Stay healthy in winterStay healthy in winter

Dear Readers, Its Winter Season coming ahead, along with the cold breeze of winds gives you mesmerizing feelings.

But along with colder outside, there is a need to adopt few changes into our lifestyle to keep ourselves Fit during the Winter Season.

Winter brings shorter sunlight & daytime and longer chilling Night-time which also affect in our day-to-day routine Body clock.

Winter brings laziness, but it’s also a season of various festivals which brings Family Gathering & Party Time Events and attending them and feel Joy needs a fit body which is a little bit difficult in summer.

along with outside cold lowers the food burning inside the human body, which lowers hunger. Which also causes dizziness which is a natural process.

If you want to spend your winter in a happy Mood by Keeping yourself Healthy in Winter. Then you should follow the below tips to make yourself Active & Full of Energy During Winter Season.

winter season
Winter Season

How to take care of health During Winter Season?

1] Eating: Our Eating always helps in keeping ourselves warm during the winter, so it is advised to ear Hot & Fresh food and avoid stale food which can cause food poisonings & other digestion issues during winter.

It is advised for non-Vegetarian to eat Lots of Eggs, Chicken & Meat during winter to keep them Healthy, Vegetarian people should increase eating Root base Vegetables like Potatoes Carrot, beat root, Clarified Butter or Ghee, Oil Seed Like Sesame Seeds / Mustard Seeds, Pearl Millet Flour (Bajra Flour) & Ginger in their daily meal to keep them healthy in the winter season

2] Healthy Food Ingredients: Eating Dry Fruits during the winter season helps to keep the body warmer & full of energy. Non-Vegetarian people prefer eating Eggs, Fish, Chicken & Meat to keep the body energy level up. You can know more regarding winter healthy foods in our following article about Healthy Food for Winter – GymBag4U Healthy Food for Winter

3] Soup Time: Winter is an ideal time to eat Hot Soup added with Ginger, Garlic is very beneficial for Health

4] WINTER SKINCARE: Many people experience dry & Cracked Skin during winter, which can be treated by using Anti Cracking Skin Winter creams, Fresh Milk Cream, and Lip Care Creams. Drinking plenty of water during winter help to avoid the effect of the Winter season on the Skin.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly & Boroline, Medical Glycerin can be used to treat skin dryness & cracking during Winter.

Lip Balms are essential to be used in winter to cure winter lip cracking, Milk Cream, Clarified Ghee can also be used to care for your Skin & Lips during Winter.

Natural Moisturizers like Honey, Milk Cream, Coconut Oil, Yogurt, Aloe Vera Gel, Papaya Pulp is best to use during winter for a Glowing & Soft Skin.

5] Warm Drinking: It is beneficial to drink Warm Water / Hot water during the winter season, which helps to keep Body temperature warm and avoid caching of seasonal diseases like Cough & Cold.

6] Hot Drinks: Drinking Hot Coffee, Tea is the most demanding drink during the winter which helps to keep the Body Warm. Also drinking Hot Milk added with turmeric powder is considered an effective remedy to prevent Cough & Cold Symptoms.

7] Jaggery: Eating Jaggery is best for Body Temperature Control & digestion improver during the Winter season. Drinking Jaggery Tea & Eating Jaggery made sweats are beneficial during Winter.

8] Exercise: Doing regular exercise in the winter season is the key to keep yourself Healthy & Active during the Entire Winter Season. So, it is advised to follow routine exercise during winter for better health throughout the year.

9] Health Care: Winter brings many diseases like cough & cold, Viral Disease, etc. which lower’s Human Immunity. So, it is better to seek medical help at the time of initial symptoms of any Winter born disease.

10] Vitamins: During Winter along with lack of proper sun rays, it is advised to take Vitamin D & Other nutritional supplements to meet the need of the body.

11] Steam: Taking regular steam during winter is beneficial for the respiratory system & relieving Cold Symptoms.

winter season

12] Body Hygiene: Winter season brings the threat of viral diseases which can be avoided with regular bathing with Hot Water & Frequently washing your hands with anti-bacterial soap/liquid to keep you safe from such diseases.

13] Warm Cloth: It is Good to cover yourself with woolen caps, Mufflers, and Sweaters, Wind Cheaters to avoid winter cold borne diseases.

14] Family Time: It’s a time of festivals and holidays, which makes it an important time to spend with family, take more care of your family members & enjoy the free time with Outing plans.

We hope the above tips will help you to take care of yourself & your family during the winter season & help you to enjoy each & every moment of the season with your loved ones.

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