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We care for our kids, and we become more tense when our child gets sick, we have a quick question at the moment that how to bring down Child fever and for it which will be the simple home remedies for child fever and cough.

Fever is a common disease among Children along with Cough, and following is a chart of fever temperature

Caution: it is always better to advise a doctor if child have severe temperature and severe physical symptoms during their illness

child fever
child fever

What will be the Kids Normal Temperature Chart?

Normal Child Fever Temperature Cart follows, in Child is 97.9 to 100.4 Fahrenheit in Rectum, Mouth 95.9 to 99.5 Fahrenheit and in Armpit 97.8 to 99.50 Fahrenheit. whatever above than normal is Sickness Fever, and 100 f and above temperature is normal which make Child uncomfortable and are the initial symptoms of Fever in Children.

It is accurate result by checking Children Temperature from Age Group Newborn to Yer 5 from Birth – Rectum Temperature and above 5 years Child is ideal to take Mouth Temperature.

It is important to use separate and without Mercury thermometers for Children’s to take Rectum and Mouth temperature for safety reasons.

How to bring down a fever in a child?

How to take care of Child during Fever?

you will find very useful information for above both questions on taking care of Children’s during fever

Initial symptoms in Children’s illness and fever are like Runny Nose, Sneezing, Temperature Increase than Normal Chart Lower appetite, Dizziness and loss of energy.

It is always safe to see doctor if child have any breathing issue or Sudden high increase of temperature than normal chart.

Keep Clean and sanitized surrounding in the Kids room during their fever. and also, gently clean Child’s body with warm water for Better Hygiene and controlled Body Temperature. Put on Cotton Cloth on Child’s Forehead & Stomach, this will help in keeping Children’s Body temperature lower during fever. Keep Children’s hydrated and give them water & juices to drink regular after some intervals to keep them energize to fight with fever

Follow Normally Cold water-soaked cloth after removing excess water from it and put that semi wet cloth on Child belly, and forehead this will help to reduce the temperature for Children’s during Fever.

During cough it can be helpful to put Lukewarm water-soaked cloth on Child’s chest. Giving water steamer steam to Children’s will help to reduce the cough congestion in their Chest.

Prepare a Boiled “Kadha” mixture of 2 Coups of Water, 5-6 Tulsi leaves a Spoon full of Jaggery Powder, 2 Cloves, 2 Black Paper and a pinch of Turmeric and 1 spoon Powder of Licorice also known as Jesthmadh or Mulethi. And give it after some interval to Child frequently, this will help to reduce cough and relieve fever symptoms.

What to feed a Child with fever?

a Semi Liquid Boiled rice with or without Tour Dal added half spoon of clarified butter and Black salt will help Children’s gaining energy during fever in very less time.

Ragi malt made with milk is the best food to gain energy during fever in Children’s

Giving Spinach Soup or Mix Veg soup to Child will bring the energy to fight with fever in Children’s

Fruits like Papaya, Apple, Pomegranate, Chickoo, Mosambee will work as an instant energy enhancer during fever in Children

Coconut water works like Medical Drips and help to gain instant energy, better hydration and recover energy loss during fever in Child. It is best in summer season, another season it is better to avoid.

Cow’s Clarified Butter & Cow milk is best energy booster during fever in Children’s, subject to cough conditions it is better to avoid milk otherwise Cow’s milk and Clarified Butter is best for Child to Gaining Energy.

Crushed Garlic, Ginger, Cinnamon are the best spices to consume for Child, this will help to relieve from Cough and Cold related symptoms

It is always recommended to consult with doctor over phone or by visiting clinic if found any severe fever and health related issues.

For early recovery from fever in Child, it is essential to frequent check temperature after intervals, Clean Child Body by a Soft Cloth & Child Skin friendly disinfectant added in Warm water. Regular Check Child Oxygen level and take proper care of diet and contact Doctor / Child medical specialist and follow their advice.

We hope this above article will help you to take proper care of Kids during Fever and make them Early Recovery from Fever.



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