Strong Bones - Tips to Make your Bones Stronger and Healthy!Strong Bones - Tips to Make your Bones Stronger and Healthy!Strong Bones - Tips to Make your Bones Stronger and Healthy!

Hello Readers, Hope you are doing Great and take care of yourself and your family. Today we are talking on useful tips on strong bones. Yes, Bones are an important part of our skeleton or body structure, and makes it more stable with our bone’s strength. Without stronger Bones, we can’t stand ahead as we are today.

Bones are helping to keep our body structure balanced, helps in movement, and do regular tasks in our day to day life.

There are diseases like Osteoporosis, Leukemia, Sciatica, Arthritis which are affecting our skeleton system and decrease the strength of our bones, which cause in Fractures, Pain in Bone, Sever Joint Pain.

Every Sports person very much needed Good Health & Strong Bones in all the game from soccer to boxing to hockey to cricket every player need strong bone to defend from accidental sports injury.

Strong Bones - Tips to Make your Bones Stronger and Healthy!
Sports with More Strength

How to keep Bones Healthy?

  1. Intake More Calcium & Vitamin D food items.
  2. Regular Exercise & stretching helps in increasing strength of our Bones.
  3. Including Sesame Seed, Flex Seed, Peanut are best in increasing lubricating agent for bone joint movement.
  4. Dairy Products are a very good source of Calcium which must be added in a daily diet such as Milk.
  5. Massaging bones with Sesame Seed/ Coconut oil is very good for bone strength increase
  6. A good nutritious diet, eating more Fruits & Vegetables helps in maintaining good vitamin & minerals inflow to our body to strengthen our bones
  7. Avoiding Alcohol, Tobacco, Smoking, caffeinated or carbonated drinks helps in maintaining healthy bones
  8. Regular taking sunbath helps in increasing “Vitamin D” which helps in strengthening our bones
  9. Avoiding Fatty Food and taking good care of weight reduction helps in maintaining low tress on our body bones.

The main vitamins like Calcium & Vitamin D are most important for keeping our bones healthy.

Following Food items are the Good Source of Calcium & Vitamin D:

What to eat for strong bones.

Following are foods for healthy bones

Vitamin D

  1. Fish like Salmon, Tune are the best source of Vitamin D
  2. Dairy Products like Cheese, Milk, Yogurt are a good source of Calcium & Vitamin D
  3. Citrus food Orange is the fruit which is a good source of Vitamin D
  4. Soya Products like Soya Meal, Soya Milk, etc. are a good source of Vitamin D
  5. Cereals & Grains are also a good sources of Vitamins like Vitamin D
  6. Egg Yolk is a good source of Vitamin D
  7. Vegetarian Diet contains mostly contains enough quantity of vitamin D such as pulses Grains.


  1. Milk products Like Yogurt, Cheese, Fresh Milk are a great source of Calcium,
  2. Fish like Salmon, Mackerel & Tuna is a good source of Calcium
  3. Vegetable like Spinach, Broccoli, Okra, Soya Bean, White Bean, etc. are a good source of Calcium D

Age-wise Calcium Requirement

Kids – Age 1 to 8 Years – 700 TO 1300 MG Per Day

Women – Age 19 to 50 – 1000 MG Per Day

Women Age 50 to 70 Years- 1300 MG

Men 19 to 70 Years – 1000 MG

Adults over 70 Years – 1300 MG

Sometimes few vitamins like Vitamin A are not good for our Bones, mainly liver & Fish liver-based products can increase our body vitamin a Level hence it is required to limit on the consumption of liver-based food. Also, most important to do regular annual health checkup & Doctor Consultation which is very essential to keep our Bones and eventually our entire body in healthy condition.

Our human body structure is balanced and in working condition due to our variety of bones and their strength, and that’s why Taking care of Bones is necessary for maintaining Strong Body Skeleton and keep body structure lifelong healthy.

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