covid - co vid symptomscovid - co vid symptoms

Novel Corona virus is rapidly spreading in the whole world an everybody is today looking for the answer to a question What to do immediately after you test positive for COVID-19? and we are here to guide you on it

And hence it is not a surprise, that each and every person has to face covid infection then they should have knowledge to stop the infection severe impacts.

Even, when I tested positive for the first time, I was feeling like I lost everything, but it’s not, I like to share my personal opinion and positivized feelings through this article. So, one can effectively handle covid 19 infection situation.

But no worries, if any of you of your family member test positive with covid 19, then we will tell you what to do quickly If you test positive for covid 19.

First thing is that stop panicking and worrying immediately and clear your mind.

Just make sure you do immediately follow things if you test positive for covid 19

What To Do Immediately After You Test Positive For COVID-19?

1] if you test positive for COVID-19, Don’t be panic. Control on your thoughts, and first thing you have to do is just make yourself and your other family members isolate for minimum 14 days in a well-ventilated residence / Isolation facility with enough of food & water stock. And also inform people with whom you contacted in last few days and tell them that you are positive and ask them to get tested ASAP. Caring others along with self is also important.

If you are diabetic, heart or blood pressure patient and old age, then to prevent from severity of disease immediate hospitalization can be chosen to incase found severe symptoms. Also make a list of all recently contacted people with you, and inform them that you are positive, So, they also do their test and take necessary precaution.

2] in case you are normal person without any severe critical disease then, just once consult with any expert doctor through online / (offline mode only if online mode is not available). Keep a stock of primary sanitization goods, health monitoring equipment and medicines like Zink & multivitamin Tablets, Vitamin C Tablet, flue tablet, cough cold medicines and other necessary regular medicines as per the advice of doctors. make sure it should suffice for minimum 20 days avoid overstocking.

3] during isolation regularly monitor your health with the help of pulse oxy-meter and thermometer and keep records at-least 3 times a day for medical emergency use purpose in future if any. And immediate consult with doctors upon critical issue in breathing, high fever or pain.

4] create positive vibes around yourself and don’t be panic because this is a curable disease by proper care.

5] make sure you have taken necessary precautionary vaccination, incase not done then kindly do it once you again tested negative after 14 days after consulting with doctors.

6] Sanitize your hands, living area regularly, always wear gloves and clean your cloth and bedding regularly by your own, this will save others from infection while cleaning your belongings.

7] seek medical attention as and when found any Sevier symptoms such as lower breath, chest pain, High fever etc.

8] take a water vapors therapy to nose and mouth every day, this will help to clean your airways and help to remove the virus infection.

9] Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated after small intervals, Drink ORS, Flavored energy drink solution powder during frequent intervals, chew vitamin C Tablets regularly.

10] Do light exercising and meditation regularly. Eat healthy and hot cooked food to improve your immunity.

maintain your thoughts stable, because a calm mind can help your body to win over any kind of sickness very early. and AS Above now you are ready to take care of self because u have an answer of What to do quickly if you test positive for covid 19?

What to do quickly if you test positive for covid 19 - Care and compassion is must
Covid 19 Infection cant be avoided but can be cured by care

What can be the ideal diet of a Covid Affected Person?

1] Diet plays an important role in increasing immunity and body energy during covid 19 infection. So, there are no restrictions on diet during covid as per many health experts, but a person must avoid things in diet which can create illness, such as Frozen Food, Soft Drinks, Alcohol, Cold Food, Uncooked Food or any other person specific allergy creating food etc. Diet should be taken care as per recommendation and observation of your Dietitian or Medical Experts.

2] Keeping body well hydrated is essential during covid-19, it is good to drink a lukewarm water every time to relief from cold symptoms and sore throat during covid 19 infection.

3] You can eat almost everything veg and non-veg whatever you like, just make sure it should be fresh and well cooked, such as vegetables, fruits especially citrus fruits, Juices, Milk, Cereals, Pulses, Soups, Salads, Milk Shakes without Ice or long freezing, Meat, Chicken, Eggs, Fish every good and energy food can be enjoyed during covid 19 infection.

We hope now we answered your question of What to do quickly if you test positive for covid 19?

There are few More queries we need to answer further

When home isolation to be ended?

Covid attack our body and during first 5 days it shows the symptoms of normal viral fever such as cold, fever, loose tools etc. this is the incubation period of Covid virus and from 5th day patient can show a pneumonia symptoms and mostly from 7th day another phase starts in which either patient starts recovering or starting severe position, till 10 days and from 14 day’s onwards if you are normal then you are free to leave isolation along with precautions.

When to take HRCT / MRI of Chest?

Ideal time of HRCT Chest scan to be done after 5th day and if you are having severe issue with breathing then only it can be done and only after advisory of doctor. Chest scan infection 7% is normal and 7% to 18% of infection is severe infection and need urgent medical assistance.

When to retest for Covid 19 again after once tested positive?

After 14 days normal person with no symptoms has no need of RTPCR but incase needed for any official or travel person then it can be done after 14 days. This can be also positive because RTPCR Test detects body of virus which may be dead also but after 14 days this test can be perform.

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We hope you are now ready to take care of What to Do Immediately After You Test Positive For COVID-19?

Thanks for reading Team

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