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Dear Friends, Teeth hygiene routine is an important task in our day. Daily Teeth Brushing enhances natural oral hygiene and long life to Teeth.

Most of the people use fluoride-based Toothpaste, Tooth Powder, and Mouthwash of Popular Brands.

But do you know, few natural items are good for cleaning teeth?

oral hygiene
Oral Hygiene

Natural Oral Hygiene Products!

  • Charcoal Powder and Salt can use as a Tooth cleaner, Charcoal / Salt helps in cleaning tooth plaque and freshen up mouth.
  • Neem Tree Stick or “Neem Datun” can use as a Tooth Cleaner. It not only helps in cleaning teeth but also helps in controlling teeth cavity.
  • Babool or Gum Arabic Tree stick “Babool Datun” can use as a Tooth Cleaner. It helps in cleaning and strengthening our teeth.
  • Baking soda can use as a Teeth cleaner; it helps in shining teeth and removing bacteria and plaque from teeth.
  • Regular eating Fruits help in cleaning our teeth regularly, Eating Chewy food, such as Pineapple, Lemon, Orange, Kiwi, Guava, Sugar Cane etc. can help in Cleaning and strengthening teeth.
  • A mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking soda mixture contains in any regular use toothpaste. This cleaning teeth plaque, and Whitening Teeth.
  • Guava Tree leaves boiled in water and that cooled water can use as Gargling Mouth Freshener. It helps in strengthening teeth.
  • Lemon Juice with Salt can be used to shiny clean the teeth.

Health Benefits of Datun

Traditional chewing Sicks or DATUN ARE used in many parts of the world for oral cleaning of teeth.

Dental diseases are the most commonly diseases found in we humans and chewing sticks o DATUN are the natural way to keep our teeth clean and free from most of oral diseases.

Teeth Chewing twigs are obtained from various plants in all over the word. such as Apple, Pear, Fig Orange, Lime, Olive, Neem, Babol etc. and are used to keep teeth clean and healthy, as well removing bad odor and helpful on curing Oral Diseases.

Our Teeth are the important organ to process our Food in a way so it can be easily digested, and form required body energy.

Eating More Sweat Food, Excessive Drinking of Carbonated / Alcohol Drinks, Chain Smoking and not properly cleaning teeth daily can create serious Teeth problems & hygiene defects Which later on convert into Tooth Damage. Hence it is very important to Clean Teeth with Natural Ways.

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