Habits that destroy your healthHabits that destroy your health

Dear Readers, Hope you are healthy and enjoying every day of your life today we want to discuss on Habits that Destroy your Health unknowingly.

You know, we all want a healthy lifestyle to live longer and enjoy an every second, every hour of our precious life. And our Habits are definitely the mirror of our Health conditions.

Our health become what we give to our body in our day-to-day routine.

But do you know, there are few habits in our day-to-day world, which may lead to destroy our Health. And therefore, we all must identify those habits and do necessary changes in our daily routine by skipping those habits to live a longer and healthy life.

Our day-to-day habits decide our health future, hence we all should adopt healthy lifestyle to survive the seasonal diseases, working physical and psychological stress and day to day busy exhausting life.

Which habits are destroying our health.

1] Alcohol Consumption Habit

Habits that Destroy your Health

Drinking too much alcohol is never a good choice for our long-term health. As per a study in US on alcohol regular consumption can cause over 200 + diseases and health related injuries, Alcohol effects on our Digestion, Heart function and brain neurons working capability.

Long term drinking of heavy quantity alcohol can damage liver, Heart Muscles, Kidneys, Cardiovascular systems and also effects on brain controlling capability.

Liquor can cause stomach digestive functioning which crate vitamins deficiency in our body, and this can cause a serious health issue to us.

Liquor consumption can invite very serious diseases like heart attack and cancer.

People who are consuming excessive liquor regularly may face decrease in immunity and can become pray to seasonal spreadable and viral diseases.

Hence regular heavy consumption of Liquor and Alcohol should be stopped immediately because this habit may be harmful to your health one day.

Living with alcohol is a Habits that Destroy your Health, and it may be difficult sometime to stop drinking alcohol, hence there are many rehabs and medical helps available nearby which can help you to get rid from this bad habit.

2] Smoking Habit / Drugging Habit / Tobacco Consumption

Habits that Destroy your Health
Smoking Habit

All types of Drugs, Smoking cigarette and tobacco consumption is never a healthy but only pleasure Habits that Destroy your Health

Cigarette smoke can dis-function your lungs unknowingly and may gift you a lung cancer and sever respiratory diseases like asthma, heart and breathing system dis-function.

Tobacco eating can unknowingly invite diseases like cancer and serious immunity decrease.

Addictve Elements can create serious Physical, Mental and social effect on indiduals life. Those harmful elements can totally destroy personal Health and social life. Such Drugs have harsh impact on our Immunity, Body nervous systems and Mental Neurological conditions.

Hence such above drugs are not really a good option for long term health. And also, today there is an availability of many medications and healing methods. Which will be very helpful in controlling those bad habits and enhance a person’s health and lifestyle for long run.

3] Skipping Sleep Habit

Habits that Destroy your Health
Skipping Sleep

Sleep is a natural healing process of our body, our sleep is the method by which our body relaxes our all-body internal systems, does body detoxification and heal body cells to rejuvenate us with required body energy every day.

Skipping or shortening sleep time is not always a good option for our long-term health. Less sleep can impact on our body cells rejuvenation, create mode acidic reaction due to indigestion and decrease our body immunity.

We can observe it by just one day of less sleep we can see drastic decrease in productivity and fresh feeling on next day. Hence this shows us the importance of good sleep for longer and healthy life.

Minimum 8 hours of sleep is sufficient for an adult. Minor needs more hours of sleep such as 10 to 12 hours which is beneficial for development of their entire body systems.

Skipping sleep can invite digestive and immunity disorders hence it is important to have a habit of good hours of sleep every day for having a great health.

4] Skipping Daily Exercise Habit

Habits that Destroy your Health
Self made Lazyness

A person who skip’s exercise every day, by various reasons such as lack of time, can never become healthy for his entire life.

Exercise is important part of a healthy routine which gifts your strength and immune body for your entire life. A simple 5-10 minutes of exercise like skipping rope or jogging or cycling or swimming it can be anything, having a great impact on gaining strength for your further life span.

Exercise helps to burn your excessive calorie and help to reduce cholesterol which is the base of various serious diseases like sugar, blood pressure, insulin disorder and heart diseases and excessive weight gain. Which can be prevented with daily exercise and attention towards fitness.

Skipping a day exercise can impact on muscles laziness and eventually it impacts on our day productivity.

Skipping exercise may become body lazy and less immune.

Exercise is essential for our Body strength but during exercise we should always take preventive care and regular Guidance of Gym Trainers and Exercise Experts. Doing over exercise can also leads to serious health issues such as sudden energy loss or muscle crimping or bone and body joints issues.

Daily exercise has enormous benefit including Increasing Immunity, Fresh Mood, well-functioning of digestion system and heart. Healthy body cells, detoxification of our body and many more, hence skipping exercise even for a day is not good habit.

5] Excessive Medicines / OTC Medicines Consuming Habit

Habits that Destroy your Health
OTT / Self Medication

Today we used to consume many temporary healing medicines for health issues such as Body ache, seasonal cold & Flu, Body Strength Supplements at our own, including pain killers and sleeping pills, but all those medicines have medicinal properties and chemicals which affect our health. Those pills contain chemicals which may kill our body cells, and may harm of dis-function our internal body processes including digestion, breathing, heart function, mental ability etc.

Excessive use of medicines may create lack of immunity by destroying our healthy white blood cells which plays an important role in protecting our body immunity.

Excessive medication may show toxic effects on our health like overdosing of any medicine can also become a threat to our life. and it can show symptoms like unconsciousness, vomiting, nausea, instant decrease in energy, cold body temperature etc.

Medicinal Overdose can lead serious health complications including death hence, we should be very careful before taking any medicines. And we Should avoid consuming medicines without Advice of Doctors and Medical Practitioners.

6] Drinking Less Water Habit / Dehydration

Habits that Destroy your Health
Drinking Water

Our human body contains 70% of liquid portion, we always need to hydrate our body continuously to keep our body in healthy and working conditions. The people who have habit of drinking less water can leads to various serious issues like joint pains, blood clots, less energy feeling, sickness, lack of immunity and dry skin issues.

Hence, we should start more and more water drinking habit to keep our body moving and full of energy.

7] Meal Imbalance / Over Mill Skipping or Overeating Habit

Habits that Destroy your Health
Diet Meal

Our Food is an essential part of our strength and body energy, our body generates energy and essential ingredients like vitamin and minerals from what we eat and drink.

And hence there is need to perfectly balance our meal every day to keep getting proper energy flow to our body.

Overeating can cause high cholesterol, digestive issues and Weight Gain problems, and those eventually lead to many health issues.

As well Over fasting or not eating on time can also lead to issues like malnutrition, sudden energy loss, lower immunity like issues which are also harmful to our health.

Hence our daily diet should be balance and, if possible, it should be well advised by health experts according to our body structure. Balanced diet plays an important role in keeping our body healthy and filed with energy.

Whereas overeating or over skipping of meals can leads to serious health related issues, and this should be closely watched in sake of Healthy body. Skipping meal is the Habits that Destroy your Health unknowingly.

And that’s why, friends above are few habits which may harm our health and create serious health issues, hence if we are following any of above habit then we should seek way out and turn those habits towards health one to keep our body fit and energize.

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