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Hair Fall Solution and Tips

How to stop Hair Fall?

Hi buddies welcome to our blog today we will see hair fall solution. Baldness at young age or Hair Fall is one of the biggest and most common problem faced by men and women, 80% out of 100% people face hair fall problem. There are many reasons which result in hair fall for men and women, sometimes it results in Baldness – mostly for men and few women too face this kind of issue because of too much hair loss.

Hair loss is considered as one of the most General and common issue now a days Globally by affecting one-third of the Global population. Every one of us loses at least 100 hair’s each day unknowingly those who are not caring for their Hair’s.

There are many things which reason for the hair loss in men. it can be Change in Medical Condition, Any hormonal changes, any Change in Lifestyle, Depression etc. Baldness may appear by any reasons and Baldness is the most common in men, as well as it can affect women too. Hair loss process changes person to person. Foe few it may be gradual, or few may experience sudden Hair Loss including baldness patch portioned or covered an entire head.

What are the reasons of Hair Fall?

Hair fall is a natural process of our Body causes due to defect in diet, Lack of Hair Hygiene, Lack of Nutrition, Daily Harmful Working Condition, mineral deficiency, stress, Medicines & Steroids, pollution, Environmental Change and genetics. Continuous wearing Hair Band, Helmet, Hat of cap can also be the reason of Hair Fall men & Women Both.

Many people ask questions such as:

How to control hair fall?

How can I stop my immediate hair fall?

How can I stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally?

Best hair fall solution?

How to stop hair fall immediately at home for female?

You will get all the above questions answered regarding Hair Fall Control by following below method.

Best Ways to Control Hair Fall:

1.Avoid Tight Hair Clipping and Tight Hair Styles:

Avoid doing tight hair styles and tight hair clipping to avoid hair fall.

2.Exercise Regularly :

Always do some physical activity, exercise every day which will help you to become stress free – and result in less hair fall – because too much stress is also responsible for hair fall in men and women. Physical activities like. Jogging, Walking, swimming or Half an Hour of bike riding helps leveling body hormones and reduce stress which will reduce hair fall.

control hair fall

3.Avoid Too much Brushing, Heating & Drying:

Don’t use Comb or Brush forcefully on wet hairs it can increase hair fall, avoid using excessive use of brush because it is harmful for hairs. When hairs are wet are in its weakest state. It is advised not to brushing wet hair or it may increase the chances of hair loss. But sometimes in a hurry situation we have to comb on wet hair’s, it is advised to use a very wide-toothed comb. it is advised to frequently avoid brushing hair’s because it can injure hair scalps and increase loss.
Hairs are considered a fragile body part, our too much Brushing, constant heating and Harsh drying may weaken Hairs and reduce Hair proteins. Constant heating and drying can lead weakening followed by hair loss.

Hair Fall
Hair Care

4.Avoid Alcohol And Avoid Smoking :

Too much alcohol is responsible for hair loss – drinking alcohol can reduce growth of hair, so try to avoid it as long as possible. If you are experiencing hair loss, then reducing intake of alcoholic Beverages which helps you to stop Hair Loss and increase in hair growth. Smoking cigarettes lowers the blood that flows towards Hair scalp’s and causes reduction in hair growth. So, Smoking and Drinking of alcohol must be stop if one has to stop Hair Loss.

5.Avoid Stress :

Too much stress is also responsible for hair loss and headache, so always make yourself busy in doing yoga and exercise and avoid stress to reduce hair fall. Few studies on Hair loss have found medical evidence of Stopping Hair loss by De-stressing yourself. Stress can be avoided by doing Yoga & Meditation that not only reduce stress but also Maintain better hormonal balance.

6.To Control Hair Loss Avoid use of Chemical :

Don’t use too many chemicals and colors on hairs, it can damage hair growth and can result in hair loss. Avoid using permanent colors on hair. Few Hairs Treatment chemical Hair Glowers, Conditioners and hair color products can damage hair health. and in case of Hair loss issue, it is advised to stop using chemical-based hair color.

Avoid colors and chemicals

7.Eat Properly to Avoid Hair Loss:

Eat Food such as – Fatty Fish, Eggs, Fruits-grapes, orange, walnuts and food with great vitamins can reduce hair loss and can improve health. So, always eat food with good vitamins and proteins.

5 Best Foods for Hair Growth and To Prevent Hair Loss:

1.Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet potatoes are great food with vitamin A – which result in good hair health.


The Mineral Zinc is responsible for hair growth and health, oysters are one of the greatest sources of zinc which is helpful to avoid hair loss.


Beans provide many hairs healthy nutrients and is responsible to prevent hair loss by providing good hair health.


Eggs are good source of proteins which is essential for hair growth.

5.Fatty Fish:

Fatty fish and meat provide many vitamins which are responsible for good health and hair growth.

8.Wash Hair Regularly:

Use a natural conditioner, regularly washing hair can avoid infection and dandruff- clean hair properly to make them healthy and to avoid hair fall.

9.Avoid smoking to reduce hair loss:

Smoking cigarettes reduces amount of blood that flows to the scalp which result in hair fall.

10.Massage Head, Hair slowly:

Massage your head and hair lightly with good quality hair oil which results in increase of blood flow and make hair healthy. Scalp massage with Coconut Hair Oil & Other Natural Hair Oil, those who are having issues like hair loss should massage the scalp with Chemical Free and natural Hair oil for few minutes. Massage also helps to activate hair follicles. Coconut Hair oil or Special Massage Hair oil added with lavender, Mint, almond or sesame oil can be beneficial to Hair Health.

How to Control My Hair fall with NaturalĀ Things?

how to stop hair fall immediately at home for female?


Your diet plays an important role in keeping hair healthy, adding Food contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Antioxidants rich Food items helps to control on Hair fall issue and make hair stronger.

An enriched diet with protein and Minerals helps to maintain hairs in its original condition, Eating Soya, Eggs, lean meats, fish, could promotes hair health and in turn helps to cure hair fall.

Drinking enough water helps to not only hydrate you but also keep the hair shaft comprises. Hence drink enough water minimum 3-4 Liters or water in a day for growth of healthy hair. Green tea is also a herbal remedy for hair loss. due to its poly phenol compounds is best to reduce hair fall and increase hair growth.

Adding Items in Diet like Berries and especially Indian Gooseberry (Aamla) which is called as a caretaker of Hair’s, Eggs, Avocado, Coconut Water, Walnut and other Nuts, Fatty Fish and sea Food such as Oyster and Shrimps, Seeds and Beans such as Pumpkin Seed, sunflower Seed, Flex seed, and black Beans. Soya beans etc. Green Vegetables like Spinach, Bell Paper is great for hair health. So those must add in your day-to-day diet, so this can give necessary vitamins A, B, C, D E, and minerals like zinc, Iron, Omega 3 Fatty Acid, potassium Etc. which helps in controlling Hair Fall

Vitamin E and B are very important to Stop hair and overall, wellbeing of Hairs, Vitamin Encourages more production of sebum in the scalp. Vitamin E is betters blood circulation in the scalp which help’s hair follicles remain productive. Vitamin B helps to maintain our hair in its original and natural condition.

Biotin or Vitamin H is one of the B complex vitamins which helps our body convert food into energy. Few Studies suggest that taking biotin supplement may lower hair loss. Inclusion of biotin-rich Diet foods like Potatoes, Oats, Onion, Eggs, nuts can help to prevent Hair Fall & Other Hair Issues.

Drying hairs naturally is best for Hair Health, if you want to get healthy hair, you must know to take care of them. it is advised to stop rushing and rubbing your wet hair with dry towel it is Good to let hair dry naturally and rub it gently, this small change can help your hair health tremendously.

Prevent Excessive Sweating

Men and Women with oily hair issue can experience dandruff problems during summer. Sweating increase blockage in scalps and increase chances of hair fall. Using Natural Contains for shampooing such as aloe vera and neem helps keeping head skin cool and reduce dandruff. Also, people who wear helmet continuously may experience major hair loss in summertime. As the sweat accumulates in hair roots and cause hair loss. Regular wearing a scarf, Head Cover Band or bandanna over hair helps to maintain hair Hygiene & prevent hair loss.

Regular Hair Wash with Natural Items

Hairs are important part of our body, and hence washing hairs regularly with right and natural product will improved the health and appearance of our hair’s.

Regular hair washing helps to prevents hair loss by cleaning Hair scalp. Hair Hygiene also lowers the risk of Head infections and dandruff, which could lead Hair Damage Hence Regular Hair wash is important by using Natural Products.

Washing hairs with Shikakai  Aloe vera, Soap Nut, Neem Tree Leaves Extract Egg York, White with Chickpea Flour Mixture are considered best Hair Wash items to improve Hair Hygiene and also stop Hair Fall.

Natural Hair Protector Application

Instead of Chemical Based Hair Gel and Hair Conditioners using chemical free Natural Hair Care Products such as Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Aamla and Bhrungraj Oil, are best hair protectors. Those natural products also help to keep hairs glossy and healthy. And eventually helps to Stop Hair Fall. Bhringraj or False Daisy is very beneficial medicinal herb which is being used in Ayurveda to prevent hair loss and those are also certified by few modern studies. And that’s why today we can see in the market many health care products with inclusion of Bhringraj Extract.

Few studies have shown that applying green tea into hair can help in lowering hair loss issue. For it need to brew two bags of green tea in one cup of water, keep it to cool and thereafter, applying it to your hair. and wash hair’s thoroughly after an hour. practice it regularly for a week to ten days to see great benefits.

Using Natural Garlic juice, onion juice or ginger juice to Rub the juices on your scalp and leaving it overnight and wash it out in the morning. Do it regularly for a week and will find noticeable result.

Change in Hair styling

If found rapid losing in hair, then it is better to leave up styling hair with ponytails, braids and artificial hairstyles pull hair or tug hair follicles because it may cause baldness. if one is losing complete hair then it is better to maintain bald look hairstyle to prevent future personality change.

Illness & Hair Loss

Frequent Illness and Health problems can also be the reason of hair loss. Hence it is advised to do lifestyle changes and timely health checkup to prevent from chronic diseases, High fevers and ensure yourself a healthy hair.

High Dosage of Steroids & Medicine

High Dose of Medical Steroids and few Medicines can cause side-effects such as hair loss. It is advised to consult with doctors and ask about medicinal side effects, change in medicines and do necessary lifestyle changes to avoid issues like Hair loss after medical treatment on any Illness.

Regular Trichologist Visit

Trichologists are an expert who are specialists in Hair care, who can help you to identify, and preventive advise on hair related problems such as Hair health, Harmon Changes, Head skin-related conditions, and prevent hair loss. It is advised to regular visit Trichologists to prevent hair problems.

Is it actually possible to Regrow Hair?

There is a part of our Head skin under scalp called Follicle Anchor which are the cells where our Hairs are Anchored on our Head, If the Follicle is open then there are few treatments available through which Hair Regrow is possible, but if those Follicle Anchors are closed then Hair Transplant of Using Hair Wigs can be the last option. 

Trichologist and Hair Health Experts suggest clinical and non-clinical methods which includes following diet and supplements contains vitamin A, C, E, Zinc & iron, Regular Massaging Head with Coconut Oil, Rosemary Oil, Lavender Oil & other Hair Friendly Oils, regular washing Head with chemical free products and Massage with warm water and soft towel helps to open up Blocked Follicle Anchors and helps to keep our hair Glowing and Healthy with Help in stopping Hair Fall.

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Hope above information will help you to take good care of your health and help you to stop your Hair Fall Issue.

Thanks for reading Team

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