Blood Pressure Treatment blood pressure control - tips to reduce High and Low Blood Pressure lower blood pressure howBlood Pressure Treatment blood pressure control - tips to reduce High and Low Blood Pressure

Blood pressure issue is the most commonly disease found all over the world among various age groups. Which made it essential for the need of proper blood pressure treatment and guidance to lower the intensity of this global health issue.

As per a latest international health study. It is observed that around 1 in 4 Man and 1 in 5 around the globe have the high blood pressure & Hypertension problem. Around 1.13 billion people in the world have detected High Blood Pressure issue.

Disease like High Blood Pressure is today increasing more affected numbers just because of changed lifestyles.

Unknowingly our food and lack of exercise due to busy schedule invites such diseases like hypertension and High Blood Pressure. Which cause’s lack of immunity and instant energy loss.

How to measure High Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is measured precisely with a sphygmomanometer a BP Measuring Machine by most of the Health Practitioners. But few doctors in practice become expertise to measure it with instant Hand Blood nerve’s Beat count testing. but still the blood pressure issue is a very hidden disease and most of the time is detected in very later stage due to lack of regular health checkup and symptom’s negligence.

blood pressure can be cured with continuous monitoring
a sphygmomanometer – Digital Blood Pressure Measurement Equipment: Source Internet

What is the Normal Blood pressure?

Blood pressure is measured with unit of Millimeter of Mercury (MMHg). Which is also known as a Systolic or High pressure and Diastolic or Low BP, both are similar critical to our health

High Blood Pressure

Higher B.P. or Systolic B.P. number indicates the pressure of blood flow creating inside our heart artery walls during the heart beats. it means higher the beats higher the pressure.

Normal Blood Pressure is Less than 120 mmHg

Elevated Blood pressure is in between 120 to 129 mmHg

High BP or Hypertension level 1 is 130 to 139 mmHg

High BP or Hypertension Level 2 is 140 mmHg or higher

Critical High Blood Pressure or Hypertension Crisis is Higher than 149 mmHg

Lower Blood Pressure

Lower BP or Diastolic Blood pressure Number indicates the pressure created on artery wall of hearty by body blood flow. in this time of heart resting between two bits increases. lower the beats lower the pressure.

Lowest Normal & Elevated Blood Pressure is Upto 80 mmHg

Lower Blood Pressure or Hypo-tension level 1 is 80 to 89 mmHg

Level 2 Lowest Blood Pressure or Hypo-tension Level 2 90 mmHg or higher

Critical Low Blood Pressure or Hypo-tension Crisis is Higher than 120 mmHg

As above you can see that from 120 mmHg Upper Side and 80 mmHg lower side is normal High & Low Blood Pressures respectively. and what is upper and lower than normal Blood Pressure is a pressure Disturbance, which needs immediate medical attention. and that’s why we want to share following blood pressure remedy.

What can be the main causes of High Blood Pressure and Lower Blood Pressure?

  • Smoking Cigarette is not healthy at all for our heart. Smoking can narrow our arteries and thicken our blood which can cause Low or High Blood Pressure.
  • Excessive body weight and body cholesterol cause blockage in our vain and narrow heart arteries. This can also cause issues like High Blood Pressure or Lower Blood Pressure
  • Lack of Routine exercise crates blockage in our vein and arteries which eventually dis-balance our blood flow, and creates problems like High Blood Pressure or Low Blood pressure
  • Excessive Alcohol consumption may also cause High Blood Pressure. because alcohol contains cortisol & such other Alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) metabolic enzymes. Which effect on our body metabolic system and liver function. It produces body chemicals which leads to dis-balance in our Blood Flow.
  • Eating Too much Sugar and Salt in daily diet is not good for our Body. because, salt contains sodium, and upon eating excessive salt our body holds more water to remove excessive body salt. and that process cause High Blood Pressure and un-balance in heart blood flow.
  • High Blood Pressure or Low blood Pressure may cause in elderly people. Due to Ageing lower heart function produce lack of energy & various elderly age diseases.
  • Genomes based transfer of family historical disease. Between same family members may have Low Blood pressure or High Blood Pressure issues genetically.
  • Irregular Diet, lack of enough sleep, less drinking of Water and lack of Physical exercise create dis-balance in working condition of our nervous system of heart. This creates blockage in Vain & arteries. and leads to the High Blood Pressure and Low Blood Pressure related diseases.
  • Diseases like Kidney dysfunction, Respiratory System issues & heart diseases, and also shows the symptoms of High Blood Pressure and low pressure in its early stage.
  • Junk food lovers and excess oily food eaters may face High Blood Pressure and Low Blood pressure problems, due to increase of cholesterol in their blood block the heart function.

Who have more threat and possibility of developing High Blood Pressure or Low Blood Pressure Issues?

blood pressure periodic checkup is essential
Blood Pressure Monitoring: Source Internet
  • Pregnant Women can face Blood Pressure issue due to her changed health condition
  • Chain Smokers and Excessive Alcohol Drinkers have 100% chances of High Blood Pressure of Low Blood Pressure
  • People with Imbalance Lifestyle Lack of Good diet and Regular exercise can develop High Blood Pressure and Low-pressure issues
  • People with Excessive Body Weight also have threat of developing High Blood Pressure issue to excess fat and cholesterol in their body.
  • Generally, people over age of 35 have more threat of developing High Blood pressure or Low Blood Pressure issue according to their lifestyle.
  • Women consuming excessive Pregnancy control Pills have threat of developing Blood pressure Issues
  • More Mental and Physical Stressful work conditions may develop Blood pressure issues in a Worker.
  • Less sleep and low drinking of water can also create High Blood Pressure related issues with thick blood and Heart Dysfunction.
  • The people who are on high dosing of few medicines & consuming excessive Un-prescribed medicines may create severe issues like instant High Blood pressure of Low Blood Pressure in a person.
  • People who are working in Night Shifts and have Sleep related disorders or irregularity have chances of developing High Blood Pressure.

How can we Prevent High Blood Pressure?

  • Definitely, a well-balanced Good Diet such as Keto Diet, helps a person good body nourishment and helps him to stay away from diseases like High Blood Pressure and Low Blood Pressure. Eating Less Oily, Less Fatty, less sugary and Less Salty Food helps to lower body cholesterol and helps in High Blood treatment.
blood pressure can be eliminated with good diet and fitness
Healthy Diet Food: Source Internet
  • Healthy lifestyle with daily physical exercise Gym, Swimming, Yoga or 1 hours of outdoor play also helps in reducing High Blood Pressure and Low-Pressure Problems.
running / jogging can help to control blood pressure issue
Running Exercise helps in curing Blood Pressure Issues: Source Internet
  • Regular Health Checkup helps in timely identifying issues like High Blood Pressure and Low Blood Pressure. Expert Doctors also give medication based on Annual Medical report for prevention of High Blood Pressure treatment.
regular health checkup can detect blood pressure very early
Regular Health Checkup – Find our Blood Pressure Instantly: Source internet
  • Finding family time and own measure time can also help to keep is free from Anxiety and Depression which is the main cause of High Blood Pressure and Low Blood Pressure. Self Happiness is the key to Health Issue.
meditation healing
  • Quitting Smoking & Heavy Alcohol Drinking can also help in Blood pressure treatment. Mostly Smoking and Alcohol imbalance our body’s respiratory & metabolic system. It also effects on Heart functioning which is the main cause of Irregular Blood Flow & Blood Clot forming.
  • Reducing stress from our day-to-day routine can also help in High Blood Pressure treatment & Low Blood pressure related issues. Seeking happiness in toughest time is the real life always.
Stress Bursting

Simple hacks to reduce Blood Pressure By our-self.

  • Walking Barefoot on grass for few minutes helps to stimulate our Foot Nerves, Daily walking on grass or walking barefoot helps to reduce stress, stress reduction regulated proper blood flow and clear issues of High Blood Pressure and Low Blood pressure.
  • Chewing Gum is a simple candy which helps to reduce stress, Anxiety can be lowered by concentrating on chewing process while chewing gum, this simple process has great results in terms of reducing stress and Blood Pressure treatment.
  • daily an evening or Morning walk of 30 Minutes also helps reduce stress and blood pressure issue.
  • Routine physical activity such as Exercise or Playing outdoor game helps to low stress, stops overthinking and lower Blood pressure Issue.

High Blood Pressure or Low Blood Pressure treatment can be done with Healthy lifestyle and mending yourself strongly towards Healthy Way of living.

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