After a world badly hit by covid-pandemic. Today Covid vaccination precautions is very essential to know for everyone. Because today the whole world is suffered from Covid-19 Pandemic, but thanks to the medical and scientific fraternity who invented vaccination to prevent people against Covid-19 Disease. Many pharma companies’ all over the world have invented their tested vaccine.

Below need to take below covid vaccination precautions, for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons to be taken

Precautions for Covid-19 Non-Vaccinated Person

  • Non-Vaccinated person must avoid going public places, crowded events such as sports, festivals, celebrations etc. And in-case necessary to go then must wear mask, follow social distancing and Hygiene.
  • Non-Vaccinated person must avoid eating out with friends and family without mask, using sanitizer and following social distancing.
  • Non-Vaccinated person must avoid riding bicycle or jogging, walking with friends and family without using mask, and body hygiene.
  • Non-Vaccinated person must avoid food sharing and eating leftovers of any of family members this can also spread the covid-19 infections.
  • Riding Bike can be done with wearing mask and using sanitizer and face shield by non-vaccinated person.
  • Non-vaccinated person should avoid using public transport and public places, and in-case of emergency must wear mask and follow no touch policy.
  • Non-Vaccinated person must stay away from false rumors and exaggerated news and avoid any type of mental pressure about the disease. Self-care and watching precautions help to save from infection.
  • Jogging and Exercise is safe to non-vaccinated person but should avoid using Gym & Public Exercise facility or outdoor exercise equipment without using Mask and Sanitizer
covid vaccination precautions
Covid 19 Vaccination

Precautions for Vaccinated Person

  • Vaccination is only for immunity and not to completely kill covid-19 virus so vaccinated person also must take proper care to avoid the infections.
  • Vaccinated person must avoid large social gathering without wearing mask and sanitizer.
  • Vaccinated person can enjoy going out with friends and family who are vaccinated and with proper following social distancing, food and healthy hygiene and wearing mask.
  • Riding motor cycle / bike with mask and sanitizer use is safe to vaccinated person.
  • Vaccinated person must follow the medicines prescribed by doctor to prevent from after vaccination effects.
  • Vaccinated person must follow a good diet and take necessary precautions to safeguard from covid-19 infections.
  • Even after 2nd dose vaccinated person can be infected with Covid-19, but there is no need of panicking, because with vaccination immunity is already increased, just need is to take proper care and seek immediate medical attention.
  • Solo Exercise, jogging and walk is safe for vaccinated person, but while using Gym equipment or using public Gym facility Mask and use of hand sanitizer is must.

Both vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons keep handy medical emergency contact numbers and stock of necessary food and medicines in case of emergency. Healthy Diet and exercise specially breathing exercise is importantly followed by both vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons to keep their immunity High.

Following Government and local authority orders to control on spreading Covid-19 is must by both vaccinated and non-vaccinated people to #BreaktheChain Covid-19 Viral Spread.

We hope you like above information on covid vaccination precautions Stay safe, keep others safe and fight with Covid-19

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