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Dear Readers, Thanks for visiting our blog, today we provide you information on oral hygiene Care. our Tooth are the organ which perform our Eating process which is an important for getting body energy and nutrition for keeping our Health. our Teeth helps to make our food digestible, unchewed food can create harm to our digestive system. And therefore, Oral Hygiene care is important which Makes your Teeth Strong & Shiny.

And “If there are the teeth, then only we can eat”

Our teeth are an important organ of our body, teeth are the main organ by which we chew our food. So, it can be digested easily,

Oral hygiene is most important because the food which we eat is going inside our body, Teeth and oral organs are helping to make that food to be easily digestible.

And that’s why providing attention towards care of our teeth is Very Important.

Makes your Teeth Strong & Shiny
Use Soft Toothbrush for Great Teeth Health

How to take care of Teeth which Makes your Teeth Strong & Shiny?

  • Brushing teeth twice a day helps in removing harmful food that remains from our teeth.
  • Regular Flossing of tongue helps to remove food remains from our mouth, which helps in oral hygiene.
  • Mouthwash gargle is very beneficial for our Teeth. It also works as a breath freshener and decay remover.
  • After each 6 Month interval routine Dentist checkup is important to for oral hygiene care.
  • Stop eating sugar along with sweat food helps in increasing the life of our teeth. After eating Sweat’s / Sugary Substance, Mouth Gargling with water helps in cleaning sugar coat from our teeth and increase their life.
  • Brushing with Salt helps in cleaning the decay coating from our teeth.
  • Chewing Neem or Babool Tree stick helps in increasing our teeth’ health due to its anti-bacterial and braces strengthening contains.
  • Chewing Neem (Indica) Leaves regularly helps in removing decays from our teeth.
  • Regular Gargling from Guava Tree Leaves added boiled and cooled water helps in lowering excessive teeth pain.
  • Gargling from Warm water with added salt and Turmeric powder helps in removing throat as well as teeth infection due to its antibacterial properties.
  • Using Fluoride Based Toothpaste and herbal toothpaste is very useful to increase the life of our teeth.
  • During excessive teeth, pain Keeping “Camphor” cube on the paining place helps in pain relief (Note: Take care not to eat “Camphor”, after applying Camphor its recommended to gargle the mouth with water)
  • Carbonated drinks are not good for our teeth, so it is better to limit their use for Good oral health.
  • Citrus fruits contain Vitamin C, like Orange, Kiwi, Lemon which is good for strengthening our teeth muscles.
  • Drinking plenty of water is required for the good health of teeth cleaning, creating saliva which is helpful for digesting our food.
  • Green and Black tea are beneficial for our teeth’ health because of its anti-bacterial contains.
  • Regular intake of Calcium / Phosphate enriched Dairy products such as Milk, Curd, Buttermilk, and Cheese are beneficial for increasing teeth and bone health.
  • Alcohol, Sticky Sugar Candies, Carbonated Drinks, Extra Chilled Food Products, and Alcohol not good for teeth health, So, their intake should be minimized.
  • We must change our Toothbrush after 3 Months of regular use, and toothbrush must be cleaned before brushing. A Toothbrush with soft Brussels is always good for Teeth Health
  • Calcium supplements are recommended for even kids such as Calcium Pills, but only after consultation with the Dentist.

Teeth are an important part of our body. Our self-care is a must for Teeth. which works to prepare food for proper digestion and help maintain our entire health.

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