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Travelling is a routine part of many professionals due to this age of Globalization. It is estimated that across the Globe Minimum 0.1 million Flights Lands & Take off every day with average 2 Hours of Travel Time and carrying 6 million people every day. And so, there are couple millions of people, who travels routinely for their Business, Work purpose or for Holidaying. Travelling for long hours and frequent may affect and bring motion sickness. which is essential to take care during traveling.

A couple of hours of traveling drains lots of energy. If a person is travelling for an urgent business meeting where he has to present an important presentation to win the client, and a presentation needs lots of energy and focus. But, after long traveling hours, he feels sick and lower energize. This can be a big setback for his travel purpose, due to reduced productivity of that person.

And therefore, during travelling we need to add few routines to maximize our wellness for keeping us energize and stress-free during travelling.

Tips to Stay Healthy during Travelling

motion sickness
Travelling Health

1] Freshen Up Every Time

There is need of taking good care of your body Hygiene during traveling to avoid travel sickness. There is nothing better than a relaxing hot or cold-water shower as per the season before and after starting the travelling. Fresh body enhances our body performance and avoid travel sickness.

2] Well Hydrate Body

Drinking plenty of water during traveling is essential, many people avoid drinking water due to frequent bathroom issue, but this is never a good option to keep you safe from travel sickness. If you drink less water, then it may start body ache due to water scarcity in our body. motion sickness can be attached with scarcity in body.

Water helps to keep our guts clean and helps to reduce gases & digestive issues during travelling.

Water helps to naturally detox our body, and reduce harmful chemicals form our body which can leads to energy loss. Drink more and eat less helps to keep our health well during traveling.

3] Avoid Soft Drinks & Alcohol

It is advised to avoid soft drinks or carbonated drinks during travelling, which drains body water very quickly and make us sick, also alcohol consumption during travelling in a continuous seating position should be avoid preventing from nausea and Tiredness which are symptoms of motion sickness.

4] Diet Control

It is important to control on what we eat during traveling, many times we travel to such place where we have to eat the different food than our routine diet. This may create digestion related issues. During traveling breakfast should be good enough to keep us energize all day and keep away motion sickness.

Also, it is advised to have Mediterranean diet to keep yourself healthy, this diet includes eating fresh fruits and green vegetables, Grains, Lentils, Eggs etc. Eating and drinking with precaution and mindfulness is important for travelling health.

5] Entertain yourself

It is advised to hear relaxing music or watching your favorite show can help you to keep yourself engaged and away from travel sickness. Our brains relaxation is also important to keep yourself good during stressful travelling.

6] Taking Frequent Break

It is important to given yourself enough day breaks to re-energize your body. A 10 minutes of power nap can also help to relax your body and energize to focus on your routine work during travelling. Taking frequent self-breaks are important to relax yourself and relieve from travel stress.

7] Sleep Tight

Taking a good sleep before and after travelling is advised to maintain our body energy during and after travelling. During sleep our body gets a time to recovery our internal body functions which are important to keep us healthy and active every day.

And hence sleeping a good hour of time during and after time helps a lot to maintain our health during traveling.

8] Exercise and Meditation

Doing Yoga Breathing Exercise and regular Gym exercise also helps a lot to keep yourself active before and after traveling, and hence it is important to do a relaxing yoga followed by a Routine Exercise and a good diet is essential of travelling health.

Many business hotels have their morning fitness agenda, such as Gym, Swimming, Yoga Sessions, Zumba Dance etc. you can inquire it and follow the same to make yourself healthy during travelling hotel stay.

Taking stairs instead of elevators and walking more instead of taxi transports are easy idea to keep you fit during travelling. This not only helps to digest your food, but also make your muscles active and boosts your activeness and helps in keeping travelling health.

9] Travel Medicines Kit

Keeping medicine kit with you during traveling is a very wise idea to maintain your health on travel. A couple of medicines such as Cough Syrup, Cough and Cold Medicines, Fever Medicine, first aid kit, Digestion Tablets / Syrup, Constipation tablet must be added in your travel medicine kit. Also, Herbal mouth freshener’s helps a lot to keep your mood fresh during travelling. Many people have an issue of vomiting during travelling by Bus Tran or Plane, they must carry medicines to stop vomit as per doctor consultation and follow the tablets taking timing few hours before travel start to avoid the vomit situation. Avomine and few other tablets can be useful to have in travel kit to relief from motion sickness of nausea during travel. avomine like nausea control tablet effects only if taken 1 hour before of travel start.

10] Relaxing Attire and Hygienic Clothes

Comfortable and clean clots are must during travelling to keep you away from Un-hygienic situations and motion sickness. during travelling. and Relaxing travel wear such as a loose trouser and Shirt can be very much helpful with a good relaxing and light perfume spray on it.

Washed socks and clean clothes helps you to save from unhygienic travel embarrassment. No one likes a disgusting smelly co-passenger. It is advised to regular use available laundry service or do self-laundry and wear clean clothes during your travel to have a healthy and refreshing feeling all day.

Using light perfume is always helpful to create a good ambiance during your travelling, which helps to keep travel sickness away from.

Hope the above article will help you to take care of your health during travelling.

Have a healthy travelling!

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