Butter milk, these things make Butter milk one of the best Health Drink - homemade buttermilkButter milk, these things make Buttermilk one of the best Health Drink

Buttermilk drink is mentioned in Ayurveda Sanskrit Scripts in Sanskrit it called as “Takra” (त्तक्रं) which means light or easy to digest, Lets know more about the Homemade buttermilk and its benefits to health.

निशान्ते पिबेद्वारि दिनान्ते च पयः पिबेत्।
भोजनान्ते पिबेत्तक्रं किं वैद्यस्य प्रयोजनम्॥

According to above Sanskrit shloka Milk at morning and Butter milk after Meal works like a “Vaidya” (Doctor) for our body which helps to removes all diseases. This clearly explains the importance of Buttermilk or “Takra” or Tak for Food Digestion and removal of digestive and other diseases which comes along with food or eating habits.

Butter milk is basically a drink which is made by using portion of yoghurt & with or without adding Water. There are five different types of Buttermilk mentioned in Ayurvedic Scripts, which are based on quantity of water added in Yoghurt.

  • Mathita (मथित): A Butter milk made by whipping yogurt and removing butter from it, the balance remaining liquid is a “Mathita Takra”
  • Ghola (घोल): A buttermilk means adding a little water and then whipping the mixture is called a “Ghola Takra”
  • Takra (तक्र): Three Fourth Yogurt and One fourth of water added and whipped drink is called a ” Takra”
  • udayshvit (उदश्वित्): Half of Yogurt and Half of Water portion after whipping the mixture is called as a “Udayshvit Takra”
  • Chacchika (छच्छिका): Buttermilk prepared with more water and less court three fourth of water and one third of Yogurt after whipping is called “Chacchika Takra”

Benefits of Drinking Butter milk:

  • Homemade buttermilk is a best drink during summer season, it provides energy as well as coolness to our body and betterment of digestive system during summer.
  • Butter milk is a good energy drink as its base is milk-based yogurt which is a great source of Protein and Calcium
  • Butter milk helps to clean internal harmful elements in our body and detox our body fluids.
  • As per “Sushrut Sanhita” in ancient time butter milk is used to cleanse women body and organs to remove menstrual infections during periods.
  • This drink is a good digestive reliever for an Indian spicy meal.
  • It is a rich source of Calcium, which is good for bones & Teeth, it also helps to lower the risk of osteoporosis
  • It is enriched with nutrients, Folic Acid and vitamin C which helps to boost immunity
  • Buttermilk can work as a great moisturizer for our body skin. buttermilk and chickpea Floor, yogurt, Lemon mixture helps to get a glowing skin. This is used as a popular moisture substitute in many Asian and western countries. Buttermilk is a good cleanser which reduce acne issue, prevent sunburn and skin ageing sign.
  • Daily consuming butter milk helps to reduce systolic blood pressure by 2.6 mm Hg and helps to normalize blood pressure issue in patients.
  • It can be a good drink after gym / workout / physical work to get instant energy
  • As it is a liquid drink, it makes our stomach full & provide us energy, so this can be a dieting toll to avoid excessive eating which helps in weight loss goals.
  • Buttermilk improves digestive process and reduce gastric issues, heart burn and acidity issue.
  • Buttermilk is a good hydrator due to its majority liquid base & water content.
  • Buttermilk helps to heal digestive system from Constipation & diarrhea.
  • Buttermilk can be a great Summer Drink, a glass full of creamy homemade buttermilk added with a pinch of salt, sugar, cumin seed powder and few mint leaves can be a very refreshing and easy to make summer drink. It is widely used in India during summertime to relieve thirst and gain refreshing energy.
  • Buttermilk is a very nutritious dairy product with good amount of calcium, Phosphorous, zinc, Iron, Vitamin A, B, D and E best drink for all age group.

Recipe of making buttermilk:

Process of homemade buttermilk making at home:

1] Take 1 cup of fresh yogurt in a bowl

2] Add 3 cups of cold or normal water in it according to outside weather (in summer it is good to add cold water)

3] Whip it with the help of whipper until it mixes with a foam of butter forms over it

4] Add a pinch of salt, Powdered Cumin Seed, Sugar for taste if requires and few leaves of mint and again mix the mixture with the help of a spoon.

5] you can also add hand crushed basil leaves, curry leaves and coriander leaves to enhance its flavor.

homemade buttermilk: Butter milk health benefits
Buttermilk: Source Internet

and your creamy & refreshing buttermilk is ready to drink.

We hope you are now aware abut nutritional value and importance of homemade buttermilk in your daily diet. Buttermilk can be a good energy drink and even a refreshing drink widely used in India during summer.

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