CORONA ATTACK – one bad lesson for humans:

We humans never expect something happening with mankind at this age because maybe we were not ready for it. For the first time in life the whole world understood the limitations of humans. One thing is clear if we don’t respect and if we do not take care of our mother earth then in future humans will face other major problems from nature.

We pray all our readers to be safe and understood the importance of Life. Today provide information on How to Protect Yourself from Corona Virus Spread.

What is COVID -19: The illness that started in China-Wuhan?

Corona Virus Disease in the year 2020, is caused by an unidentified virus of the coronavirus family that never encountered human. It has come from animals, many of those who infected, either worked or frequently shopped in the Seafood wholesale market in China.

The death count passed 3000 in China, more than 100000 infected people cases found in China.

We don’t know how dangerous Corona Virus is, but it is spreading easily, and there is no perfect medicine available for this, it is very difficult for saving infected people or those with existing respiratory or immune problems.

PEOPLE who surviving alive just because of their strong immune system and energy, still, there is no perfect medicine for this virus.

CORONA VIRUSES are zoonotic means they transmitted between animals and people, detailed investigations found that Animals like Cats, Camels diseases like SARS-CoV(Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), MERS-CoV(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) are transmitting to Human, moreover, similar coronaviruses.

One request all of you, Please, avoid Eating Raw or under-cooked meat or animal organs.

How Corona Virus Disease Spreads?

1>Person To Person Contact :

2>Person To Infected Surface Contact:

Mainly this disease is spreading by contacting infected persons and surface, it spread through sneezing respiratory droplets of an infected person. If by mistake if a normal person gets this droplet in then there is a high risk of this disease.

How To Protect Yourself From Corona??

please avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing.

Main Symptoms Of Corona Virus Disease:



3.Shortness of breath.

4. In some cases, the infection can cause kidney failure, pneumonia, and even death.

There is no perfect vaccine available, research is still going on but you can take the following steps reducing your risk of infection:


1.Wash your hand often with soap and if possible use hot water.

2.Cover your mouth and noise when you sneeze.

3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth if you are touching different objects.

4.Avoid close contact with a sick person.

5. Avoid sharing your things with other people if you are sick because this virus spread easily.

6.clean and disinfect the surfaces you often touch(Mouse, Keyboard, Public phones, and all).

7.Do work from home if you feel sick.

Eat Healthy food, avoid meat, because it can cause other bacteria born diseases.

A vegetarian lifestyle is proven as a healthy lifestyle through Expert Study.

And last but not least, Try staying at Home, Co-operate Administration, And concentrate on family, health & skills improvement.

So, once the corona threat overs, you can start your routine with full energy.

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