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Dear Readers, we all know that our human body is made of 60% to 70% of Water / Fluid content, and hence liquid plays a vital role in our wellbeing. Today we will discuss about clear liquid diet, does water diet really work? Yes, it does work. Water which should be free from harsh chemicals gives us many health benefits. It is a liquid which is free from calories, so it does not give you weight gain.

Benefits of a water diet:

Let us discuss the benefits of a water diet;

Remove wastes from your kidney:

Drinking water helps to remove the wastes from your kidney through urine. Drinking water keeps your blood vessels open, allowing blood to float freely to your kidneys and supply vital nutrients. If you have a water shortage or can say you have become dehydrated, this process becomes easier to work on.

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Water removes sodium and toxins from your kidney and reduces the risk of kidney disease. You must drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water daily, which will help you clear the metabolic wastes from your kidney. A healthy kidney activates vitamin D, which helps maintain healthy bones and keeps your blood minerals in balance.

Gives you healthier skin:

Drinking water gives you healthy skin, but if the outermost layer of the epidermis does not get enough water, it will lose the elasticity of your skin and may have rough skin. Taking enough water daily gives you moisturized skin, reduces wrinkles, and prevents pimples and acne.

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You must take at least eight glasses of water daily for healthier and fresh skin. Do exercise daily because exercising makes you feel thirsty, and when you are thirsty, you will drink more water, so it is a good technique to fulfil your requirement for moisturizing skin. Taking a low amount of water may result in dull and rough skin.

Protects your muscles and joints:

Keeping yourself hydrated protects your muscles and joints. Drinking water makes your joints flexible and lubricated and also builds muscles to protect joints. Healthy muscles keep your joints in place, so you must keep your muscles hydrated. Synovial fluid is made of water which plays an important role in the lubrication of joints.

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Drinking water helps recover muscles and drinking a required amount also prevents gout attacks. You must drink at least eight glasses of water daily to protect muscles and joints and prevent joint friction. Healthy muscles allow you to move, run, and jump properly, so take enough water daily to keep this movement active.

Helps in weight loss:

A water diet helps you lose weight by removing toxic wastes from your fat cells. You can lose about 10 pounds in three days with a water diet and about 20 pounds in a week. Drinking water also helps you burn calories, which results in losing belly fat and can protect you from long-term weight gain.

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Water is free from any calories and contains no artificial flavour or harmful substances, which plays a great role in losing weight and belly fat. You must take at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day to lose your belly fat, and it is also enough to keep a light yellow colour of your urine.

Transports oxygen to every organ:

Water helps to transport oxygen to every organ of your body. Drinking enough water makes your lungs function properly to oxygenate your blood as it keeps your lungs hydrated and eliminates the carbon dioxide from your body. It would be best to hydrate your lungs for a good oxygen level properly.

oxygen breathing with clear liquid diet
Workout oxygen breathing: Source internet

You must take 2 to 3 liters of water per day to increase the oxygen level in your body. Go for a walk or exercise to increase your requirement of water because if you do not take the required amount of water per day, then it may result in lungs problem and may disturb the functioning of your lungs.

What liquid items a clear liquid diet or water diet may include:

A clear liquid weight-reduction plan generally consists of below liquid’s:

  • Water
  • lemonade (avoid addition of excessive salt or sugar)
  • Clear juices without pulp
  • Electrolyte liquids and sports activities drinks
  • Ginger ale and club soda
  • Clear broths
  • Simple popsicles that don’t include pureed fruit or chunks
  • Hard sweet candy
  • Gelatin products, consisting of Jell-O
  • Tea and coffee without milk or cream

Following are Clear beverages which are not suitable for clear liquid food plan include:

  • Soda and cola
  • Alcoholic liquids
  • Tomato and vegetable juices
  • Dairy Liquid Food Items

Food items with crimson or red coloring can be avoided before a screening take a look at due to the fact, they leave coloring within the intestinal tract that can resemble blood. This makes it harder for medical doctors to get a correct end result with intestinal screening assessments for Clear Liquid diet.

A person should now not devour any solid ingredients, even fruits and greens, during a clear liquid diet practice.


As we discussed above, does water diet really work? Yes. Water fasting is essential once or twice in a month for the overall proper functioning of your body. It is a calories-free diet and does not contain harmful substances, so drinks plenty of water daily to protect yourself from various diseases.

A clear liquid food plan limits you to alternatives which include water, broth and undeniable gelatin. These are easy to digest, and that they do not depart food bits for your digestive.

We hope above article will help you on your liquid diet plan’s,

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