WHO Guidelines for Covid-19 Prevention from Rapid Spread

WHO Guidelines for Covid-19 Prevention from Rapid Spread

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The Year 2020 is considered as one of the fatal years in world history due to the spread of the Novel Corona Virus & the huge number of infection spread & death due to this deadliest disease.

We all are free to live our life on our terms, but this Covid-19 time is not right to do the same. We must control ourselves and in who words become SMART to stop the spread of Covid-19 and save yourself and our loved ones.

WHO Covid-19 Prevention Guidelines :

WHO Guidelines for Covid-19 Prevention from Rapid Spread
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WHO Recommendations for stopping Covid-19 Spread by making ourselves #READY, #SAFE, #SMART AND #KIND


WHO Says to become ready to fight the Pandemic of Covid-19 / Coronavirus which is affecting the whole world by following the guidelines and safeguard self and your loved ones


WHO Recommends identifying you and your loved one’s risk factor for Covid-19 Prevention,

Identify Cardiovascular Disease of self & Family

Identify respirator conditions of self and family

Identify Diabetes and other fatal disease in ourselves and Family

by #SAFE World health Organization recommends identifying the health situation of self and family, identify your immunity weakness and take the necessary care to make yourself more immune to fight with your disease and Covid-19 where above-diseased people have more threat of Corona Virus.


WHO Recommends people to be smart because Covid-19 is very dangerous but with smartness, you can save from the infection. and how to be #SMART during Covid-19 spread as below

Follow accurate public health advice from the WHO Center & Local Healthcare Authority

Follow the news on Latest Covid-19 Update in your area.

To avoid spreading rumors & false information always check the source of information you are getting from and avoid sharing Un-sure information


Stop yourself first from spreading rumors,

Show Empathy and safely help the infected Persons be a real Humankind

learn about the disease, Get information from Affected and Cured Persons and Health Experts. Pass on the Authentic Information and safeguard yourself and others from the Spread of Covid-19

World health Organization for Covid-19 Prevention asks to Adopt necessary & practical measures. Such as Regular Using Mask, Washing Hands, Bathing with Hot Water, Washing Cloth, Maintaining Hygiene, Avoid Social Gathering, Stop Spitting in Open Public Places, Support Local Authority Lockdown Norms, Follow Safe Shopping, and Seeking on time Medical Assistance.

The above advisory is very much necessary to stop the spread of Corona Virus and make our world standup be healthy & run again as like previous it was.

In addition to above always there is a need of following a Balanced Lifestyle and Hygiene to make safe for you and your loved ones. So, to prevent from Covid-19 Everybody must follow Body Hygiene, Social Distancing, Mask & Sanitizer Usage, Balanced & Immunity Incising Diet, and Daily Exercise.

Also, there is need of regular health inspection checkups and Medication by Expert Doctors to prevent from covid-19 Infections.


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