Fasting – A Truly Healthy Habit (“Upvas”)

Fasting or “Upvas” have very important in various cultures all over the world, Specially in Hindu culture where Periodic Fasting is followed where there is no day or month when fasting cannot be followed by devotees.

But along with Spiritual reason fasting also benefits health-wise. skipping meals for a day or for a few hours is called Fasting. It’s Self Starvation which pushes our body towards the self-healing process.

Practicing Fasting once in a Week very much benefit to our health. Just like Computer Reboot Gains its Speed alike Fasting helps to rest and energize our body.

Benefits of Fasting!

  • Fasting helps in resting our Digestion system, helps to detox our body, decreases cholesterol, and regulates digestive diseases.
  • Blood Sugar level can be lowered by Fasting which benefits diabetes.
  • Fasting control our body Insulin and Glucose Level which helps in purification of blood.
  • Starvation during fasting helps in burning excessive fat, which helps to control overweight problems.
  • Fasting stimulates body cell health, which results in hormonal balance in our body and better Immunity.
  • According to an expert study, fasting for more than 72 hours leads to control of cancer and heart like diseases.
  • Fasting relaxes our body muscles and helps in mental stress relieving.

Type of Fasting

1] Intermittent / a Day Fasting /or 1 Meal for 24 Hours:

In this type of fasting during 24 hours 1 full meal can take and rest time fasting followed with its lots of benefits.

2] Alternate Day Fasting

Alternate day fasting means fasting on alternate days like eating full meals on day one and on the second day eating nothing which followed continuously in every week of the month.

3] Complete Fasting / “Nirjal Upvaas”

In this fasting, no eating for 2 to 3 days or for a week or can be for 30 days of the month. This fasting needs very strong willpower and consultation with a health practitioner required before following this complete fast.

4] Reduced Fat Fasting

In this fasting, Moderate food intake done contains Low Fat, Low Protean and Low Carb food, and rest time followed with fasting.

How the fasting benefits our body step by step

  1. As per a study during the first 5 hours All food inside the stomach starts burning, Body Blood Sugar level falls and the body stops producing insulin.
  2. After 12 hours of starting the fasting ends Food burning process and stop the work of digestive systems. Due to the low energy Body start producing Glucagon to maintain the Blood Sugar level. Our body pituitary glands start producing Human Body Growth Harmon (HGH) to heal our Body.
  3. 14 hours of starting Fast, Body fats start burning fast and increase in HGH release.
  4. 16 hours of fasting body excess body fat start burning.
  5. 18 Hours of starvation start HGH release at a very High Level.
  6. 24 hours of starvation our body starts consuming our own cells, this process called Autophagy. Our body starts releasing Ketone which converts our body sugar into Energy.
  7. with 36 hours process of Autophagy reaches its highest level where our body cells start eating damaged unnecessary cells.
  8. 48 hours of starvation our immune system starts rejuvenating.
  9. 72 hours of Fast our body Autophagy process reaches to its extent, where our body starts the self-healing process, which helps in curing various internal body damages, tumors, and muscle damages.

Food to eat during Fasting to prevent Major Energy Loss

Fasting means no Eating. But, in case of excessive body energy loss, few foods like Water, Milk, Lemon / Honey Water, Sweat Potato, Fresh Fruits can be taken to save from drastic energy loss.

Hope you understand the above benefits of Fasting. It’s good to Fast once in a Month, and For more health benefits of fast, one can consult with Medical or Nutrition Practitioner. So, accordingly, you can improvise your health with “Fasting”.

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