairs with natural products like Aloe Vera Juice, Milk /Curd & Lemon, Soap Nut shampoo, etc. or any branded herbal shampoo helps to keep clean hairs and lower the dandruff issue.

Using Hair Oil

Using daily Herbal Hair oil, Almond Oil, etc. are great to nourish our hairs & keep dandruff & hair problems away.

Avoid Washing hair with Bath Soap

All Bathing soaps are not Good for washing hairs, sometimes after washing hairs with bathing soap may make hair Dry and sticky and can create dandruff & other hair problems.

Less Oil, Sugar & Carbohydrates Dieting

If you are facing any hair problems, avoid diet which contains more of Oil, Sugar or Carb contains, which may create hair problems.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar because of its Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Inflammatory qualities can be used by applying to hairs that help in decreasing dandruff.

Baking Soda

Applying baking soda Pack mixed in water to hairs or bathing with water added baking soda will help in lowering Dandruff from Hairs due to its antifungal properties.

Curd & Lime Juice

Regularly Applying Curd mixed with Lime juice in hair and scalps helps in reducing dandruff magically.

“Shikakai” Powder / Soap-Pod

“Shikakai” is widely used in India to wash hairs regularly for improving strength & nourishment to hairs. Washing Hairs with “Shikakai” powder also helps in removing dandruff from hairs.

Comb Usage

Properly and Regular combing your hairs with a clean comb will help in removing Dandruff & other impurities from your hairs.

Coconut Oil

Daily using coconut oil helps to reduce dead skin issues due to its hydration quality, it also helps in reducing scalp dandruff formation and relief from itching.

Shaved Head Dandruff treatment

Early hair loss is a common problem now a days, caused with hectic lifestyle, not caring on hair health or with generation genetic effects on our body.

Many people today like shaved hairs hairstyles instead of less hairy head, this is a new style statement, but still dandruff can cause issue on shaved head also because dandruff is a dead skin of our scalp and nothing else,

Due to a lack of moisture on Shaved head is the main cause of generating dead skin and dandruff, so below we have given few natural remedies to remove shaved head dandruff to eliminate embarrassment.

Also, there are few other tips which are very effective on dandruff removal.

  • Using Neem oil for anti-dandruff treatment of Shaved head is a popular method of removing dandruff.
  • Regular applying a small amount of Coconut oil to our head before bathing can also help to remove dandruff from Shaved Head.
  • Applying aloe vera Gel, Lemon and Curd on Shaved head, keep it for 10 minutes and then wash it off, doing this on regular interval every month also helps to remove dandruff issue.
  • Bhringraj or Bhringi Oil and Bhringi shampoo also helps to retain moisture on Shaved head and help to remove dandruff.
  • Applying baking soda and water paste and keeping it for 10 minutes on Shaved head and washing it off also helps to remove dead skins, rashes and dandruff.
  • Using Ritha based or any natural shampoo to wash off shaved head can be a helpful treatment as a natural dandruff shampooing.

Using Natural and Ayurvedic shampoo products are very best option along with above traditional methods, Along with Consultation with Dermatologists on regular interval for better hair care and disease prevention is important.

In-case major hair problems it is better to consult with Dermatologists, but in initial stages, it is better to prefer home / natural remedies to treat Dandruff shampooing.

Hair loss is another problem against us, if you want to know more about hair fall natural treatments then check following article link. Control Hair Fall or Hair Loss For Men & Women – (gymbag4u.com)

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