Vedic lifestyle
vedic lifestyle

Vedic Lifestyle – Ancient Secrets of a Healthy Lifestyle

Dear Readers, desire you are doing properly with lots of strength, passion & fitness, thank you for your love towards personal fitness development & GymBag4u. Veda’s are the showoff of historic social lifestyle, an Undiscovered Sea of Vedic lifestyle understanding. Vedas are the real treasure of Vedic people’s wholesome & glad life. Vedas are holding secret way of life hacks for high-quality healthcare.

Vedic time changed into the height of the social and monetary reforms of humans. Sensible ancestors referred to the quality practices and mind in their society in Vedic scripts. Vedic scripts and all 4 Vedas “Rugved”, “Samved”, “Yajurved” & “Atharvaveda”, contains all the secret knowledge of Hindu culture’s first-class dwelling practices, philosophy steering and expertise of global elegance historic lifestyle for betterment of health and improved immune gadget.

The Noble cause of Veda’s creators become, to create the know-how treasure to be pass on and enhancing of social lifestyle & human healthy for destiny Generations.

Vedas are the reflect of human lifestyle enhancement from Jungle’s lifestyles to social existence. Vedas are the supply of final life-style hacks very useful for modern way of life.

Nowadays we adore to proportion few, but important way of life strategies stated in historical Sanskrit scripts, which helps to enhance your day by day ordinary. 4 Vedas and many Sanskrit scripts are Undiscovered Sea of Vedic lifestyle knowledge.

Waking Up Early

Vedas tells us to wake up on “Brahma Muhurtas”, Ie. Ninety-six minutes earlier than solar Rises, which is 4 o clock within the morning. It’s the quality time to awaken and begin each day recurring. It gives us plenty of time to follow a healthy manner and gain good enough strength for the day.

vedic lifestyle
Veda Shloke of Early Getting Up

Yoga & Workout

Vedas tells us that exercise is an essential assignment in our everyday routine, it makes our body active all day which leads to fitness & Longer immunity.

The book Ashtanga Hridayam Grantha, Sutra 10 “Vyamaha” talks about the importance of workout and perfect method.

Additionally, it warns us approximately over exercising and its adverse consequences on our health Also, it warns us about over exercising and its adverse effects on our health.

vedic lifestyle quote
“Vyamaha” Ashtanga Hridiyam Sutra 10
vedic lifestyle quote 1
Adverse Effect of Over Exercise

Drinking Plenty of Water / Warm Water

We all know an Adult Body contains 60% of water. Water is also called a “Liquid of Life”. Veda contains the benefits of drinking plenty of water & especially Warm water at the start of the day. Water helps to flows the Important Vitamin and minerals to reach each & every organ, it also helps in regularizing Digestion process.

Water also helps in creating lubricants for proper movement of a human body joint.

Drinking warm water helps removing mouth bacteria & bad odor.

as per Vedic lifestyle a good amount of drinking water helps to controls three common human “dosha’s” (Body Problems), which are “Vata” “Pitta” & “Kafa”.

Body Massage & Bathing

Vedas also explains the significance of ordinary (Abhyanga Snan) rub down & Bathing on the start of our day. Its blessings for health & poor and skin via Massaging with substances, along with Coconut & Oilseeds like Sesame Seed Oil, Turmeric, Chickpeas Flour, Milk, or Fruit pulp.

As in keeping with Vedic lifestyle after bathing, we grow to be “Nirmal” (clean) and unfastened from illnesses, bad smell & Viral infections to body as nicely and get glowing pores and skin.

vedic lifestyle quote 2
Importance of Massage “Abhyanga” before Bathing
vedic lifestyle
Benefits of Using “Ubatan” or “Body Massage Powder”
vedic lifestyle quote 4
Benefits of Daily Bathing

Eating Habits

Vedas referred to Eating processes & strategies beneficial for our body. We ought to eat best while and how much our stomach is empty, otherwise, it may create digestion & gastric issues in our body.

In Vedic lifestyle daily diet and eating process is defined much like “Yagnya” (essential spiritual Ritual), which ought to be achieved with attention and without any interruption. in Vedic lifestyle Eating practices was given an immense importance so this can create healthy energy for body and make it disease free.

mantra quote 5
Eating Method – Ashtanga Hridaya Sutra

Food Ingredients

Vedas incorporates hygienic meals elements critical for human healthful. Our body needs energy for numerous daily responsibilities known as in Veda as Dharma, Artha, Karma & Moksha, and for that our body needs disciplined recurring & wholesome food. It also referred to Eating approaches which include begin consuming with spicy meals items & finishing it with Sweat food to advantage proper digestion.

It is also noted blessings of eating with ingredients including Ginger, Rock Salt to boost the Digestion & taste of meals whilst eating.

vedic quote 6
Eating Procedure – Ashtanga Hridaya Sutra 6


Vedas additionally noted the “Upvas” (Fasting)technique. It is very useful for our health. Skipping Meal, an afternoon facilitates to relaxation to our digestive system, it additionally adopts a human body to govern hunger and free from digestive sicknesses.

mantra quote 7
Sleeping Time as per Vedic Scrips

Early Sleeping

As in step with historic Scripts “fitness of a human is definitely depending on right sleep”. Fallacious sleep loses power for every other day. Additionally lack of true sleep may help to increase anxiety due to loss of body hygiene.

A great time for going to sleep is as early as feasible earlier than day end.

Importance of Good Sleep in Sanskrit
Importance of a Good Sleep
Improper Sleeping Issue
Disadvantages of Improper Sleeping

These days you spot a high growth inside the popularity of Vedic Yoga, Panchakarma & Ayurveda in modern recurring life. And lots of people have become its benefits for dwelling an ailment unfastened lifestyle.

There is need of more and more take a look at on Vedic scripts to dig out the treasure of healthful Vedic lifestyle for notable.

Immunity and accelerated lifespan of we human beings.

Peace of Mind:

Veda is constantly showing importance of peace of thoughts for a fantastic lifestyles pleasurable residing for a good fitness and extended lifespan. Veda additionally explains that there may be no different bigger disease than impatient and burdened mind. Hence there may be need to contain yourself extra in the direction of wonderful vibes.

Vedas shows importance of dwelling happy existence and enjoying every happy second in lifestyles. Vedas also advises to live in gift, leave beyond in the back of and do not worry approximately destiny.

Veda additionally explains why human’s peace of mind and manage on desires and greediness is useful for society in addition to the man or women self to get into peace kingdom.

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind Importance in Human life

Vedic understanding may additionally help’s latest human generation to soak up in a present-day way of life to create a healthier & ideal Society.  Vedas are based on “Samyak Gyan, Samyak Darshan and Samyak Charitra” through which a person can gain knowledge about his physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

There is a want of scientist and physician community to come back ahead and research on Vedic lifestyle to present it is excellent to the network.

Vedic culture, with its ancient wisdom and holistic approach to life, offers a treasure trove of “secrets” for healthy living and inner peace. Here are some key aspects of the Vedic lifestyle that can contribute to boosting immunity, well-being, and spiritual growth:

1. Rhythms of Nature:

  • Early Rising: Waking up with the sunrise (Brahma Muhurta) helps synchronize your body clock with natural rhythms, promoting energy and focus.
  • Seasonal Harmony: Aligning your diet, activities, and routines with the changing seasons helps maintain balance and prevent imbalances.
  • Daily Rituals: Regular practices like meditation, yoga, and prayers help ground you, reduce stress, and improve resilience.

2. Ayurvedic Wisdom:

  • Dietary Guidelines: Ayurveda’s personalized approach to food (based on your unique Doshic constitution) emphasizes fresh, seasonal, and locally grown sattvic foods that nourish your body and mind.
  • Digestive Care: Daily practices like tongue scraping, drinking warm water, and mindful eating improve digestion and detoxification, leading to better immunity.
  • Herbal Remedies: Ayurveda offers a vast array of natural remedies and herbs for boosting immunity, fighting illness, and promoting overall health.

3. Yoga and Mindfulness:

  • Yogic Practices: Asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation in the Vedic tradition help strengthen the body, manage stress, and cultivate inner peace.
  • Mindfulness: Vedic teachings emphasize living in the present moment, letting go of negative thoughts and attachments, and fostering gratitude and joy.
  • Spiritual Connection: Vedic philosophy encourages self-reflection, connecting with a higher power, and aligning one’s life with dharma (righteousness).

4. Social and Community Life:

  • Family Values: Vedic culture emphasizes strong family bonds and respect for elders, offering a sense of belonging and support.
  • Service and Seva: Engaging in selfless service (Seva) towards others and the community cultivates compassion, gratitude, and a sense of purpose.
  • Harmonious Relationships: Vedic teachings emphasize ethical conduct, non-violence (Ahimsa), and treating others with respect and kindness.

It’s important to remember that Vedic lifestyle is not a set of rigid rules, but rather a framework for living harmoniously with oneself, nature, and others.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Adapt these “secrets” to your own needs and cultural context.
  • Start with small, sustainable changes and gradually incorporate them into your daily life.
  • Be patient and kind to yourself on your journey.
  • Seek guidance from qualified teachers or practitioners to deepen your understanding.

By taking inspiration from the wisdom of Vedic culture, you can empower yourself to build a healthy, fulfilling, and spiritually rich life.

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