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Dear Readers, Kakoli is a magical herb described in many Ancient Sanskrit Vedic scripts including Ashtan Hridayam, Sushrut Samhita etc. And during ancient and present time Kakoli Herb Health Benefits on preventing age related issues and is a best remedy for many diseases such as Asthma, body debility, impotency, arthritis, burning sensation, inflammation, urinary problems, fever, diabetes, hypertension and other diseases under Tridisha category mainly for Vata and pitta doshas.

regular consumption of Kakoli herb (Roscoea purporea) helps in reducing diabetes impact on body, helps in immunity and reduce seasonal diseases like fever symptoms. It also helps to reduce cough and improve bone joint’s health.

Usage of Kakoli Herb / Kakoli Flowers

kakoli Herb Dried Flowers
Kakoli Dried Flower: Source Internet
kakoli Herb Plant
Kakoli Flower Plant: Source Internet

Usage Quantity: 1 to 2 Grams of Kakoli dried flower powder per day

  1. Sosha – Kakoli Flower powder with cow milk is beneficial for weight gaining.
  2. Rakta pitta – ghee made up with Kakoli flowers / Powder is useful in bleeding disorders.
  3. Vat vyadhi – Kakoli powder with ghee is useful in neural disorders.

Kakoli Roots Benefits

Kakoli Herb Roots
Kakoli Herb Roots: Source Internet

Drinking Kakoli roots powder with milk or with water 1 to 3 grams per day helps in improving body immunity as it works as a tonic for our body.

Available prepared ayurvedic formulations made by using of Kakoli & other herbs.

There are few of prepared ayurvedic health formulations made using Kakoli herb and other very health beneficial herbs as below.

  • Bruhat chaglyadi ghrita,
  • Bruhat ashwagandha ghrita,
  • Chyavanaprash
  • Amritaprash ghrita
  • Shiva gutika

We hope you like above information on Kakoli herb and its health benefits. Ancient ayurveda and Vedic lifestyle is a real unexplored treasure of better human life. We hope with the help of your nearest ayurvedic experts and doctors you can know more benefits by using such amazing ayurvedic herbs like Kakoli.

Note: this is an ayurvedic medicine hence expert advice is necessary before consuming it.

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