Dear Readers, Covid-19 defined as a novel corona disease which shaken the world from year 2020 onwards, and entire threat of Covid-19 is not yet over. Hence, we want to make you people aware about covid-19 symptoms, and what to do next.

Covid 19- Symptoms

Covid-19 have both Mils and serious type of Symptoms depend upon the infection level and affected person’s existing health condition.

Covid-19 Symptoms
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Common Symptoms of Covid-19

  • Fever & Freezing Chills
  • Dry Cough
  • Shortness in Breathing / Asthmatic issues
  • Lack of Energy / Feeling Tired Early
  • Body, Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Sore throat
  • Runny Nose
  • Chest Pain
  • Vomiting / Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of Taste and Smell
  • Small portion of Blood coming out from Nose / Mouth in Mucus
  • Skin Rashes
  • Loss of Speach, Mobility and Confusion
  • Red Eye / Conjunctivitis issues

Above symptoms are shown in first 2 to 14 days of Coronavirus infection and may get Sevier if body failed to create antibodies. In major cases in case of a healthy person without any critical illness may also found no symptoms of a normal cold flu symptoms.

But few people such as old age people, Low Immunity people, people with Major Diseases or critical illness, Diabetic / Heart Patients, may found following critical symptoms which needs immediate medical assistance

Critical Symptoms of Covid-19

  • Sevier Berating Trouble
  • Chest Pressure / Sevier Heart Pain
  • Bluish Lips and Face
  • Loss of Sleep
  • Loss of Immunity and Energy
  • Confusion and Mental Pressure

Along with above symptoms there are following things to watch for Coronavirus Infection

  • Face dropping by side
  • Arm and Legs Weakness and numbness
  • Speaking disorder

If any person found above with critical symptoms, please call for emergency medical help or contact certified covid-19 treatment hospital designated by Government.

Few Other Symptoms of Covid-19

  • Pink Eye
  • Swamp of Bury Eyes
  • Fainting
  • Blood Through Cough
  • Blood Clots
  • Seizures
  • Kidney Issue
  • Liver Issue
  • Skin Rashes
  • Blue Lesions on Toes and Feet

As Coronavirus is a new disease for the world, researchers are studying on finding more symptoms which found during covid-19 infection.

What are the Covid-19 Symptoms found in Kids

As per study same effects as adults are found in kids also during covid-19. Coronavirus Infection in kids can also be asymptomatic, but they can be the reason of spreading covid-19 in other’s if get infected.

Few of Common Covid-19 Symptoms in children’s as below.

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness in Breath
  • Throat Choking
  • Loss of Energy
  • Loss of Activeness

Some teenagers and children may find symptoms such as Fever, Rash Belly Pain, Vomiting, Diarrhea and heart related issues altogether described as Pediatric Multisystem inflammatory syndrome (PMIS).

What will be the identified health condition to get tested for Covid-19

  • If found any symptoms mentioned above related to Coronavirus.
  • If contracted with Covid-19 Patient, take test after 5 days of contacting.
  • If not take Covid-19 Vaccination and found few of above symptoms.
  • If asked to be get tested by Employer, School, Local Authority or Government as a caution during mass spreading situation.

When covid-19 test is not required

  • If don’t find such any symptoms or health issues related to covid-19.

If found positive with Covid-19 and recovered within last three month’s period.

How to Detect Covid-19 Fever

in general, medical terms Fever is a sign of our body response in form of body heat during immunity against virous, Fever to be monitored for at least 10 days, continuous fever above 100 f in adults and kids can be a sign of covid-19 infection.

What kind of cough and cold can be common symptom for Covid-19 Positive patients

  • Dry Cough with feeling of Congestion in chest
  • Cough with Blood
  • Mucus with Cough
  • Chest pain during coughing

What to do if you are having mild symptoms of Cough, Cold & Fever

  • It is advised to stay at home, and immediate consult with your doctor over phone by giving him your brief about Age, Weight, Health, any pre-diseases and symptoms you are experiencing,
  • Isolate yourself in a separate room, try to stay away from your family members. Avoid visiting outside visitors.
  • Wear Mask and follow hygiene instructions as guided by health experts.
  • rest enough, drink plenty of water and have a good diet food to gain energy in fighting with disease.
  • keep track of symptoms and inform your medical caretaker or doctor to do further medication.

What does a short breathing feel’s during covid 19 infection

  • Feeling congestion in chest
  • Experiencing difficulty of getting enough air in lungs
  • chest pain during deep breathing
  • feeling suffocating
  • feels difficulty in breathing during physical activities
  • bluish lips

It is better to monitor oxygen level of blood, and if it continuously falling down 80, then immediately contact your doctor over phone or online.

How to protect yourself from Covid-19 infection

Taking dose of Covid-19 is better to everyone, it is advised to take any available govt certified covid vaccination, such as Covishield, Covaxine, Pfizer, Moderna.

If anyone completed two of prescribed shots of covid vaccination, then it is advised to have a booster dose. everyone above age 5 should get booster dose immediately if done vaccination early-stage doses.

avoid touching your sense organs such as mouth nose, eyes.

Include body hygiene in your daily routine such as Daily bathing, frequently washing your hands, using hand sanitizer, avoid public places and gathering, use mask and hand gloves if going outside.

try to avoid visiting people who are feeling sick and follow government social distancing norms.

How to care someone with Covid-19 Symptoms

  • isolate him in a separate clean room with inside washing area.
  • Immediate call to healthcare services / doctors, tell them about the patient and his symptoms and take prescription of medicines, diet and multivitamin doses.
  • Provide separate thermometer and pulse oxy meter to patient and ask them to keep a note after frequent intervals of both things pulse rate, oxygen level and fever so this can be used to identify the symptoms and further medical in case of emergency.
  • take care of proper hygiene and on time medication for the patient
  • also take care of yourself and other members in the family, watch everybody’s symptoms and take further decision.
  • A good diet, medication and exercise and moral support is essential to come out from any sickness so please take attention to those things.

We hope above information will be very use full to everyone.

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